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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

All the latest news in the world of desktop video

You can also subscribe to our email newsletter for a "monthly digest" of the following news items.  To subscribe just send an email to mailing@dvc.uk.com and include the word "subscribe" in the description or title. You can see our old newsletters here : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/DVC_Email_newletters.html

EDIUS 8.32 released

EDIUS Workgroup2th March 2017

Grass Valley have released EDIUS 8.32, a free update for all EDIUS owners.  The biggest change is that the GV Browser has been renamed to MYNC and has the ability to make a "storyboard" from existing clips.  Mync will also be available as a stand alone program.

EDIUS Pro should prompt you to download the update and install it, but if you have EDIUS Workgroup you will need to visit the Grass Valley support pages: https://www.grassvalley.com/support/downloads/products?product=645
On the support pages you will also find a PDF manual which explains the new features and Storyboarding in Mync

Avid21st February 2017

Avid have released version 8.8 of Media Composer. There are some intersting new features but the biggest news is that until 31st March 2017 owners of versions of Avid which are over 1 year old can upgrade to MC8 for a reasonable cost and ScriptSync and PhraseFind are available, once again, as add-ons. You can read more on all these topics on the different tabs.

The following items have been added to Media Composer v8.8.

-  Timeline Clip Notes -  You can add notes to clips in the Timeline and view all the notes in the Timeline Clip Notes Window. (Used to be Adding Comments.)

-  Frame Cache for Effects – Editing Enabling Frame Cache when performing Colour Correction

ScriptSync - ScriptSync uses phonetic-indexing technology to analyse the audio portion of a clip and match it to lines of the script text.

-  Bin Sharing on Non Avid Storage - The editing application will notify you if your third party storage is emulating Avid NEXIS or Avid ISIS storage.

-  Change to Find Window - A few changes have been made to the Find Window.

-  Change to the Script Window -  A few changes have been made to the Script Window.

Fixed in v8.8: The following issues have been resolved in Media Composer v8.8:

-  You could not open a project if the project was named Clip.

-  In some instances you could not successfully drag and drop audio clips above or below the TC track.
-  Custom Colours did not stay in the Colour Palette when using Clip Colour
-  Disabling the “Auto-create new tracks” setting was ignored when using Edit While Capture clips.
-  The Cutlist EndHdl timecode was short one frame.
-  (List Tool) The marker values were empty in an Optical List.
-  (List Tool) Markers did not display on Opticals in an Assemble List.
-  When performing an Export to Device with an XDCAM device attached, you might have received a “Please connect XDCAM device or insert disk” message.
-  In some instances, exporting a graphic from linked XAVC Long GOP media failed with an assertion error.
-  In some instances, rendering a sequence with muted clips resulted in clips being partially rendered.
-  The Project Window summary might have been empty on a Mac system, or contained garbled text on a Windows system.
-  When importing some .wav files, the name of the files include a “/” which is an illegal character that is not supported in Interplay. This is because Media Composer uses the values of “Scene/Take” for the file name when importing Broadcast Wave files. An additional Import Setting has been added to the Import Settings dialogue. The “Use Broadcast Wave Scene and Take for Clip Names” is defaulted on. If you are importing Broadcast Wave files and you do not want them named using Scene/Take, you must deselect this option in the Import Settings:Audio dialogue box.

There is also a known issue with the colour correction in Avid which sometimes causes random corruptions in the output on some systems which first appear in 8.7.2 and has not been fixed in 8.8. Avid are aware of this problem and working on a solution.

New nVidia Driver: nVidia Driver v375.86 is supported with this release.

How to obtain Media Composer v8.8:

You can download the latest version of Media Composer from the Avid download centre, although we have had slight difficulties logging in to this currently and have found the best way is to simply press the "install" button on the Avid application manager or to logon to our Avid account and download from there.

Special offer - ends 31st March 2017

If you have an old version of Avid Media Composer, all the way back to version 3, you can now upgrade this to the latest version. Up to now, if you had a permanent licence you had to buy a "1 year support contract" and if you missed a year your version would be stuck at the one that was available when your contract ran out and if you wanted to get up to date you would have to buy a completely new version of Media Composer. This effectively meant you had to buy a support contract every year. Now Avid have changed this and you can upgrade older versions. This upgrade costs more than the yearly licence, of course. We do not have a UK price as yet although the announcement quotes $399.

So now, if you have a version of Avid which you did not upgrade when you were able, you can still upgrade it!

We will be adding this option to buy to our Avid pages as soon as we have a UK price : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Avid_Media_Composer.html

Avid also announced the return of ScripSync v2.0 and PhraseFind v2.0.  These programs used to be available with old versions of Avid but because they were made by a third party they had to be withdrawn for some time. Now you can buy thems as options for Avid again. We do not have UK prices as yet and will add them to the website as soon as they are available.

Some important info.

  • ScriptSync v2.0 and PhraseFind  v2.0 will run on a perpetual license only at release.  Support for subscription based licenses will come later in 2017.
  • You must use Media Composer v8.8 of higher with the ScriptSync and PhraseFind Options v2.0.
  • There will be an upgrade plan for customers with ScriptSync v1 and PhraseFind v1 to go to v2.0.   Customers with the initial ScritpSync and PhraseFind that used a 25 digit serial # will not be eligible.  Only those with ScriptSync v1 and PhraseFind v1 that use the 16 digit activation are eligible to upgrade to the v2.0 Options.
  • New Bundles of ScriptSync and PhraseFind Options v2.0 will be available as will standalone ScriptSync or PhraseFind Options v2.0.
  • There will be an ScriptSync and PhraseFind Options v2.0 Edu bundle offering.

Sonnet Expansion boxes16th February 2017

We have added some new Sonnet Thunderbolt 3 boxes to the website.  They take a PCIe card - like a Blackmagic I/o card and let you plug it directly into a computer using a Thunderbolt 3 connection. 

You would not use it on a desktop PC, but it is a good way to add a decent video device to our Desktop processor laptops.  These laptops work with the Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3 and the UltraStudio 4K using a Thunderbolt 2-3 adaptor, but they do not work with any of the cheaper devices. 

These new boxes will let you add other, cheaper, Blackmagic I/o devices or other PCIe card.  You can read more here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Sonnet-expansion-boxes.html

DVC Systems19th January 2017

10% off selected systems in January

It is the start of a new year and traditionally the time for sales so for the rest of January we are offering 10% off selected editing systems, and 5% off our desktop processor laptops. To qualify you just need to put an order in before the end of January. We make all our systems to order and these days we generally take 5 days between receiving your order and sending it to you.

You can visit our system pages for more information: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/DVC_systems.html

Premiere Pro19th January 2017

Premiere Pro CC support updates

We have added some newsupport documents for Premiere Pro CC to the website. These include "how to download versions of the Adobe CC2017 video apps for offline installation", "How to install old versions of the CC apps including Encore CS6" and "how to make a basic DVD with Premiere pro CC and Encore CS6".

You can see all our Premiere Pro support documents here : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Premiere-Pro-support.html

Avid Media Composer

18th January 2017

Avid Media Composer 8.7.2 released

Avid released Media Composer 8.7 just before Christmas and have just released 8.7.2. They add some nice new features to Media Composer and fix a few bugs. Read more on the second tab.

Please note there is a known bug in these versions where effects made using the graphics card may not render properly. If you get problems disable GPU acceleration or revert to an earlier version of Media Composer.

-  Sony XAVC LongG support
- List Tool Changes
- Audio Dupe Detection
- Extended Audio Punch In
- New Safe Area and Safe title options
- Rotation Presets in FrameFlex
- Controlling which track is shown in Split View
Audio Default Pan
Timecode Burn-in Effect Local Frame Count
- Extending an Edit - This release includes a change on how extending a trim works. .
- Field Swap - The Field Swap Image effect has been added to the Image effect options.
- Avid Generic Plug-in

Possibly the biggest new item is the generic plug-in. Avid is dependant on QuickTime and, as you probably know, people are being advised to remove QuickTime for Windows from their PCs. To do so in Avid will stop many things working properly. The new generic plug-in is their first step towards removing this need for QuickTime. Currently the plug-in supports only a couple of formats: MJPEG Video Only, MJPEG with PCM Audio, and PCM audio mov files, as well as JPEG files. By default, QuickTime will continue to be used for these formats and you have choose to use the new option when importing them using the source browser.

You can download the update through your Avid Master Account
You can read more about Avid on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Avid_Media_Composer.html
You can see our range of Avid systems here: .http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Avid_Systems.html

Backlit Keyboards16th January 2017

New MAC backlit logic editing keyboards

Last year Logic released a range of backlit editing keyboards for the PC. Now the same editing keyboards have been released in MAC versions. Both types of keyboard connect via USB so would work on either Mac or PC but MACs have some keys which are different to Windows such as the command key, and obviously do not have a Windows key. These keyboards are now available and have been added to our website.

There are backlit keyboards for Premiere Pro CC, Avid Media Composer and Apple FCPX as well as many other options. As with the PC versions the price is almost the same as the non-backlit versions and the keyboards also have two USB ports built-in which you can use for a mouse, tablet or USB pen. The backlit keyboards are 89+VAT.

You can see the full range of keyboards here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Backlit-Keyboards.html

Panasonic GH5 information released

Panasonic GH59th January 2017

Panasonic have released information about the new GH5 camera, the successor to the popular GH4, which will be available around March/April time.

There are a huge list of improvements. The main new features are the fact that it can film UHD video at 50/60P, can film in 10 bit video and will also support filming in H.265 - a new video format that a few cameras are now adopting. A more in-depth list of changes is on the second tab of this news item.

Some footage filmed by the GH5, filmed using some of the pre-production models, is also available. We have tried this footage in some of the editing programs we have here and it worked fine in some (notably EDIUS) whilst some variations of footage did not work properly in other programs. We assume that by the time the camera is available editing programs will have been updated to work with the footage.

The specs on the new camera look amazing. We have been very happy with our GH4 over the past year we have been using it. The GH5 is the same but considerably better. We can't wait for it to be released.

A summary of the new options on the GH5

The following is a list of the many new features of the GH5. This may change before the camera is released and there may be some new features we have not mentioned. There will be more information on the coming months..

The GH5 has a bigger sensor than the GH4 which means bigger stills. The camera will use the whole sensor and scale it to whatever video size you are filming. The GH4 would use the exact number of pixels needed to UHD footage and the whole sensor for HD footage which meant you would actually see different amounts of the image depending on your recording format.

The GH5 does the same resolutions as the GH5 and also does UHD @ 50P and 60P. It can also record 6K video at 24 frames per second. This will not be in the initial version of the camera but in a firmware update which is scheduled for the Summer of 2017. This is not a "real" 6K though as it is "anamorphic" - the picture is filmed in a square frame using an anamorphic lens which is then stretched to the proper dimensions on playback, so you will only be able to film in this format if you buy the right kind of anamorphic lens (which is quite expensive). However it is a very cheap camera for one that can record in this format!

The GH5 can record video at the standard colour sampling of 4.2.0 and at 4.2.2. It can record the 4.2.2 version internally only 30fps, not at 60 FPS. If you want to record at 60PFS you will need to use and external recording device.

The GH5 can record slow motion 180 at HD resolution (the GH4 does 96fps). Recording at a high frame rate is the best way to do slow motion and the option for 180 FPS is great. This is recording a lot of information per second so you will need a very fast card to do so. In the reviews we have seen users have said that the kind of cards they are using in the GH4 can only manage 150 FPS so if you want to do the higher formats you will need to buy new, faster cards.

Apparently V-log mode, which films in a flat format which is better for grading is not going to be included as standard and you have to buy it just like owners of the original GH4 did. (it is included as standard on the GH4-R). If you pre-order the camera you will get it free.

Panasonic is saying recording will be "50mins +" - which means unlimited I assume like the GH4-R. The GH4 normal was limited to 30 mins recording in Europe because recording more puts it in a different EU duty bracket and this was one of the reasons why the GH4R was a bit more expensive than the GH4 - as the GH4R did not have a recording limit. The GH5 will not have a recording limit just like the GH4R..

Other features:

  • There will be HDR capture at 10-bit and viewing HDR from the camera. This will come in an update later in the year.
  • The camera will be able to record in the new format, H.265, as well H.264 like the GH4. H.265 should mean smaller file sizes for the same quality which will be important when you are trying to film at some of the higher frame rates and sizes.
  • A full size HDMI socket which you can lock: if you want to record to an external device you can do so through HDMI but the Micro HDMI socket on the GH4 was a bit small and it was quite easy for the cables to fall out. The GH5 will have a proper HDMI socket and the fact that it will lock is brilliant.
  • Less rolling shutter because the sensor is a bit faster. We have yet to see how well this works in practice but Panasonic are claiming it has improved.
  • Panasonic also claim better auto focus, which is good because the GH4 is not too good when trying to auto focus when filming video. There will be a touch screen as well which means you should be able to just touch the screen on the item you want in focus.
  • Auto focus pull - you can program two focus points and the GH5 will do a pull between them.
  • 400MB ALL-INTRA format will be added in July. The Gh4 can film some video at ALL-Intra - this is where every frame of video is a complete frame as opposed to have only the occasional whole frame saved and the rest stored as bits of frames. This will take up a lot more space and need faster cards which are not currently available. This is one of the reasons Panasonic this will not be added until later this year because the media needed is not yet available.
  • Dual SD cards - you will be able to record video to both at the same time, for an automatic backup, or set it to fill one card then move to the other..
  • USB3.1 type-c socket - a faster socket that the current camera.
  • It looks like the only thing missing compared to the GH4 is that it does not have a flash built-in.

