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Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10?

Windows 10, Window 8 or Windows 7?

Windows 8 start screen Microsoft's new operating system was released in July 2015 and the big question is should you use Windows 10 or stick with Windows 8 or Windows 7 on an editing system?  We can actually supply all 3and there is no difference in cost, so what advantage will you get in using the latest Windows?

Why you should choose to Windows 10?

The main reasons you may want to choose Windows 10 are:
You want to be up to date
You want to stay on the most up to date operating system, with support carrying on into the foreseeable future. Microsoft support for adding new features to Windows 7 ended on 13th January 2015 and the end of security patches is scheduled for 14th January 2020. Windows 8 is set for the end of new features on 9th January 2018 and for security patches on 10th January 2023.

You will stay on the latest version for ever
Windows 10 is supposed to be the last version of Windows and will get updates for the life of your device. You will only have to buy a new copy of Windows when you buy a new computer, phone or tablet.

Syncronise your computers with your Microsoft ID
if you log in with a Microsoft ID you can sync data between other machines with the same ID and even sync project files if you save backups on your Microsoft "Onedrive".

New Windows 10 apps which are not available for Windows 7
You get access to a lot of extra apps using Windows 10, which now includesCandy Crush and many other ways to stop you actually doing any work.

Using a high resolution computer screen (ie bigger than 1920x1080
If using a high resolution screen (one which is bigger than 1920x1080 pixels, like a UHD screen) the text in many programs becomes so small it is unusable. Windows 10 handles these higher resolutions screens a lot better than Windows 7.

Windows 10 backup is better
The Windows back up is considerably better than it was in Windows 7 as it allows you to set a folder to do an incremental backup of your files rather than the entire folder. If set up properly this can be very useful.

Windows 10 disadvantages

The major draw back to using Windows 10 is that, as it is so new, some older programs and devices may not work on it.  Adobe Premiere Pro CC2015 has been validated to work on Windows 10, none of the other programs currently have been.  Grass Valley have said they will produce an update in October 2015.  Avid will have Windows 10 support soon.  As we write this document we have used both of these programs on Windows 10 without issues, but as they are not yet properly validated there may be some issues we have not come across.  Sony Vegas Pro 13 and DaVinci Resolve are both validated for Windows 10.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 are tried and tested and all the software and hardware we use has been used on them for a year or so - so we know the pitfalls and the problems. 

Some devices may not work on Windows 10

Hardware will need drivers for Windows 10 to work properly.  In many cases the Windows 8 drivers will probably work but since video editing makes the computer work as hard as possible you ideally want drivers specifically written for Windows 10.  Blackmagic have produced Windows 10 drivers, although these are only validated to work with recent versions of the various editing programs - Avid MC8, Premiere Pro CC2014 & 2015 etc..  Matrox have not produced Windows 10 drivers and have said they are not going to do so.

Microsoft have added many way to "data mine" your computer in Windows 10

Microsoft have added various ways of collecting information about you and your computer use into Windows 10.  This is called "data mining".  What are they going to do with the data?  Their stated aim is to tailor your programs to your needs.  Cortana, the voice recognition system in Windows 10 says it needs all the extra information to help understand your request as you talk.  Therefore you could look at all this data collection as a useful addition.  Other people such as Apple and Google already do this.  However you may be unhappy with the level of information Microsoft are collecting, which is greater than it was with Windows 7.  These can all be turned off, but only if you know how.  We disable most of these features when setting up our DVC computers and make sure all are disabled if you buy a system from us. Another alternative is to simply not connect your computer to the Internet - although this is not possible if using some editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Windows 8 does a lot less of this although Microsoft have been slowly adding the same features to Windows 7 using automatic updates.  

You don't like Windows 10

Some people really like Windows 7 - although to be fair not many people liked Windows 8.  This is a good reason to stick with Windows 7.  If you like Windows 8 you can practically make Windows 10 work like Windows 8 so there is very little reason to choose Windows 8 over Windows 10.

So which should you choose, Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10?

We can supply and install any of these o/s so it is generally down to personal preference. We think most people will either choose Windows 7 or Windows 10, rather than Windows 8.  Windows 7 because it is tried and tested and works will older programs or Windows 10 because they want the computer as up to date as possible.  We do not mind which you choose here at DVC, as all cost the same and take just as long to install and test.  We are tending to lean more towards Windows 10, especially when more programs are validated for it.

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