There will also be a new add-on, the DNX-XLR-I which will fit into the hot shoe on top of the camera and add XLR and SDI sockets.


The current prices quoted are $2,000 - about £1,600 at today's exchange rate, compared to the GH4's $1,500.

Time scales:

The GH5 should be available in March.

In April Panasonic will add FHD 4.2.2 10 bit

In the Summer the will be adding more 4.2.2 formats and the ALL-Intra format.

You can see and download some sample clips here: https://youtu.be/T-qUZTTb1fY. There is a link to download the test clips in the description.

We will be posting more information on the GH5 when available.

Intel Kaby Lake processor released

Intel Kaby Lake6th January 2017

The Intel Kaby Lake processors, which Intel are also calling their "7th generation" processors, are just being released. We should be getting some in to test early next week. In early reviews testers are saying that they are about 10% faster than the current Skylake processors.

They also have special hardware included to playback H.265 video - a standard which is only just starting to be used by camera manufacturers.
The new processors will fit into our existing systems and laptops although there are also some new motherboards available which we will be testing as soon as possible. We will post more information and results as we get them..

Avid Media Composer 8.7 released

EDIUS Workgroup15th December 2016

Avid have released and update to Media Composer 8, which is now at version 8.7. They have added a range of new features which add to the existing large feature set; nothing revolutionary, but all useful little changes.

For example, you can now set a default view for bins, you have dupe detection for audio and data tracks as well as video, some new safe areas and title safe options and the audio punch-in tool can now carry on recording after the timeline has ended. Avid have also made some improvements to the list tool and added support for Sony XAVC LongG format.

You should be prompted to download the update by your application manager or you can download it via your Avid account. When we were downloading we had problems using Chrome - the download would almost complete and then fail, but downloading via Firefox was ok. We have not seen other people who have reported this so it could easily be a "one-off" but if you get problems try switching your browser.

Blackmagic Resolve 12.5.4 released with support for Grass Valley HQ/HQX and MP3 files on Windows

Blackmagic14th December 2016

Blackmagic have released an update to DaVinci Resolve - their editing and grading program. This update includes two major features which will be of interest to owners of DVC editing systems:

♦    Support for Grass Valley HQ HQX MOV files
♦    Support for importing MP3 files on a PC

Support for Grass Valley HQ and HQX MOV files

Resolve was able to import Grass Valley HQ and HQX MOV files since version 11. However, when they stopped using QuickTime for Windows to import QuickTime files Resolve could no longer import HQ and HQX. They have now written a new way of importing files in this codec which means we can once again import Grass Valley codec files. This is really important for users of Grass Valley EDIUS because it is the best way to get an edit out of EDIUS and into Resolve for grading.

The other good thing about this is that Blackmagic have now done this the "proper" way. Previously it was done via QuickTime for Windows, which was a 32bit application and caused a "bottleneck" when Resolve tried to play or create these kinds of files. Now it is supported directly which means they perform better in Resolve. We have tested this support on the PC, but have not been able to test it on a MAC to see if it works properly on there as well. Certainly on a PC it appears to be performing as expected.

Support for MP3

Another interesting addition is the abilityy to import MP3 files on a PC. The Mac version of Resolve has been able to do this for some time and now we can also do this on the PC version.

There are other changes, of course, which include support for the "Touch Bar" on the new MacBook Pro and a list of other updates and fixes which you can see on the Blackmagic support site, where you can also download both the Studio version and the free version: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/davinci-resolve-and-fusion.

You can see our Resolve systems here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Blackmagic_Systems.html, and a series of free video we created about editing in Resolve here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Editing-in-Resolve-12.5.html.

New Blackmagic 10.8.4 drivers

12th December 2016

Blackmagic have produced some updated drivers for their range of cards. The changes in the read-me for the 10.8.4 drivers all relate to the Cintel Film scanner and nothing is listed regarding any other device. In our own tests they appear to work ok, although we did have an issue in Premiere Pro where the sound through HDMI appeared to drop out intermittantly. If you have a system which is working perfectly, we cannot see a good reason to update your drivers. If you have a problem then it may be worth trying them, as it is very easy to revert to earlier drivers.

You can download the new drivers here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/support/family/capture-and-playback

EDIUS 8.31 released

EDIUS Workgroup9th December 2016

Grass Valley have released a small update to EDIUS which fixes a few bugs found in version 8.3. The main fix was to do with making a DVD or Blu-ray disc from a project that was not the correct settings for a disc. In 8.3 it would work but the menus probably did not work properly. This is fixed in 8.31.
Grass Valley have also added individual reset buttons to the curves in the primary colour corrector.
If you have the Pro version of EDIUS it will prompt you to download the update. If you have the Workgroup version you will need to visit the Grass Valley support site:

You can see the videos on the new features of the 8.3 EDIUS update on our YouTube channel and on the website here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/What-s-new-in-EDIUS-8.3.html

You can now buy sections of the DVC EDIUS tutorial

EDIUS Workgroup1st December 2016

We have added the option to buy parts of our EDIUS tutorial to the website. Our EDIUS 8 tutorial is nearly 20 hours long and covers every aspect of EDIUS. You can buy it for £80+VAT (it comes free with DVC systems).

However, we have been asked if people can just buy the section about effects or just the section about exporting, so we have split it into 5 sections which cost £20+VAT each. Each section comes with the entire tutorial interface, but contains only the video for which you have paid. If you buy a second section it just adds to the part you have already bought. You can read more and order the tutorial sections for immediate download here:

Magix Vegas now exports QuickTime ProRes files

EDIUS Workgroup29th November 2016

Magix recently released a new version of Vegas, which they acquired off Sony. Vegas 14 added some new features to the last Sony version of Vegas including better de-interlacing and up-scaling.

In an update, to version 201, they have fixed various bugs and added the ability to make QuickTime ProRes files in a variety of settings. There are very few official ProRes Encoders on a PC, with a one in Telestream Switch, which is limited to just on variation of ProRes, and another in a program which costs £3,000+. You can make ProRes using the free encoder FFMPEG but this is not an official encoder and people have occasionally reported problems giving FFMPEG made files to broadcasters.

Vegas is the first main stream PC program to include ProRes encoding form the timeline. All the other editing programs can de-code ProRes and not make it. We do not have any information on whether Vegas is using FFMPEG or something Magic have written themselves, although we do not that it is not officially certified as it does not appear on Apple's list of certified programs. How well it works, especially when you give the file to broadcasters, remains to be seen.

You see out full list of systems for use with Magix Vegas here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Magix_Vegas_Systems.html.

Why would you want to make ProRes files?

If you are just moving files around between PC programs you probably won't want to make these files. However, ProRes is one format which is very popular in broadcast so if delivering to a broadcast station you may need to make a ProRes file. Also if sharing assets with a MAC users then ProRes is a simple file format that anyone with a MAC should be able to use. Many people have asked about being able to make ProRes on a PC for years, but Apple have generally restricted it to MACs. Even if the Vegas encoder is not Apple certified it would be great to have a program that can make ProRes in a format that is good enough to be used anywhere.

You see out full list of systems for use with Magix Vegas here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Magix_Vegas_Systems.html.

What's new EDIUS 8.3 videos now available

EDIUS Workgroup18th November 2016

We have just added 4 videos to our YouTube channel and website which cover the new features you can find in EDIUS 8.3. The videos cover the new optical flow slow motion option that has been added to EDIUS 8.3 and whether you should choose it to be the default interpolation. We also cover the new proxy resolutions in depth and look at the way EDIUS 8.3 behaves on a 4K computer screen, plus the new ability to make a DVD or Blu-ray disc from any project.

You can see the videos on our YouTube channel and on the website here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/What-s-new-in-EDIUS-8.3.html

You can download the EDIUS 8.3 update from the Grass Valley support site: https://www.grassvalley.com/support/downloads 

You can read more about EDIUS on our website.

Whilst stock last, if you buy a DVC EDIUS system with EDIUS Pro we will upgrade you to EDIUS Workgroup for free.

EDIUS 8.3 update now available

EDIUS Workgroup16th November 2016

The new features include optical flow slow motion, new proxy modes and a better display on a 4K computer screen. We are making a video show-casing the new features which will be on our website and YouTube channel in the next day or so. We will post here when it is available.

You can download the updated from the Grass Valley support site:

You can read more about EDIUS on our website.

Whilst stock last, if you buy a DVC EDIUS system with EDIUS Pro we will upgrade you to EDIUS Workgroup for free.

What's new in EDIUS 8.3

Optical flow slow motion

Possible the biggest new features is optical flow slow motion. When a clips is slowed down EDIUS has to do something to give you a smooth looking result. Up to now it has done "nearest neighbour" where it simple repeated frames, giving a jerky movement, or frame blending where is cross faded frames to create a smoother result. Optical flow is another method where the computer analyses the movement and tried to create the missing frames. It can produce smoother results than frame blending, especially at lower speeds. It is not always better as sometimes it creates the wrong thing, especially when there is a lot of movement or you are starting with a video clip that is filmed at a low frame rate. For example 50P footage will slow down a lot better than 25P footage.

EDISU optical flow works well in most cases. Our YouTube videos, which we will publish shortly, will go into this in a lot more depth.

Set the default frame interpolation

This is a small option but useful - you can choose to set the default interpolation for clips which do not match the timeline - which could be ANY of the 3 options. Our preferred option is actually the simplest, nearest neighbour, and then we can try the other options as required. This is because the interpolation does not only get applied when you slow a clip down, but also when you speed it up and when you do simple things like put a 25P clip into a 50i project.

Make a DVD or Blu-ray disc from a project of the wrong size

This change sounds quite small but will be incredibly useful for many people. Up to now you could only make a DVD or a Blu-ray disc from a project with the right settings. Now you can choose to make a disc from any project and then set the output needed in the burn to disc.

Better support for 4K computer screens

EDIUS 8 was remade to work better on 4K computer screens. If you used EDIUS 7 on a 4K screen everything was too small to see. With EDIUS 8 a lot of the interfaced scaled properly but not all of it. With EDIUS 8.3 nearly all of the interface scales properly, although there are a couple of parts that still need to be changed. The most notable one is the area where you can keyframe effects, which is still very small on a 4K screen. However, the changes means that the interface is now usable on a 4K computer screen.

Better quality Proxy files

EDIUS has had a proxy mode since EDIUS 6. The proxy were always small and very low quality. With EDIUS 8.3 you can choose to make proxies at ¼ HD resolution or at full HD resolution, which makes them a lot nice to use. With more RAW formats arriving, hard to use H.265 starting to be used and cameras that film in 6K and higher a good proxy resolution will be required for years.

Support for 50/60P Avid DNxHD MXF files is the Workgroup version

In the Workgroup version you can now make 50 and 60P Avid DNxHD files; previously we were limited to 501 & 60i.

Blackmagic have released some new drivers and an updated version of Resolve

31st October 2016

We have run a few tests on the 10.8.2 drivers and they seem to work properly in most programs although we did have a problem capturing in Avid Media Composer.  EDIUS and Premiere both seemed to work fine.  We have not had the drivers long so have not tested everything, and as always with Blackmagic, if you have a system that is working properly now we would suggest you do not update.
The new version of Resolve mainly addresses bugs and the main update seems to be support for a new version of FCPX XML file.

You can download the new version of Resolve here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/support/family/davinci-resolve-and-fusion.html

What's new in DaVinci Resolve 12.5.3

  • Added support for Final Cut Pro X XML Version 1.6
  • Added support for PostgreSQL 9.5.2 on macOS
  • Added support for ACEScct color science
  • Updated ACES support from ACES 1.0.0 to ACES 1.0.2
  • Improved performance when encoding to MXF XAVC
  • Improved importing of Flip and Flop from AAFs from Media Composer
  • Improved importing of Dip to Color dissolves from AAFs from Media Composer
  • Improved Dolby Vision XML export
  • Addressed an issue with FCPXML transforms for Multicam not getting imported correctly
  • Addressed an issue where all tracks in the keyframe group get highlighted when switching between them
  • Addressed an issue with reading Drop Frame timecode from some Sony camera files
  • Addressed an issue with jagged edges when decoding YUV 422 clips
  • Addressed an issue where project level Data Burn Ins do not get saved
  • Addressed an issue where sync audio based on timecode would lead to incorrect results
  • Addressed an issue where the Lift, Gamma and Gain control on the Resolve interface do not maintain Colour Balance
  • Addressed an issue that could cause a machine freeze
  • Addressed instability when undoing 'Decompose in place'
  • General performance and stability improvements

What's new in Desktop Video 10.8.2

New features and fixes on DeckLink 4K Extreme:

  • Support for keying in 1080p50, 1080p59.94 and 1080p60,
  • Support for 3G-SDI level A in 1080p23.93 to 1080p30,
  • Fix audio playback compatibility issue with some monitors.

Fix on DeckLink Duo:

  • Fix intermittent audio corruption during playback.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Fix corruption on output when using draft mode in Media Composer,
  • Fix intermittent user interface freeze in Media Express,
  • General performance and stability improvements for all models.

New free Video Copilot Workflow Plug-in for After Effects Posted

27th October 2016

Video Copilot have released a new plug-in for After Effects, which is now available and is also free!

The plug-in is called FX Console and is designed to speed up working in After Effects by bringing up a small control panel at the click of a button. This panel lets you apply sandard After Effects FX or your own presest, with the minimum of searching around in After Effects windows.

You may know Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot from his large range of free comprehensive After Effects tutorials. He also produces various plug-ins, some free and some paid for. Click on the second tab to see a short video where he explains how to use this free plug-in.

The following video explains what the plug-in does and how to use the it.

Main Features:

  • Access FX & Presets quickly
  • Create FX Shortcuts
  • Create FX Overrides
  • Customize FX Search
  • Export Snapshot with PNG
  • Access Multiple Snapshots
  • Automatic Snapshot Tool & Gallery
  • Sample colours from Gallery
  • Re-import directly from Gallery
  • Dockable Panel & More!

After Effects Requirements:
Adobe After Effects CC and above (Including CC2014)



Special offer- buy a DVC EDIUS system and get EDIUS Workgroup instead of EDIUS Pro, while stocks last

EDIUS Workgroup26th October 2016

For a limited time, when you buy a DVC EDIUS system, we will give you  EDIUS Workgroup for the price of EDIUS Pro. EDIUS Workgroup 8 costs 434+VAT more than EDIUS Pro. It adds quite a few significant extra features to EDIUS, many aimed at broadcasters, which include a loudness meter, MXF exports, watch folders and the ability to edit files which are currently being captured. The Workgroup version of EDIUS can also export Avid DNxHD MXF files which are the only real way of easily moving projects from EDIUS to Avid Media Composer.

In addition to these features all editors will also appreciate:

  • Reduced playback resolution: You can drop the resolution to let you playback difficult timelines without rendering. This is really useful, especially if you are editing complex sequences with 4K footage.
  • No Internet needed: the Workgroup version never has to be connected to the Internet, unlike the Pro version which has to be connected to the Internet once-a-month.

For a limited time we will supply the Workgroup version of EDIUS for the price of EDIUS Pro when ordered with a DVC system. Stock is limited so order now.

You can see our full range of EDIUS systems here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Edius_Systems.html

Windows 10Microsoft to stop selling Windows 7 & 8

22nd September 2016

Mircosoft stopped selling retail versions of Windows 7 some time ago and at the end of October we have been told they will stop supplying OEM versions - the type we use on systems - as well. This means from November you will only be able to buy a system using Windows 10 If you want a system with Windows 7 you should order it before the end of October. Microsoft are not ending support for Windows 7, or stopping you from re-using a version you own on a new machine (assuming the old machine is dead), they are just stopping people from buying new computer with Windows 7 and 8 installed.

GH5Vegas 14 released

20th September 2016

Sony Vegas 14 has been released. This is the first version of Vegas to be released under its new owner, Magix. The new version includes support for new formats like H.265, a new smart de-interlace filter and better upscaling. It also now supports video resolutions up to 4K on Blackmagic and AJA hardware - Vegas Pro 13 could only output at HD resolutions. The prices remain about the same as before although the "Suite" version now contains some Bors Effects rather than HitFilm Pro. You can read a full list of the changes on the second tab of this news item. We will be adding more information to the DVC website soon.

New features in version 14.0

  • Added Smart Zoom, Smart Scale, and Smart adaptive deinterlacing to allow you to upscale clips for Ultra HD delivery (requires a supported NVIDIA, AMD/ATI, or Intel GPU).
  • Added a Vignette video effect.
  • Added support for working with high-frame-rate (HFR) clips.
  • Added hover scrub to the Trimmer for fast scrubbing.
  • Updated support for current BlackMagic Design hardware:
    DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G, 4K Pro, 4K Extreme, Studio 4K, SDI 4K, HD Extreme, Extreme 3D, Mini Monitor, and Mini Recorder.
    Intensity Shuttle, Pro 4K, and Pro.
    UltraStudio 4K Extreme, 4K, Pro, SDI, Express, Mini Monitor, and Mini Recorder.
  • Improved support for clips from RED ONE, EPIC, SCARLET, and WEAPON cameras.
  • Added Post lift, Post gamma, Post gain, and Dragon enhanced blacks controls to the R3D Decode Properties dialog.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain clips to fail to load on upgraded RED WEAPON cameras with older firmware.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading certain old RED ONE clips.
  • Fixed a color cast that could occur in clips shot with RED Motion Mount on the latest camera firmware.
  • Updated support for current AJA hardware.
  • Added a Resample mode drop-down list to the Video tab in the Project Properties dialog. You can use this control to set the default resample mode for your project video. To override the project resample mode, you can use the Force resample and Disable resample event switches.
  • Improved playback and editing performance when using a Dynamic RAM Preview cache size greater than 200 MB.
  • Improved gamma calculations for still-image sequence renders for 32-bit floating point projects. Now levels for 32-bit floating point (video levels) and 32-bit floating point (full range) with nonlinear gamma are more consistent with 8-bit levels.
  • Added a Group Video and Audio Events script (Tools > Scripting) to allow you to easily group audio and video events from an imported EDL.
  • Increased the top-end of the range of event Velocity envelopes to 1,000% to increase the maximum possible overall velocity of video on the timeline to 40 times normal speed (in conjunction with the Playback rate event property).
  • New artwork and icons for buttons and other interface elements give the application an updated, more modern look and feel.
  • Support for reading and writing HEVC/H265 files.
  • Native support for reading ProRes 422 files without the need for QuickTime.

GH5Panasonic announce the GH5

20th September 2016

The GH4 has been a very popular camera and one we use at DVC a lot. Panasonic have announced the next version, the GH5, which has a lot of new features which include filming 4K @ 50 & 60P, as well as 10 bit colour support for filming 4K at 25P. The camera will not be released until next year but you can read more about it here: http://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer/cameras-camcorders/lumix-g-compact-system-cameras-learn/GH5.html?gclid=CMaX0rnVos8CFQmdGwod990EJw

GH5Fusion 8.2 Released

19th September 2016

Blackmagic have released the final version of Fusion 8.2. The previous releases were public beta versions. The main new addition is the fact that it will now run on Linux as well as MAC O/S and Windows, although a few useful features have also been added. You can download the final version for free here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/support/family/davinci-resolve-and-fusion

Yuo can read more about Fusion and buy the full version of Fusion Studio here: http://dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Fusion-Studio.html

BlackmagicNew Blackmagic items announced at IBC

9th September 2016

New Blackmagic items announced at IBC Blackmagic have announced a few new products with the start of the big video show, IBC, in Amsterdam.

There is an update for Resolve, and some new versions of their Mini Monitor and Mini Recorder which now support 4K. The price of these new Minis is about the same as the Intensity Pro 4K. The Intensity has inputs and outputs, where as the Mini Monitor is output only, and the Mini Recorder is input only. The main reason you would buy one of the Minis is they have SDI connections (as well as HDMI) where as the Intensity Pro 4K has analogue and HDMI. This makes them the cheapest devices to input or output 4K through SDI.

Blackmagic have also released some updated drivers. We are currently testing these 10.8 drivers and will report on any problems or improvements here.

Blackmagic have also announced that they have bought Fairlight, which makes high-end audio devices and software and Ultimatte - famous for their keying hardware and software. You can read all the Blackmagic press releases here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/media.

skylake laptopNew Skylake laptops

31st August 2016

We have a new Skylake laptop to replace our simplest model. In the last couple of weeks we have had new versions of the desktop processor and high spec laptops which use the latest desktop nVidia graphics cards inside the laptop. This new laptop is still using mobile nVidia graphics cards, as nVidia have only produced new "10 series" models of their high end cards, although these have been improved slightly. The laptop has also changed so that it now uses DDR4 RAM, not DDR3 as used by the previous model.

Why would you buy this laptop and not one of the more powerful models?

Firstly the Intel processor is the same as used on our high spec laptops, so the actual CPU power is the same. The desktop processor laptops are more powerful as they use desktop processors, but if comparing the two laptops which use laptop processors they actually have the same power. The main reason this laptop is cheaper than our other models is the graphics card. The card in this laptop is actually a pretty good one - a 2GB nVidia 950m - and it will accelerate Premiere Pro's range of effects, it will work with Avid Media Composer and even with DaVinci Resolve. Of these 3 programs Resolve is the one that really hammers the graphics card and would benefit for a better model but you can still happily grade and edit using the card in this model with Resolve; if doing lots of 4K editing you should definitely get one of the laptops with a higher spec card and more RAM.

For programs which do not use the graphics card very much you will not need a more powerful card and this laptop will give roughly the same performance as the other laptops we sell that have a mobile Intel processor - our High spec laptop and the HP ZBook In fact, as the ZBook processor is not of the same generation this laptop will be more powerful than the ZBook.

It also has Intel Quick Sync which makes it a great laptop for Grass Valley EDIUS or Sony Vegas.

An you can get a model with an i7 processor, 32GB RAM, a 120GB M.2 drive for Windows and a 1TB drive for video for around £1,000!

You can read more and configure your own laptop here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Skylake-laptop-with-Quick-Sync.html

ex-demo laptopEx-Demo DVC laptop for sale

19th August 2016

As new laptops are arriving we need to refresh our demo machines so we are selling our demo laptop. The "ex-demo" part is the main chassis, the processor, RAM etc are all new. The laptop is in very good condition and we have only had it for a few months

The ex-demo laptop comes with a 1 year warranty on all components. It is a model which uses desktop Skylake processors and has an nVidia 970 graphic card, as well as a USB3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 socket.

As only the chassis is "ex-demo" you can choose the other components you would like in the system, such as hard drives RAM etc..

This is a chance to get a very powerful laptop with a very good graphics card, which we have been using for 4K editing as well as complex effects work.

You can configure the laptop here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/DVC-ex-demo-laptop.html

EDIUS 8.22 released

...with support for custom LUTS, GPU acceleration for the Primary Colour corrector and QuickTime support without QuickTime installed.

18th August 2016

There are some nice new additions to the primary colour corrector in this update as well as changes to the way EDIUS deals with QuickTime files. The update also helps to get Quick Sync working on systems with the latest Windows 10 Intel graphics card drivers.

Changes in the primary colour corrector
This update adds the ability to add your own LUTS into the primary colour corrector (PCC) and support for using your graphics card to playback PCC effects. EDIUS has traditionally not used the graphics card for its effects and this is a step to making it perform even better on the right kind of system.

QuickTime for Windows
The other big change is to do with QuickTime. This version will work without QuickTime for Windows installed and will load most QuickTime files and still image formats, so it is now practical to use EDIUS without QuickTime. EDIUS will not import every type of QuickTime file you can be given but does support the most popular formats. It will only export Grass Valley HQ/HQX QuickTime files. It will work with and without QuickTime installed and there is a handy tick box to disable using QuickTime for import but still use it for export. We are working on a couple of short videos to explain what is new in this update and they will be posted on our YouTube channel and website shortly.

If you have EDIUS Pro installed and your machine is on the Internet it should prompt you to download the update. Alternatively you can download the update here: http://www.grassvalley.com/support/downloads

We have also put two videos on our website and YouTube Channel covering the new features of EDIUS 8.22.

w1011th August 2016

Davinci Resolve 12.5.1 has been released today
There are many changes but the big news has to be that, on Windows systems, you do not need QuickTime for Windows installed any more. Resolve will now load most of the QuickTime formats it previously loaded, such as ProRes, Avid DNxHD and DNxHR, H.264 and uncompressed, and export all of these formats, without QuickTime on the computer.

ProRes playback has also improved. On our best system, an 8 core Broadwell-E with an nVidia 1070 graphic card, we can now play back 5 layers of UHD ProRes clips where as previously we could only manage 2.

The one downside is that Grass Valley HQ and HQX Mov files do not work in Resolve any more. They do not work even if QuickTime for Windows is installed. If you have been grading project which you have encoded into Grass Valley format you will need to re-encode them or stay with Resolve 12.5.

For a full list of the new features and to download visit the Blackmagic support website: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/davinci-resolve-and-fusion.

If you want to see a full list of the changes and updated click on the second tab above.

What's new in DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1

Edit Improvements

  • Improved 2-up and 4-up, multicam and playback performance when using QuickTime ProRes on Windows
  • Added menu items to allow selection of clips based on Flag, Marker and Clip colours on the edit timeline
  • Added ability to import and export duration markers using EDL
  • Added the ability for clips to snap to their own markers when adjusting In and Out points
  • Improved consistency of edit functions when Timeline is in full screen mode
  • Added support for box wipe mode for offline reference wipe
  • Added ability to extract AAF import log information as timeline markers

Color Improvements

  • Improved performance for Spatial Noise reduction in Better mode
  • Improved listing of attached and timeline mattes in the node graph with support for alphabetical listing
  • Added ability to apply grades from a reference wipe using the viewer context menu
  • Added ability to align keyframe timelines of colour grades using playhead position and wiped still frame
  • Next node and previous node operations now loop around the node graph
  • The ‘displayed’ node graph now automatically updates when the current still is changed
  • Swapping nodes now also swaps the node labels
  • Rippling grades now also copies node labels, Power Window labels and node cache settings
  • Shift Up + Next Still will now append grade from the current still on the advanced control panel (Studio version)
  • Added support for left eye and right eye grades for the timeline node graph (Studio version)
  • Added ability to convert a mono timeline into stereoscopic 3D (Studio version)
  • Added ability to convert a mono clip into stereoscopic 3D (Studio version)
  • Added support for sequence and node render caching for stereoscopic clips and timelines (Studio version)
  • Added compensation for stereoscopic slip when exporting timecodes in ALE (Studio version)
  • Added support copying DolbyVision grades using stills and middle click (Studio version)
  • Improved 3D and Qualifier panel layout in dual screen mode
  • Improved behaviour to stay on the same frame when joining two clips

Resolve FX Improvements

  • Added ResolveFX Generate Color (GPU accelerated)
  • Added ResolveFX Tilt-shift Blur
  • Added support for anamorphism in ResolveFX Lens Blur (Studio version)
  • GPU acceleration support for ResolveFX Lens Flare (Studio version)
  • Ability to adjust Shadows/Midtones/Highlights in ResolveFX Film Grain in all compositing modes (Studio version)
  • GPU acceleration support for ResolveFX Emboss, Waviness, Vortex, Ripples, Dent, Mirror
  • Improved ResolveFX Scanlines and added various composite modes
  • Ability to view the ResolveFX Scanline layer without the background
  • Improved border behaviour for ResolveFX Gaussian Blur, Directional Blur, Mosaic Blur, Radial Blur and Zoom Blur
  • Added support for horizontal/vertical ratio in ResolveFX Glow
  • Added support for pan and tilt on ResolveFX Prism Blur
  • Improved performance for ResolveFX Light Rays
  • Improved performance for ResolveFX JPEG Damage

Media Improvements

  • Added new Import Media options to File menu and Media Pool context menu
  • Added support for stereoscopic 3D clips in Media Management (Studio version)
  • Added support for display drive names in Media Storage on Windows
  • Addressed issues with open file location from Media Pool on Linux
  • Added Source Name tag support for filename without extension
  • Added support for automatically setting pixel aspect ratio for anamorphic ARRIRAW MXF clips

Codec & Format Improvements

  • Added support for ProRes decode on Windows
  • Improved QuickTime decode and encode performance on Windows
  • Support for UHD H.264 renders on Windows
  • Improved QuickTime decode and encode performance on Linux
  • Added support for HEVC (H.265) decode on Linux
  • Added support for alpha channel in DNxHR 444
  • Added support for the Sony X-OCN format
  • Added support for various AAC encode parameters on macOS
  • Added support for QuickTime AAC audio encoding on Windows
  • Added support for encoding QuickTime Photo JPEG files
  • Added support for decoding AVCHD files from the Sony NEX-FS700 camera
  • Added support for V-Gamut in RCM for improved Panasonic camera image handling
  • Added ARRI LogC to Linear and Linear to ARRI LogC LUTs in VFX I/O
  • Addressed decoding of last frame in some Panasonic AVCHD clips
  • Improved handling of AVCHD .MTS clips
  • Added support for RED SDK v6.2.1

General Improvements

  • Alpha-numerical listing of codecs and format in the Deliver and Media Management pulldowns
  • When running DaVinci Resolve in window mode, the macOS dock is now visible
  • Improved latency for remote grading (Studio version)
  • Improved handling of dissolves and overlapping clips in DolbyVision metadata export (Studio version)
  • Improved behaviour when creating render jobs on locations without write permissions
  • General performance and stability improvements

w105th August 2016

The anniversary update for Windows 10 is just being released. This is a major update for Windows and it will take time to install on your computer, as well as making a backup of your current set up. There are many new features in Windows 10, although none are specifically useful for video editors.

The new features include:

  • A darker colour scheme option.
  • A slight redesign of the start area.
  • Improvements to Cortana, handwriting and finger print recognition.
  • Improvements on displaying how battery power is used and by which apps.
  • Lots more little features.

Your computer should install this update automatically. It may not do so immediately as Microsoft are rolling this out gradually.

Should you install it?

We have only got this update today and have not had any problems with editing programs so far. However, it is early days and so there may be an issue with some programs we have not seen. You may want to "hold off" from installing for a week or two.

This is not so easy with Windows 10, however. You can go into the Windows update settings and say defer updates, if you have the Pro version and that should stop it from installing until you are ready.

"I have only just upgraded to Windows 10 - what should I do?"

If you have only just upgraded to Windows 10 you will be within your 30 day period where you can revert to Windows 7 if you decide you do not like it. This update will completely replace your Windows 10 and put the old one in the same place it would normally keep your old Windows 7. So if you run the update Windows will probably overwrite your Windows 7 back up, which means you won't be able to go back to Windows 7 easily. Therefore we would definitely recommend holding off updating until you are sure you want to use Windows 10. If you updated to Windows 10 more than 30 days ago going back to Windows 7 is no longer an option.

You can see a good summary of the new features here: http://www.howtogeek.com/248177/whats-new-in-windows-10s-anniversary-update/.

Logic backlit keyboard3rd August 2016

Our first stock of backlit Logic editing keyboards has arrived. We have keyboards for EDIUS, Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve, as well as many others.

These new keyboards are abouit the same price as the Editor's Keys backlit keyboards and are more solid, and have a USB-Hub built in, so you can plug a mouse or USB pen directly into the keyboard. In our tests these ports were about as fast a USB2 ports will get using the right media.

They also have 4 different brightness levels, accessed by a keyboard button, of course.

You can see the full range and order a keyboard here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Backlit-Keyboards.html

EDIUS jumpgrade25th July 2016

The EDIUS jumpgrade lets you jump to EDIUS Pro 8 from practically ANY version of EDIUS, or EDIUS Neo.  This offer is set to end on 31st July 2016.This offer was set to end at the end of March previously, but Grass Valley extended it. However, we have been told that they are unlikely to extend it further.

If you have an old copy of EDIUS and would like to upgrade now is obviously the time to do so.  After the offer ends the price will jump from £259+VAT to £359+VAT for the Pro version of EDIUS.

Many new features have been added to EDIUS 8 - the most recent additions are motion tracking in the mask filter and better colour correction and grading through the primary colour corrector .  You can see some videos showcasing the new features here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Grass_Valley_EDIUS_tutorials.html

You can order the jumpgrade here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/EDIUS-Jumpgrade.html

EDIUS Skylake systems12th July 2016

We are doing a summer sale on all our PCs with 10% off all our desktop computers.  This includes all our Skylake, Broadwell-E and Xeon based systems.
You can configure your own system on the DVC website.  The 10% discount will be applied when you add the system to a basket, so although you will see the prices change as you add items into the system, remember you will get 10% off the total.

Pre-Brexit prices

With the Brexit vote the pound has dropped in value against the dollar, and since practically all computers components and software are imported and priced in $ this means we have faced a price hike on all our components.  Our 10% discount means our computers are actually at a lower price than they were before the Brexit vote.
5% off "desktop processor" laptops

We have also got a 5% discount on our top laptop models. The "desktop processor" laptops use standard Skylake processors and are the most powerful we supply.  This makes them the best laptops for editing 4K footage, for example.  We have 3 models:

Obviously if you need to discuss your requirements just give us a ring or send us an email.  We can happily build and updated system around software you already own, and can still supply Windows 7 if you prefer it to Windows 10.

Resolve= 11th July 2016

In the last few weeks several new graphics card have become available. From nVidia with have the 1060, 1070 and 1080 graphic cards which represent a considerable leap in performance from the previews 9 series cards. The 1070 and 1080 were released a couple of weeks ago, the 1060 only just appeared on Friday 8th July.

In most tests people are saying that the 1080 card, which is about 680+VAT, rivals the performance of the Titan X, a graphic card that has been available for several months and costs around 900. We have even seen results which suggest the 450 1070 card works as well as the Titan-X in some programs. There will be a new Titan coming out based in the same chipsets in the next few months which should be a huge leap up from the current Titan-X

What does this mean for video editors? Basically it means more realtime playback of effects and clips in programs which support using the graphic card. Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve all use the graphic card for effects work and for assisting playback of some types of footage. Grass Valley EDIUS does not use the graphic card for much work but some of the plug-ins you can use with EDIUS, such as HitFilm and VisTitle, do use the graphic card. In our own tests we have done with Resolve, which is the most dependant on the graphic card, we have seen significant increases in performance. It also helps that these new cards have more RAM on board - the 1070 has 6GB RAM where as its forerunner, the 970 had 4GB, and the 1080 has 8GB, whereas the 980 had 6GB.

We have added the new cards to all our systems as options and can supply systems right now with this built-in.


Resolve= 4th July 2016

We have just uploaded a new series of videos to the YouTube channel which are all about editing video in Blackmagic Davinci Resolve.

Resolve started life as a grading program but recently Blackmagic have been ramping up the editing features, so that now it is possible to edit and grade your entire production in one program.

In these 7 videos we look at Resolve, comparing it to other editing programs like Premiere Pro and EDIUS and explaining where to find various features that you would be used to in other programs. You will see how to add effects, key images, add titles, as well as other important information such as where projects are saved, and how to move projects from one machine to another. You can see a complete playlist of the videos on our website and our YouTube channel:

Avid 4th July 2016

This update includes some interesting new features such as the "source browser" which is a new way to link to clips in Media Composer, comparable to Adobe's media browser.  Another new feature is "audio ducking" where you can get Avid to automatically lower the volume of one track (a music track for example) when some audio appears on another track - such as a voice over.  You can control the sensitivity which triggers the audio ducking and, of course, adjust it afterwards.

There is also support for Panasonic long-GOP footage, GPU support for Red footage playback and a nice feature for selecting clips on the timeline.

You can download it from the Avid download centre, or using your Avid application manager.  You can read more here: http://community.avid.com/forums/t/160759.aspx

You can read more about DVC Avid systems here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Avid_Systems.html.

4th July 2016

Blackmagic have released the version 10.7 drivers fix a problem we were having with their previous drivers - namely the sound would suddenly stop playing and would not return until you left the application and returned. We were getting this a lot in Resolve but it was also happening with EDIUS occasionally. Earlier version 10 drivers (10.6.5) did not have this problem, it only occurred with the 10.6.8 drivers.

The 10.7 drivers solved this problem with Resolve, and appear to work ok with Premiere Pro 2015.3 and Avid Media Composer 8.6. However, in EDIUS they cause another problem - the timeline plays back at double speed! there is no solution for this currently so we suggest you stay with earlier drivers for EDIUS. We know that the 10.5.4 drivers worked well with EDIUS, and 10.6.6 did cause a problem with the USB Shuttle. We are currently running tests on 10.6.5, which we believe did not have problems, although given all the variations of drivers we cannot be 100% sure!

If your current system is working then we suggest you do not change anything. If you are experiencing the sound suddenly dropping out then we suggest you try the new drivers, unless you are using EDIUS.

Premiere Pro27th June 2016

As a result of the Brexit referendum the value of the pound has dropped considerably. Since most editing software and computer components is bought in $ this means that prices of practically everything we sell are likely to rise over the next few days. On Friday the first new prices lists arrived from our suppliers, and more will be coming.

If you order a computer now it will be at the current prices, even if delivery is set for a week or two from now. Things could change in the next few days and weeks, of course, with markets being markets; when we will hold off changing our prices for as long as possible.

Storm 3G

21st June 2016

We have a couple of special offers on some Grass Valley hardware - with in some cases 650 knock off the price of some items. These are all new items with full guarantees, with the price reduced to clear the items.

The items are:

Storm Mobile External - HDMI. SVIDEO, composite and component in and out. Resolutions up to HD. This unit does not include EDIUS or an adaptor to connect it to a computer, which you need to buy separately - 299+VAT, 359 inc.

Express card adaptor for Storm Mobile - 66+VAT 79.20 inc

Storm 3G - SDI in and out, with HDMI out. Resolutions up to HD @50/60P. Machine control through RS422 with add-on unit. Normally 999 +VAT, price 249+VAT, 299 inc.

Canopus ProCoder - Canopus' excellent conversion program. 129+VAT, 155 inc.

Grass Valley ADVC1000 - SDI to DV and analogue converter 999+VAT, 1,199 inc.

We have limited stopck of all of these items, mostly just one unit of each. You can read more and order them here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Grass-Valley-Offers.html

Premiere Pro

21st June 2016

Adobe have released the latest updates to all their software today. For Premiere this includes the ability to copy footage when importing using the media browser in Premiere (hooray!) and the ability to transcode footage when doing so. You can also choose to make proxies and use these for editing. Another interesting feature is that Premiere can now accelerate playback of H.264 based footage using the Intel graphic card in a computer.

We have not yet thoroughly tested these new features, and are in the process of doing so. However we have noticed a couple of important things of which you should be aware:

This version is installed as Premiere Pro 2015.3 - not 2016 which we thought would be the case. This implies it is not a major update, but we think it is as it adds a significant number of new features. The update basically downloads a completely new version of the program, so it really is a significant update, like all the other updates Adobe normally produce at this time of year.

With a completely new version normally there are quite a few bugs which get ironed out over the following month or two. Since we have not properly tested this version we cannot tell if there are significant bugs, but, like anything new we expect some.

When this update is install Adobe remove the old version of CC2015. The only problem with this is that if you do encounter a significant bug you will not have the old version on the computer to go back to. It is also not currently listed in the "previous versions" in the Creative Cloud app. so, if you choose to update you will not be able to go back to the old version of CC2015, and the only old version available is CC2014. CC2014 will not open CC2015 projects.

On top of this Adobe appear to have removed the direct link to Speedgrade with this update. We do not know whether this will be added back in, as Speedgrade has not yet had an update.

As with previous large updates from Adobe, the project format has changed so if you open a project in CC2015.3 it will make a new version of your project which you cannot open in CC20015.2 or earlier.

For these reasons you may choose to hold off on the update and see what the general reaction is. Of course, here at DVC we have "dived straight in".

You can read the full list of what is new in Adobe Premiere Pro on the Adobe website, where you can also see some videos covering some of the new features made by Maxim Jago. Visit: https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/premiere/features.html

HitFilm Ignite10th June 2016

HitFilm produce a compositing program to rival After Effects and a range of plug-ins based on the filters, called Ignite. These plug-ins can now be used in Grass Valley EDIUS.

The Ignite plug-ins have a vast range of effects which include particle effects, grading, light effects such as light rays and lens flares and keying effects.

HitFilm said they were going to make the effects work using EDIUS' OFX plug-in bridge but instead they have released a native plug-in so the effects appear as individual items inside EDIUS, just like normal EDIUS plug-ins. This makes them a lot more flexible than if they worked through the OFX bridge.

The best thing about the plug-ins is the price. They are 133+VAT- 159 inc.

You can also choose to buy the HitFilm program, which gives you more complex compositing options than you can achieve in EDIUS, which comes with the HitFilm plug-ins, for 227 inc VAT.

The plug-ins are accelerated by the GPU so how well they will playback depends on your graphic card. If the EDIUS project is set to 10 bit then the plug-ins work internally at a very high 16 bit resolution, for the best quality results. This means they make the computer work pretty hard, although on our current systems, using a good graphic card, many of them do play back in realtime in HD projects.

You can try out the plug-ins and see how they work in your system by downloading the trial version, which can be changed to a full version simply by activation the plug-ins over the internet once you have purchased.

You can download a demo version here: https://hitfilm.com/ignite/demo

You can order the plug-ins from the DVC webshop here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/HitFilm-Ignite-Plug-ins.html

Resolve 12.58th June 2016

Blackmagic have released the final version of Resolve 12.5. There has been a public beta version available for the last month or so, but they have now released the non-beta version.

The new version of Resolve has over 250 new features, which includes a list of enhancements on the editing part of the program, as well as a new range of Resolve video effects. Some of the new features are reserved for the paid version or Resolve, Resolve Studio. These include a nice de-interlace filter, better noise reduction and some of the new filters, such as film grain. This gives you more reasons to consider buying a full version of Resolve, although the free version is still very powerful.

The other interesting feature is almost the equivalent of Adobe's Premiere/After effects"dynamic link". This link is between Resolve and Blackmagic's compositing program, Fusion. You can send a clip to Fusion, make some effects and render it, and the result is updated in Resolve. This works with the free version of both programs.

We have been using the beta of Resolve for editing some of our latest tutorials and it shows definite improvements over version 12, and some of the annoyances we experienced editing in version 12 have gone. Resole is still limited on the formats it imports and exports but the editing is now very powerful. Its grading abilities are, of course, excellent.

We plan to produce a short video comparing editing in Resolve to other programs shortly.

You can download the new version here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/davinci-resolve-and-fusion

7th June 2016

This has happened to a few of our customers recently and has also popped up as an option on some of our own machines. Up to now Microsoft have been prompting you to upgrade to Windows 10 but not doing it automatically. The new message is saying "you are scheduled to be upgraded to Windows 10 on this date.." and you have to opt out to stop this from happening. This message looks very similar to the previous message, so if you have got used to automatically ignoring it, you will one day find your machine has been upgraded to Windows 10.

At DVC we quite like Windows 10 and suggest everyone uses it for new computers. However, upgrading has caused issues for several customers using older programs, which will not even run properly on Windows 10. The worse cases have been with people with Matrox devices where, for many people, having the Matrox drivers installed when Windows 10 is being upgraded stops the process half way through and leaves you with a computer that does not work at all.

Obviously if you decide you want to move to Windows 10 this is not a problem. However, if you do not want to move to Windows 10 we suggest you do one of the following:

  • Carefully read any messages you get from Microsoft about upgrading and make sure you choose to opt out.
  • Do not leave your computer on or unattended for any length of time. One customer left his computer on over the weekend and when he came back to it the next week the computer had been upgraded automatically. We were able to "roll" him back to Windows 7. You can, of course, just disconnect the computer from the Internet, but it is possible Windows will have already downloaded the install files for Windows 10 in background and will carry out the upgrade even without an Internet connection.
  • Download and run the following batch file http://www.dvc.uk.com/downloads/Remove_MS_Upgrade_To_10_Nag.bat. This should remove the Windows 10 upgrade message.

The free update to Windows 10 ends on 29th July so you should consider whether you are going to decide not to take advantage of this soon. If you have a DVC system and would like to upgrade but are worried about the hassle we can upgrade it for you and properly test the system to make sure it is ok. Please ring/email for more details, costs etc.

25th May 2016

For some time we have been wondering what the fate was of Sony Vegas since it has not had a major update for 2 years. Today it has been announced that Vegas, Sound Forge and Acid Pro have all been bought by the German company Magix.

Magix have their own editing software, including a "pro" version which is full of similar features to Vegas, so what does this mean for the future of Vegas?
To be honest we do not know although some reports we have seen say they will be producing a new version of Vegas and Movie Studio in the Autumn.

The sale also includes Sony's sound programs, Sound Forge and Acid Pro. No mention is made of DVD Architect. We know that there was not going to be any future development on Architect for a variety of reasons, but will it still continue to be available?

Sony are keeping their new editing program, Sony Catalyst, which we had been thinking for some time was being lined up as a replacement for Vegas.

You can see the Magix press release here: http://www.magix.com/gb/press/detail/?tx_news_pi1%5Bnews%5D=610&cHash=c12d8b7bedbba3a20d1d5e2e68141dbd

19th May 2016

We have now posted our "what's new in EDIUS 8.2" tutorials on our YouTube channel. Grass Valley have also posted some excellent tutorials which cover the two main new features of EDIUS 8.2, the motion tracker and the primary colour corrector, in quite some depth; our videos cover the same topics but hopefully come at it from a slightly different angle, as well as covering the other new features we have been added.

These new chapters will also be incorporated into our EDIUS 8 tutorial.

You can see the both our own videos and Grass Valley's videos on our website:


16th May 2016

The EDIUS jumpgrade has been extended and now ends on the 31st July 2016. Originally it was meant to end at the end of April.

The jumpgrade lets people who own previous versions of EDIUS, earlier than EDIUS 7, jump to the latest version of EDIUS and save about 100 over buying a completely new version of EDIUS. All you need is the serial number of your old version during install.

You can read more and order the jumpgrade here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/EDIUS-Jumpgrade.html

6th May 2016

Are we going to do any videos regarding the new features of EDIUS 8.2?
We are but since the release of EDIUS 8.2 we have actually been pretty busy. The new videos will be on our website next week. We will post a link to them here when available.
Also Grass Valley have released their own videos about EDIUS 8.2's new features which go in-depth into the two new major features - the Primary colour corrector and the Mask motion tracker. These videos are both good and thorough so we want to produce something which is slightly different as there is very little point in simply repeating the same things.

27th April 2016

Should you uninstall QuickTime for Windows?

Last week US Homeland Security is saying you should uninstall QuickTime for Windows as Trend Micro say they have discovered a couple of "critical vulnerabilities" in the Windows version of QuickTime. They say Apple has not updated QuickTime for Windows for ages and that they have no intention of doing so, saying that Apple do not official support QuickTime on Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Our advice is don't panic and do not uninstall QuickTime for now. Click on the read more tab for more information.

You cannot simply uninstall QuickTime for Windows as most editing programs rely on it to playback QuickTime files and for exporting.

After the panic of the first few days this seems to have settled down and the general consensus is that the problem is in the QuickTime player. If you do not use the QuickTime player then you should not have a problem. This is quite easy because most QuickTime formats can be played by other programs like VLC and even Windows 10 film & TV playback program.

QuickTime can install some components into web browsers for playing back video but in the latest QuickTime installers these are not installed by default.

The components used in editing programs are not affected. However, most program makers are now saying t hey will adjust their programs to not use QuickTime any more. Adobe have already done this with some parts of Adobe Premiere Pro. Grass Valley have said they are working on this as well.

You can see the post from Adobe about this here: http://blogs.adobe.com/adobecare/2016/04/16/quicktime-on-windows/

You can see a video which includes and interview with Atsushi "Alex" Kataoka, product manager for EDIUS here: https://youtu.be/KFCO4AoJ0N4

We do not currently have a time-scale for these changes. We are sure that the updates will only be in the current version of each program, not for old versions such as EDIUS 7 or Premiere Pro CS6.

However, we would suggest you do not panic and, for now, do nothing. Simply don't load any QuickTime files which you have not made yourself into the QuickTime player, or play their QuickTime files with a different program. Since all suspect files will most likely come from the Internet you are extremely unlikely to get a problem if your machine is never on the internet. If your machine is on the internet, make sure the QuickTime web browser components are not installed.

Apple have said nothing about this and since they use a different version of QuickTime on MACs which they have never ported to PCs, it is very unlikely they will do so. Some people have said that the US Homeland Security statement is also a but alarmist and may also have something to do with the fact that they are not getting on very well with Apple at the moment due to Apple refusing to help crack iPhone security for them! Whatever the truth we know there are some vulnerabilities in QuickTime for Windows currently but if you are careful it should not cause you a problem.

Premiere ProAdobe have released information on the updates for their Creative Cloud apps that they will be showing at NAB. That have not said when these will be publicly available, but based on past experience it will be in 2-3 months.

You can read the Adobe Blog posts here: http://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/whats-coming-next-in-adobe-premiere-pro-cc-and-media-encoder-cc/

There are also a range of short videos on YouTube which you can see on the video tab of this post.

The main new additions to Premiere are:

  • You can copy footage when importing. Up to now we have had to copy with a different program, now Premiere will do this in the background while you work.
  • Premiere can make proxies or transcode the footage to a different format on import.
  • There have been Improvements to the Lumetri panel - the newly added grading part of Premiere - which include secondary colour correction.

New in Audition

Adobe are adding a panel which lets you choose the type of mix you are doing (say voice over) and adds a range of filters with simple controls for people who are not audio professionals. This will make doing things like improving an voice over a lot easier. If you have an Audition expert to hand you can pass the project to him and he can immediately get at the original. more complex versions of the filters and adjust them.

You can encoded to the Adobe Media Encoder direct from Audition - so you don't have to send the mix back to Premiere for the final export.

After Effects

After Effects is having some improvements to playback and preview performance as well as a new way of integrating with Cinema 4D.

We have not played with any of these new features yet, so do not know all the ins and outs. More information will no doubt be forthcoming before the final release.

Below are a selection of videos made by Adobe regarding the new features.

Avid14th April 2016

Avid have released version 8.52 of Media Composer which essentially appears to be just a small bug fix release. However, what we would call a quite major change has snuck in as well.

Previously Media Composer needed a Quadro card to accelerate effects inside or Media Composer. There was a way of making it use a normal GeForce nVidia card, by modifying a text file in the main Avid folder which worked sometimes. However, with 8.52 they have got rid of this text file and Media Composer will say it is using a GeForce card for effects automatically. As the release is very new we have not done too much testing on this but can confirm that on firing up MC on our own demo system with an nVidia 970, it does say "GPU support enabled".

Why is this important? Because GeForce cards are considerably cheaper than Quadro cards for devices which are just as powerful. Which means buying a decent Avid system just got cheaper.

According to a reply in this post on the Avid forums it is also "official": http://community.avid.com/forums/t/146233.aspx

Media Composer 8.52 is available to download now from the Avid download centre: http://esd.avid.com/ProductList.aspx

Blackmagic Staff14th April 2016

Blackmagic have been awarded the Red Dot award for design team of the year 2016. They were awarded the "Red Dot:best of the best" award to the new Ursa Mini camera. This ward has previous been won by companies like Apple , BMW, Braun and Porshe.

You can see the full Blackmagic press release here https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/media/release/20160413-01

EDIUS Skylake systems11th April 2016

We have added an updated version of our DVC brochure to the website which you can download or have sent to you by post.

If you are in the UK you can request a free DVC brochure. The information in the brochure is essentially the same as the website, in fact there is more detailed information on-line. However, many people like to have a physical printed booklet to peruse.

You can download the brochure to print out yourself here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/downloads/brochure2016.pdf

You can order a copy to be sent by post by visiting this page on the DVC site: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Order-a-brochure.html

...or sending us an email asking for one. Brochures are only available free by post to people in the UK.

1st April 2016

Blackmagic have released Fusion 8, their compositing program, available as a free version and also with extra features as Fusion Studio.

They have had publicly available beta versions on the website for a few months but have now released the first "non-beta" version.

The main difference between Fusion 7 and Fusion 8 is that Fusion 8 will work on MAC and PC, where as Fusion 7 was PC only.

You can download the new version now from the Blackmagic support site: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/davinci-resolve-and-fusion

EDIUS Skylake systems31st March 2016

We have just updated our comparison between different editing programs to reflect the current range of professional programs we supply. We have also included Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve in the comparison as it now has a large list of editing features and people are considering using it as an editing program.

You can read the full comparison here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/editing-program-comparison.html

EDIUS Skylake systems31st March 2016

Blackmagic have released their new Ursa Mini camera with both the 4K and 4.6K versions available. When originally announced Blackmagic said both cameras would have a "global shutter" which means it would never suffer from the "rolling shutter" problems that plague many other cameras in the price range. They have removed this option from the 4.6K version as they could not get it to work properly with the rest of the camera.

You can see a video of Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic, explaining his reasoning here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/video/93298de7281044cf990b1f8783ef7827

At the same time a new version of DaVinci Resolve has been released which supports the new colour science in the camera.

EDIUS Skylake systems8th March 2016

We are offering 10% off our Skylake and Haswell-E desktop computer systems during March 2016.  We have:

These are our most commonly ordered editing systems and the discount is for systems used with any editing program. All you need to do is order a system from us via the webshop or by giving us a ring or email and we will make you up a quote on a system.  If ordering from the webshop the 10% will be deducted from the calculated price of a system when you add the system to your basket.

For EDIUS systems click here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Edius_Systems.html
For Premiere Pro based systems click here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Premiere_Systems.html
For Avid Media Composer systems click here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Avid_Systems.html
For DaVinci Resolve systems click here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Black_Magic_Systems.html
For Sony Vegas systems click here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Sony_Vegas_Systems.html

7th March 2016

What are the differences between Premiere Pro CS6 and Premiere Pro CC?

We have been working on a series of videos showing the main features which have been added to Premiere Pro between CS6 - the last version you could buy - and the current version CC2016.  The video will act as a useful reference for anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge and renting the Adobe software, of has upgrade and wants to know about all the changes between CS6 and the current version.

The videos are all free and are on our website and on our YouTube channel. 

We have split them up into various sections and chapters to make it easy for you to find a particular topic in which you are interested.  For more information on the different sections see the second tab in this news item. 

For people with bad internet connections, or for those of you who just want an easy way to get the videos and store them on your own computer we will be putting a version on the website for download with a "front end" to help you find the videos which will be available for download or by post for 20+VAT.  We will post here when this version is available.

Our set of tutorials covers the following topics:

EDITING IN Premiere Pro CC2015

These videos were published on 7th March 2016.

This section is about 48 minutes long and has the following chapters:

Effects in Premiere Pro CC2015

In this sections we look at the changes to the way the effects work in Premiere Pro CC. The major new addition has been the use of Master clip effects but there have been many enhancements to existing effects and features, many of which are incredibly useful.

These videos will be published on 8th March 2016.

This section is about 38 minutes long and has the following chapters:

  • The Lumetri colour panel.
  • Adding a LUT.
  • Master clip effects.
  • Masks in filters and motion tracking.
  • Clip name effect.
  • Morph cut.
  • Optical flow slow motion.
  • DNG files and source settings.
  • Set to frame size and paste attributes.

Other changes in Premiere Pro CC

IN this section we look at a range of other useful changes in Premiere Pro CC compared to CS6.

These videos will be published on 9th March 2016.

This section is about 1 hour long and has the following chapters:

  • The project manager and archiving projects.
  • Render and replace.
  • Autosave to the Creative Cloud and how to make it work.
  • The media browser.
  • Relinking clips - in my opinion one of the most useful improvements Adobe have made..
  • Premiere Pro and Speedgrade.

Multi-camera in Premiere Pro CC2015

Several enhancements have been made to Premiere Pro's multi-camera function since CS6. It is basically easier to make a multi-camera sequence, you can sync cameras up using the sound and use Master Clip effects to adjust the colour of the one "angle" of the multi-camera easily.

These videos will be published in 10th March 2016.

This section is about 18 minutes long and has the following chapters:

  • Ways of setting up a Multi-camera edit.
  • Colour correcting multi-camera shots.
  • "Flattening" a multi-camera edit.

The Adobe Media Encoder

There are many changes in the Adobe Media Encoder. These include Dolby Surround Sound output, lots more filters which can be applied in the Media Encoder, new options like "interpret footage" and the fact that the Media Encoder is now a stand alone program (although if you install Premiere Pro the Media Encoder will install as well)

These videos will be publish on 11th March 2016

This section is about 16 minutes long and has the following chapters:

  • Render formats and filters.
  • Audio changes, surround sound and other items.
  • AME as a stand alone program..

22nd February 2016

The annual B.V.E. show starts tomorrow at the EXCEL centre in London. Although we do not have a stand at the show, David Clarke will be there demonstrating Grass Valley EDIUS 8 on the Holdan stand. Holdan are the UK distributors for EDIUS and many other products from Blackmagic, Panasonic, Teradek and many other suppliers.

You can register for the show for free by visiting the B.V.E. website.

This show runs from 23rd to 25th February. The opening times are :

Tuesday 23rd February: 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 24th February: 10am - 7pm
Thursday 25th February: 10am - 4:30pm

David will be ready to answer your questions about EIDUS, including some hints on features coming in future updates, as well as discuss your needs for systems, training etc. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

1st February 2016

Grass Valley have announced a new "jumpgrade" offer for owners of old versions of EDIUS (Version 2 to version 6.5) and for owners of EDIUS Neo. They can now "jump" from their version to the current version of EDIUS Pro 8 and save 100+VAT on the prices of EDIUS Pro.

This offer runs from 1st February 2016 to 30th April 2016.

Click here to order and read more.

31st January 2016

Avid have released a new version of Media Composer. Version 8.5 adds sone interesting new features and streamlines some menus and effects palettes. However, the main change is that it now officially supports both Windows 10 and the latest MAC O/S El Capitan.

There is a very good Avid blog post outlining the new features here: http://www.avidblogs.com/media-composer-8-5-now-available/.

The update should appear in your application manager automatically, however, you can also download the full update via the Avid download centre: https://www.avid.com/US/support/downloads.

You can read more about Media Composer on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Avid_Media_Composer.html

27th January 2016

Adobe have released updates for many of their video applications. These updates generally fix various bugs that were in the 2015.1 update and do not add new features.

There is a very good Avid blog post outlining the new features here: http://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2016/01/premiere-pro-cc-2015-2.html

The updates should appear in your Creative Cloud application automatically. We have not thoroughly tested this update ourselves yet but have not encountered major problems so far. Indeed the update appears to have fixed quite a few issues that were outstanding with 2015.1.

You can read more about Adobe Premiere Pro and see the current special offers on Creative Cloud for Teams on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Adobe_Premiere_Pro.html

23rd December 2015

When EDIUS 8 was released Grass Valley ran several upgrade offers. One of these, the price for upgrading from EDIUS Pro 7 to EDIUS Workgroup 8, was set to run until the end of 2015. Grass Valley have confirmed that they will be ending the sprcial offer as planned, although we do not have the exact price the upgrade will be in 2016.

In 2016 the upgrade from EDIUS Pro 8 to EDIUS Workgroup 8 will be 365+VAT.

The upgrade from EDIUS Elite 7 to EDIUS Workgroup 8 will be 475+VAT

Logically the price to upgrade from EDIUS Pro 7 to Workgroup 8 will be higher than the Elite price. The price is currently 290+VAT.

We are closing on 24th December and will not be able to complete any orders you place in December until we get back in January, however, I have been told we will be able to honour any order we get for an EDIUS Pro7 to Workgroup 8 upgrade as long as the order in placed in December 2015.

Yuo can order the upgrade here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Upgrade-EDIUS-Pro-7-to-EDIUS-Pro-8.html

ADVC11022nd December 2015

The most popular analogue to digital converter is now available again.

Grass Valley's ADVC110 lets you convert composite or SVIDEO signals to DV and DV to composite and SVIDEO. All you need to do is plug it into a FireWire socket and it should be seen in the same way a DV camera is seen. This means it will work with most editing programs with the minimum of fuss.

The ADVC only works in standard definition and needs a FireWire port to operate, so is not suitable for everyone, but if you need a DV-analogue converter this is one of the best. The ADVC100 is 199+VAT from us at DVC. You can order the ADVC100 here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/ADVC-110.html

21st December 2015

Avid Media ComposerFor a limited time upgrade ANY version of Media Composer to MC8.
When Avid introduced a subscription option they also changed the way permanent licences could be upgraded. If you have a permanent licence you need to upgrade it every year by buying a "1 year support contract" or it is locked at the version you owned when your support contract expired.

For a very limited time people who have not bought a new support contract can upgrade their old copies of Media Composer to the current version by buying a new 1 year support contract.

You must have placed and paid for your order by 10 AM on Christmas Eve or you will miss out. Ideally you would order before Christmas Eve although time is very limited.

This offer is open to anyone who owns a copy of Media Composer from version 3.5 onwards. You can apply the upgrade to a dongle you already own or switch to online activation. With this offer you will get a full version of Media Composer 8.4 with support and upgrades for the next year. When this support contract expires you will have the choice of staying with whatever version of Media Composer is the current one in December 2016, or buying another 1 year support contract for 2017.

Dual graphic card laptop21st December 2015

We have two new powerful laptops. Both use normal desktop Skylake processors, as you would find in a regular PC tower; both have more powerful graphics options than our standard desktop processor machines. One has the option for two powerful laptop graphics cards; the second has a desktop graphics card inside as well as a desktop processor.

Dual graphic card laptopDual graphics card laptop

This is essentially the same the our desktop processor laptop but has two powerful nVidia graphic cards instead of one. This is useful for programs which take advantage of two graphics cards. When it comes to video editing the program that would use this the most Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio (the version for which you have to pay). If you have two graphics cards and Resolve it and handle many more layers of grading and effects. Adobe Premiere Pro CC2015 can also use two graphic cards, although this is mainly when exporting via AME while still using Premiere for editing, so the difference is less noticeable.

Desktop graphics card laptop

Laptops normally have graphics cards designed for laptops. This means they are not normally as powerful as the desktop equivalent. A laptop (or mobile) nVidia 980m is not as powerful as a desktop nVidia 980. However, we now have a laptop with a proper desktop nVidia 980 installed rather than the mobile version found in our normal machines. This makes this the most powerful graphics card to ever appear in a laptop.

This computer is the equivalent of a portable desktop computer in practically every way.

So which is our most powerful laptop?

All the models which have desktop processors have the same CPU power. If using a program like Grass Valley EDIUS which does not use the graphic card for much processing the performance will be practically the same on all models. If using a program which uses the GPU for some processing then the better the graphics card the more effects you can play without rendering. Since most editing programs will not properly use two graphics cards the desktop graphics card laptop will be the fastest. For a program like Resolve Studio which will use two graphics cards the Dual graphics card laptop will probably be the fastest.

With this much power what are the downsides?

Essentially power and weight. More powerful components means more power needed which means lower battery life. The normal desktop processor laptop can last about an hour on batteries; the dual graphic card and desktop graphic card laptop will be a lot less. In some modes you have to have the laptop running on mains otherwise it will not work properly. These more powerful laptops are also heavier. These are the main reasons why you would choose to buy a laptop with a mobile processor and mobile graphic card. However, if you want as much power as possible then these new laptops are the best option you have, apart from buying a desktop Haswell-E or Xeon system.

You can read more about our range of laptops here : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Laptop_PCs.html

December is here and Christmas is not too far away. We may do one more newsletter before Christmas, but it does depend on exciting things happening in the next few days.

DVC will be open until Midday on Thursday 24th December and will re-open on Monday January 4th 2016. We will continue to build and ship systems and software up to that point, so if you want an updated computer please get in touch. We make all our systems to order and in the run up to Christmas will put in extra hours just to make sure we can deliver your system to you in time for the festive period.

Just in case nothing major happens and we do not do a newsletter we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and New Year.

We can send out orders up to the 23rd December for next day delivery by courier.

Offline version of Adobe CC

Not allowed to connect to the Internet on your editing machine? Adobe have a Creative Cloud option for you!

Adobe have released a version of their video applications which can be used by people who have computers which are not allowed to connect to the Internet.  The Creative Cloud applications normally require that you connect once a month to validate the licence.  However, this is not possible for some users as they are not allowed to connect their computers to the Internet for security or contractual reasons.  These users have had to continue to use Adobe CS6 and could not move onto the Creative Cloud

This new version of Creative Cloud will let these users subscribe to the Cloud and use them on machine which are not connected to the Internet and do not have to be connected for at least 3 years..

This requires a special contract with Adobe.  You can apply for this through resellars like DVC.  You will not see this offer on the Adobe website and they will not be doing any mass marketing about it as it is designed purely for certain types of video user.  Only certain user will qualify:

  • People who are working in Film or TV broadcast who are contractually obliged not to have their computers connected to the internet..
  • Users who cannot connect their computers to the Internet for security reasons and who are producing professional video.

Assuming you qualify then Adobe will make a special contract with you and give you access to special offline install versions of their software.

This option is not available as an upgrade to people who already have Creative Cloud or Creative Cloud for Teams.

If you would like more information please contact us at sales@dvc.uk.com or telephone 01273 205700.

Premiere Pro CC2015Adobe update

Adobe latest update for their Creative cloud applications has been released.  We had some introductory information about this in our last newsletter.  The release has the features mentioned - such asbetter quality slow motion in Premiere Pro plus new interface changes like tabbed panels and some specific enhancements for touch sensitive displays.  Adobe have also added support for H.265 encoding.

One change with Premiere Pro is that the project format has been altered to that any old projects - including those editing in earlier versions of CC2015 - will have to be converted for use in CC2015.1.  This does happen quite regularly with Adobe but means if you open a project in CC2015.1 you cannot go back to a previous version of the program if you encounter a bug. As usual we would recommend that you keep back ups of your project file before upgrading.

You can read more here :

Premiere Pro: http://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2015/11/premiere-pro-cc-2015-1.html
After Effects: http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2015/09/whats-new-and-changed-in-the-upcoming-update-to-after-effects-cc-2015.html
Character animator: https://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-6672
Audition: http://blogs.adobe.com/audition/2015/11/the-latest-update-for-audition-cc-2015-now-available.html#.Vl7JXmc2okI
Adobe Media Encoder: http://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2015/11/adobe-media-encoder-cc-2015-1.html

The updates should be available through the Creative Cloud application.

You can see a short video of the features inDave's tech table: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_di8vrqBHQ

HitFilm Pro 4HitFilm Pro 4 available

HitFilm Pro 4 has been released.  HitFilm is a comprehensive compositing program, similar in many ways to After Effects, but available on a permanent licence and at a much lower price.

HitFilm Pro 4 is 226+VAT, 272 inc and available from us at DVC : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/HitFilm-Pro-4.html. Click on the read moe tab for more information.

Hitfilm has a wide variety of effects, comprehensive masks and keyframing abilities and a huge host of particle effects.  Hitfilm 3 lacked much to do for titling so they have added Boris 3D text effects in HitFilm 4.  HitFilm also comes with one of the most advanced tracking plug-ins, Mocha, using a special version of Mocha designed for HitFilm.

The new versions also adds more effects and had great improvements for importing 3D models made in programs like Cinema 4D and Lightwave, and compositing them into scenes with live action inside of HitFilm - rather than the traditional method of making a movie and then trying to composite the results.

HitFilm also have a huge range of free tutorials on their website to help you learn the program.  They also give you a good idea of what you can do with the program before deciding to buy it.  You can see these tutorials here: http://hitfilm.com/video-tutorials#/

There is a trial version of the program you can download before buying to see how well you can use the program available from their website:http://hitfilm.com/pro/demo

There is even a free version, HitFilm 3 Express which you can download and use.

If you buy HitFilm you also get the range of Ignite Plug-ins which work in various editing programs.

HitFilm Ignite plug-ins for Adobe, EDIUS 8, Vegas and Resolve
As we mentioned above you can get a variety of the HitFilm effects as plug-ins that work inside your editing program.  These are not all the effects which are available inside HitFilm and functions like motion tracking have to be carried out by your editing or effects program.  However, it does give you access to a wide variety of grading, particle, keying and lighting effects directly in your editing program.

We have a full list of the plug-ins available on our website and you can download a trial version from HitFilm and see whether they would be useful for you.

The plug-ins work inside Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro 13 and DaVinci Resolve.  They also work in Grass Valley EDIUS via the beta OFX plug-in bridge.

When you buy the plug-ins you get them for all of the above programs. If you buy HitFilm itself it also comes with the plug-ins.

The plug-ins are 129+VAT, 155 inc from us at DVC.  You can read more and order them here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/HitFilm-Ignite-Plug-ins.html

Low price on CC for Team upgrades ends 30th November

9th November 2015

For the last few months Adobe have been running a promotion on Creative Cloud For Teams where you could upgrade from a previous version of an Adobe program, any version back to CS3, and get the first 3 years rental at a 33% off.  This offer ends on the 30th November.

Creative Cloud for Teams is a version of Creative Cloud that gives you the same range of applications as the non-teams version as well as giving you more web storage space (100GB as opposed to 20GB for the full suite) and 2 free calls to Adobe support as well as some features that help share projects and assets with other team members.  If you are organising a team it is also a lot easier to manage which licences are used and by whom than with normal Creative Cloud.

CC for Teams normally costs more than normal CC, but with this offer, assuming you have a qualifying product, it is the same price as normal CC and the price is fixed for the next three years.

To see a comparison over CC for Teams vs normal cc please visit : http://www.adobe.com/uk/creativecloud/business/teams/plans.html.

You can read more and order CC for Teams from us at DVC here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Adobe_Premiere_Pro.html

New DVC video - what's new in EDIUS 8.1

4th November 2015

Grass Valley have just released an update for the EDIUS.  EDIUS 8.1 is the first update to EDIUS which was released in July 2015.  The most important change in EDIUS 8.1 is that it now officially supports Windows 10.  We had been using EDIUS 8.0 on Windows 10 and everything seemed ok although some things, like Quick Sync, which lets you make H.264 Blu-ray and MP4 files quickly, did not work.  With EDIUS 8.1 these features are now working properly and supported by Grass Valley.  EDIUS 8.1 is free to all owners of EDIUS 8.

Click on the read more tab to see more information and to watch the video we have released.

EDIUS 8.1 adds the following features to EDIUS:

- Windows 10 support
- ProRes decode optimize - EDIUS 8.1 can play QuickTime ProRes MOV files better than EDIUS 8 or EDIUS 7.
- DNxHD decode optimize - EDIUS 8.1 can play MXF or QuickTime DNxHD files better than previous versions.  MXF DNxHD files are only supported in teh Workgroup version.
- Project template - take a project you have already made, complete with pre-edited timelines and clips and use this as a template for future projects.  You can choose whether the media used is copied into every new project or whether EDIUS links to a set of media in a specific place.

Interface improvements - the interface was changed when EDIUS 8 was released and made more streamline and scalable on high resolution screens.  After the initial user reactions some tweaks have been made to give the interface a little more definition and make highlit items more obvious.  One nice change is that t he audio waveform display has changed back to how it was done in EDIUS 7.

OFX bridge and Titler Pro 2 - OFX is a particular standard for video plug-ins.  Grass Valley have released a "Bridge" which lets you load certain video plug-ins into EDIUS. The bridge is developed by NewBlue FX.  They have included a year's licence to NewBlue Titler Pro 2 as well as the OFX bridge in the installer.  Titler Pro 2 gives you more options than EDIUS' own QuickTitler but is not as good as either VisTitle or the current version of the NewBlue Titler, Titler Pro 4. 

The OFX bridge has been released as a "public beta" which means it is working but is still a "work in progress".  It is not installed by default and you have to download it separately from the Grass Valley website.  You also have to register with New Blue to make it work properly.  Currently there are very few plug-ins that work with the bridge but more are promised in the future. 

GV Browser Improvements
- RED RAW import - the browser can now play RED footage as well as all the other formats it supports.
- Save a still image to the browser's snapshot folder by pressing Ctrl + T.
- Offline clip restore - if you move some clips you can now tell the browser where they have moved.
- Audio monitoring - if you have a clip with multiple channels you can choose which channels you listen to on playback.
- Zebra preview - you can show a "zebra" pattern over over-exposed areas of a shot just like you can in EDIUS.

You can view the video of our tutorial below, or via our YouTube channel.


Adobe CS6 no longer available

8th October 2015

Adobe have been offering both their software via the Creative Cloud rental scheme and their old CS6 version as a perpetual licence for the last few years.  They have now completely stopped selling the perpetual licence of CS6 and you can only get their software via the Creative Cloud.

About a year ago they stopped allowing us at DVC to sell CS6 and you could only buy it direct from Adobe, but in the last few days they have removed the option from the on-line shop and left a message to say "if you want CS6 ring this number".  We rang the number and were told CS6 is not available any more at all. 

This means the ONLY option for get a new licence for Adobe software is the Creative Cloud.  Using the Cloud you can still download and install CS6 as the Cloud lets you choose to install ANY version of Premiere Pro from CS6 onward; but you have to pay for it monthly and cannot buy it with one lump sum.  This means to use a new licence of Adobe software you have to pay monthly and your machine needs to go onto the Internet once a month to keep the licence active.  The latter is possibly the biggest problem for some user who are not allowed to have their computers connected to the Internet.  We know of no way these users can buy new licences from Adobe that they can use, and they will have to look at other software. Please click on the "Why have Adobe done this" tab for more information.

You see more information about the Creative Cloud software and its advantages and disadvantages here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Laptop_PCs.html

Adobe want everyone to rent their software rather than buy perpetual licences for various reasons.  Primarily they want to make more money which is, of course, the purpose of any business.  Business that do not make money go out of business, so this is what every company wants to do and should not be seen as a bad thing. 

They were the first video company to try using subscriptions and it has worked out well for them by all accounts.  Avid have recently followed.  It therefore makes sense that they would want to expand their subscribers.

They offered CS6 as a perpetual licence for those users who wanted a perpetual version rather than a subscription. There were to be no updates to CS6 although if you are selling the product to people you have to be able to offer support.  In the last couple of months we have had two new operating systems - Windows 10 and Apple OSX El Capitan.  CS6 appears to work properly on Windows 10 - although we have not tested it extensively and Adobe officially say it is not supported on Windows 10.  We have seen many problems reported with El Capitan, and not just with CS6, but with the current CC versions.  It appears Apple has changed some basic things in the operating  system which means software will have to be re-written to work properly on the new OS.  Obviously they will do this for their current software but to go back an re-engineer CS6, which was first released in 2012, will take effort.  Although the necessary changes may be small, if there is any change with the software you need to re-test everything because a small change somewhere can cause another change elsewhere by accident.  The net results is that it is a lot of effort to change software that is as complicated as an editing program.

Given that once a new MAC O/s is released you cannot buy MACs with the old O/S or even install the old O/S yourself (unlike Windows where you can choose to install an old O/S if you prefer) this makes CS6 unusable on new MACS.  So Adobe are left to either change their old software or stop selling it.  They appear to have decided to stop selling it.

What can you do if you do not want to rent or put your editing machine on the Internet?

The answer is simply to buy a different program.  The alternatives are:

Grass Valley EDIUS Workgroup 8

EDIUS is still available on a perpetual licence and in two versions.  The cheaper, Pro version, must connect to the Internet once a month to activate.  If you want a version that does not need to connect to the Internet then you need to buy the Workgroup version, which never needs to connect to the Internet and can be activated off line.

Avid Media Composer 8 Perpetual licence

Avid is available on subscription or with a Perpetual licence.  With the latter you buy the software and either activated it using a serial number (which can be done offline) or use a USB dongle (for an extra cost). Once you have paid for Avid you do not need to every buy an upgrade again, although if you do not upgrade the software EVERY year it will stick at the version you have bought and never change.  You cannot leave it two or three years and then buy an upgrade to the latest version, you must either choose to buy an upgrade each year or if you want a new version in 2-3 years you need to buy a complete new perpetual licence. 

However the main thing is you do not have to pay every year.  If you do not pay you still have a version of the software that you can use for as long as you have a computer on which it will work.  With Adobe if you stop paying it stops working.

Sony Vegas

All the versions of Vegas are available as a perpetual licence with a one off payment and do not need to go on the Internet, even for activation.  Our only worry with Vegas is that the current version, Vegas 13, has been out for two years and there is no indication when, or if, there will be a Vegas 14.  Sony do keep doing updates and bug fixes, and Vegas 13 is validated for Windows 10 so they have not killed it but also we have not had new features, like the ability to view 4K footage via a proper video device in Vegas.  It is the cheapest option of the three programs, however.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

There is a free version and a paid version of Resolve.  Neither need to go on the Internet to be activated.  The paid version of Resolve uses a USB dongle, the free version has no activation requirements at all.  With Resolve 12 Blackmagic have added a considerable number of editing features and it has a range of editing options to rival Premiere/EDIUS etc.   The areas where Resolve will cause problems is the fact that it needs a powerful machine and graphic card, otherwise it will not run, and also that it does not load many types of footage, such as most AVI files, DV and HDV, AVCHD and even formats like XDCAM.  It load QuickTime files but is quite restrictive on the formats as well.  This means you will probably need another program to convert the footage to make it usable in Resolve and another program to export the footage, as Resolve is very limited in its export options.

Also as the editing is very new it is also quite buggy currently so we are not sure we would recommend people switch to it for full time editing, however, it is "one to watch".  This is particularly because the free version probably does everything you need.  The paid version has Stereoscopic editing, a nice noise reduction option, better support for using two graphic cards and support for larger than 4K projects, but the free version does everything else.

Titler Pro 2 now included with Avid perpetual licence

7th October 2015

Up to now NewBlue Titler Pro 1 was included with the permanent licence version of Avid Media Composer 8 and Titler Pro 2 was only available with the subscription version.  Avid have now changed this so that you get Titler Pro 2 with the permanent licence and Titler Pro 2.5 with the subscription.  This still means you get a better version with the subscription to Avid it is a welcome change as Titler Pro 2 is considerably better than version 1.

If you have Media Composer 8 you should see the option to download Titler Pro 2 in the application manager.  Download, install and start using it straight away!

You can read more about Avid Media Composer here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Avid_Media_Composer.html

We recently added Skylake desktop systems to the website - now we have Skylake laptops!

25th September 2015

Every year Intel update their processor range and the newest processors, which will replace the existing Haswell processors, are called Skylake. The Skylake processors are about 10-20% faster than the Haswell machines. 

We also have two laptops which use desktop processors, making them the fastest laptops you can buy.  New models have been released which use Skylake desktop processors, which means you get a portable machine with the same power as a desktop.  The new models arrived on September 24th so we have only just started testing them.  They have all the sockets and connections that were on the previous models as well as having one of the new USB3.1 ports.  The laptops also use faster DDR4 RAM (the previous models used DDR3). 

We have two models - one 15" and one 17".  The 15" model has the option of having a 3K (2880x1620) or 4K (3840x2160) laptop screen as well as the standard HD (1920x1080) screen.  Both laptops can take 2 M.2 drives and 2 normal laptop drives.  Neither have an optical drive so we have options for external units for both.

You see more information and configure your own Skylake laptops system here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Laptop_PCs.html

Advantages of Skylake processors

Skylake systems also include a couple of new features which were not on the Haswell computers:

The latest processors

Skylake processors are the latest generation of Intel processors, replacing the Haswell processors. They are about 10-20% faster and use faster RAM, for approximately the same price. Although they have an Intel graphic card built in which is capable of Intel Quick Sync for fast encoding into H.264 for Blu-ray and MP4 files, this cannot be used in a laptop system, only on a desktop.  This was the same with our Haswell Desktop processor laptops.  This will only be a consideration for people using Grass Valley EDIUS orSony Vegas which are the only programs which can use Quick Sync for encoding (EDIUS 8 also uses it to help playback some footage).

The new motherboards use the latest, fastest RAM, DDR4, where as the Haswell processors used DDR3.  Haswell-E systems have been using DDR4 for some time.  DDR4 is basically better and faster than DDR3.

A new version of USB has been released - USB3.1.  USB3.1 is twice as fast as UBS3 with a top speed of 10Gbps compared to USB3's 5Gbps.  We have not had any devices which take advantage of this as yet but they will be coming soon.  USB3.1 is not on every Skylake motherboard - in our systems we have an option for a board with USB3.1 and one without.


Configure and order either the 15" model here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/15-Desktop-processor-laptop.html

Configure the 17" model here : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/17-desktop-processor-laptop.html

We are now supplying desktop computer with the latest Intel Processors

21st September 2015

Every year Intel update their processor range and the newest processors, which will replace the existing Haswell processors, are called Skylake.

The Skylake processors are about 10-20% faster than the Haswell machines. 

Click on the "Advantages of Skylake processors" tab for more information regarding the Sklake processors.

You see more information and configure your own Skylake system here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/DVC_systems.html

Advantages of Skylake processors

Skylake systems also include a couple of new features which were not on the Haswell computers:

Use an M.2 drive for Windows
The Skylake motherboards have a connection for a new type of drive called an "M.2 drive"  An M.2 drive is a hard drive on a circuit board that screws directly into the Motherboard.  It uses the same kind of media as a solid state drive.  As a result it is faster than a normal solid state drive for not too much difference in cost.  It is also means that the 6 normal SATA connections, which are on the motherboard for normal hard drives and optical drives, are all free so you can have an M.2 drives and 6 hard drives if you prefer.

The new motherboards use the latest, fastest RAM, DDR4, where as the Haswell processors used DDR3.  Haswell-E systems have been using DDR4 for some time.  DDR4 is basically better and faster than DDR3.

A new version of USB has been released - USB3.1.  USB3.1 is twice as fast as UBS3 with a top speed of 10Gbps compared to USB3's 5Gbps.  We have not had any devices which take advantage of this as yet but they will be coming soon.  USB3.1 is not on every Skylake motherboard - in our systems we have an option for a board with USB3.1 and one without.

At the moment we have Skylake-base desktop computers.  We do not yet have any Skylake based laptops although these should be coming in November.


4K system: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/4k-Skylake-system.html

EDIUS system:  http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/EDIUS-Skylake-systems.html

Premiere Pro system: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Premiere-Skylake-system.html

Avid Media Composer system: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Avid-Skylake-system.html

DaVinci Resolve system: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Resolve-Skylake-system.html

Sony Vegas system:  http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Vegas-Skylake-system.html

Panasonic gH4 V-log firmware released.

Panasonic announced that their GH4 camera would be upgraded to have a "v-log" setting.  This is where the camera will film video in a "RAW" format as a very flat image.  As a result the dynamic range of the camera is increased by one stop.  In practice this means that you will get more information in the white areas and more information in the dark areas of the image than you would in the standard settings.

This "V-log" upgrade costs $99.  Click on the read more tab for more information

The V-log upgrade is currently available from the US website, although only to people in the US. We have also seen it on the German website but we have not yet found out where to buy this if you are in the UK. 

At the same time Panasonic have released a new version of the GH4 which has the V-log setting built in and also has unlimited recording.  The GH4 is limited to 30 minutes recording in one take, which is a limited imposed by Panasonic as the EU impose an extra duty on video devices which can record longer than 30 minutes.  Then new model, the GH4R, does not have this limit.  This makes is slightly more expensive than the GH4, but worth it, in our opinion.  Unfortunately the new update to the standard GH4 does not include unlimited recording because this would cause all sorts of problems with EU duty.

At the same time the price on the GH4 has been reduced.  The RRP on the two cameras is:

GH4 875+VAT

GH4-R 999+VAT

These prices are for the body of the camera without lenses or SD cards.

The V-log footage produced by the GH4 is very flat and needs grading before it can be used.  This can be achieved by adding a somple LUT with some programs or by grading the image.  We intend to produce a short video explaining how to use V-Log footage in various programs shortly.  

You can read more about the GH4 here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Pansonic-GH-4K-cameras.html

DaVinci Resolve 12 final version available

15th September 2015

Blackmagic have released the final, non-beta version of their grading and editing software.  As reported last month the new version has some enhancement for grading but it is mainly the enhanced editing features which will attract people's attention.  Resolve is now a very capable, and free, editing program although there are still plenty of reasons why you would want to buy an editing program instead.

The final version added a new intro screen for people who have never used to the program to give them some hints as to where to start and help them set up the default drives.  Another welcome addition for people who have never used Resolve is that it can now see ANY drive on the system, not just those listed in the Resolve preferences.  We hope to make a short "review" video of Resolve 12 soon.

You can download the final version here : https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve.

You can read more about Resolve and our first impressions about Resolve as an editing application here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Blackmagic-DaVinci-Resolve.html

Ex-demo laptop with desktop Haswell processor - our fastest laptop ever!

8th August 2015

We are selling our demo laptop which has a desktop processor installed.  We have had this laptop for about 7 months and just "rotating" the stock, which do occasionally to make sure our demo machines are as up to date as possible. 

As the laptop has not been used for too long we are offering a 1 year DVC warranty on the whole laptop.  The used components are the chassis, processor, RAM and Wireless card.  The hard drives will be new one from stock. 

The ex-demo components in this laptop are the processor, RAM and chassis.  All the other components are new and you can choose different variations from those listed below.

We have had the laptop as a demo unit for approximately 8 months and are simply selling the unit on to make way for an updated demo machine.

In what condition is the laptop?

The laptop is in very good condition.  The outer covering is a resilient material which tends to get marks from fingerprints etc quite easily.  This is the only thing that would give the laptop a "used" look.

What is the warranty?

The hard drives are all new and you can choose from the variations below.  They all have the full DVC (1 year) and manufacturers warranty (which is sometimes longer than 1 year).  The chassis, processor and RAM are the only ex-demo components.  All of these also have a 1 year DVC warranty as we have not had this laptop for too long.


How much am I saving?

By buying the ex-demo laptop you are saving approximately 300 on the price of buying a new laptop.  This laptop is our most powerful machine and is the one used for the 4K editing in our "4k editing in EDIUS" videos.

Basic specification

♦    P771 Laptop base unit with 6GB GTX970M graphic card. 17" 1920x1080 screen, backlit UK keyboard and M.2 Wireless module.
♦    Intel Core i7-4790K Processor 4GHz with Hyperthreading (8M Cache, up to 4.4 GHz) - New in June 2014, faster than the standard Haswell i7.
♦    16GB RAM (2x8GB SODIMMS) 1600Mhz

EDIUS 8.1 announced

3rd September 2015


Grass Valley have announced their first major update to EDIUS 8.  Version 81. will be available in October 2015 and shown publically for the first time at the IBC Show in Amsterdam in September.  The new version will have a slightly changed interface to give the new layout first introduced in EDIUS 8 a but more contrast and some welcome new features which include:

♦    Windows 10 support
♦    OpenFX plug-in support, specifically integrating plug-ins from Boris Hitfilm and Sapphire
♦    Optimised playback for DNxHD and Pro Res codecs so EDIUS can handle more layers in real time.
♦    You will be able to save a project as a template so that from then on you can start projects with a specific timeline layout media and settings.
♦    The Browser will have the ability to export stills and ways of relinking offline clips.


EDIUS 8.1 will be free to owners of EDIUS when available.


You can read the full press release on the Grass Valley website.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12 public beta available

1st August 2015


Blackmagic released the first public beta of DaVinci Resolve a few days ago.  Resolve is Blackmagic's grading program to which they have been steadily adding new features.  The latest additions are mainly on the editing front with a complete change to the way it handles audio, meaning playback when editing should be a lot smoother and you can add a variety of audio plug-ins.  In addition there is a new keyer, new media management options and a lot more.


As usual there are two versions of Resolve - the free version, previous called the "lite" version and now simply called DaVinci Resolve, and the full version, which has been renamed Resolve Studio.  The free version is 100% working, with no restrictions and no water marks and grades footage at up to UHD resolutions.  The Studio version can grade 4096 4K footage, has stereoscopic support and also has some nice noise reduction filters.


You can download the beta version here : https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve.


Click on the "read more" tab to see our first impressions and read more about Resolve as an editing application.

First Impressions

We have only had Resolve 12 ourselves for a few days and here are our first impressions.

Video Editing

Video editing was working pretty well in Resolve 11 and has improved in Resolve 12.  The sound does work better although not perfectly with some settings.  Whether this is as a result of the program being a beta version or due to extensive caching of the audio we are not currently sure.  However, it is thoroughly usable and is packed with many editing features to rival Grass Valley EDIUS or Adobe Premiere Pro.  The obvious question is can you stop using either of those porograms and use the free version of Resolve instead?  Is the editing good enough?

We believe the editing facilities are probably enough for most people but what will be a draw back, especially for those working on PCs, is the format support and the kind of system which is needed. 

Importing clips

On their website Blackmagic  claim that they support nearly every format.  This is true of broadcast formats, but not of domestic formats.  Resolve will not load most AVI formats, in fact the only format it will load is an uncompressed AVI.  It also does not load a lot of different QuickTime formats, although it does support the most common ones - ProRes, DNxHD and Grass Valley HQX.  It will load MP4 files although performance with these is not as good as with EDIUS or Premiere Pro, and it has trouble with formats like AVCHD.  With our standard AVCHD clips it will load the video but not the audio, meaning that you will have to convert the footage first to use it in Resolve.

Although Resolve can capture video using a Blackmagic card, there is no support for DV or HDV capture and even the capturing abilites are very limited.  Of course, captuing is not the point of the program at all. It is first and foremost a grading program which is why the capturing is fairly poor.

Exporting clips

Resolve will export QuickTime files in a few formats, MP4 files and a variety of still images.  It does not do the range of formats that other programs can do.  The easiest way to cure this would be to buy a conversion program like Sorenson Squeeze of TMPEG to make the kinds of files you need to deliver, and just to export a simple format, like a Quicktime file, and then convert that again in the conversion program.  It will not make DVD or Blu-ray discs, of course.

Good graphic card needed

You will need a graphic card with at least 1GB RAM, preferably more.  Resolve works with either nVidia cards or ATI cards although all our best results have been with nVidia.  Currently we cannot make the first beta version of Resolve 12 work  on an ATI card as it crashes every time we start.  Of course the software is beta so this kind of thing is to be expected.

For 4K work we would want a graphic card that has 4GB or more RAM. 

The graphic card is important because Resolve does all of its effects work and some of the playback using the graphic card.  If you graphic card is not powerful enough then some parts of the program will not work at all.  For example, we have found that the slow motion does not work if you do not have enough graphic card RAM for the project on which you are working. 

If you need a system which has been custom built for using Resolve we supply them of course : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Black_Magic_Systems.html

What does Resolve 12 do?

Having listed the possible problems now we can talk about the good stuff.  Resolve 12 is packed with features.  The grading is, of course, excellent as this is the same program that is used by major studios for grading productions.  The features are frankly amazing for the fact that most people will be using it for free.  A quick summary of a few of the editing options:

    ♦    Support for AAF, XML and EDLS which means you should be able to get an edit from your existing program into Resolve reasonably well. 

    ♦    The usual array of editing features such as insert and overwrite edits,decent trimming, multiple tracks, slipping, sliding etc in fact pretty much everything you would expect in any editing program.  They all work in a pretty standard way, although, like changing from any editing program, you have to learn the Resolve way and the Resolve keyboard shortcuts.

    ♦    Customisable keyboard shortcuts.

    ♦    Multiple timelines and you can nest timelines within timelines (the latter is a new feature of Resolve 12)

    ♦    Good slow motion including "optical flow".  The latter is meant to give superior quality to the standard "frame blending" found in most programs.  It works well in Resolve although we have found the quality of the slow motion with optical flow is better in programs like Avid or After Effects.  This actually means that Resolve 12's slow motion quality can be better than that found in Grass Valley EDIUS or Adobe Premiere Pro since neither have "optical flow" - Premiere's frame blended slow motion is actually quite poor as well.  With Premiere, as long as you have After Effects, you can get better quality slow motion quite easily.  EDIUS' frame blended slow motion is very good and Grass Valley will be adding "optical flow" to EDIUS 8, although we are not sure quite when..

    ♦    Built-in simple titling.

    ♦    2D and 3D motion paths with keyframing and bezier keyframes.  The ability to title the image in 3D was adding in version 12.

    ♦    Support for OFX plug-ins like Boris Continuum and HitFilm.   As Resolve 12 is a beta version the plug-in manufacturers are not officially supporting it as yet although these plug-ins also worked in Resolve 11 and seem to be ok in 12.

Can I use Resolve 12 along side my existing editing program?

As long as you have a system which can run Resolve, the answer is yes.  We have Resolve on all our system which also have Premiere, EDIUS and Avid and they do not cause any conflicts. If you choose to download and install Resolve 12 then remember it is a beta version so has numerous bugs.  We have been using it without problems but we expect there will be some and we would not recommend it for time critical work.  Wait for the final version if you want to do this.  We would also recommend getting a Blackmagic i/o card so you can see the edits properly on a monitor, rather than in the small Resolve playback window.

Offer of free EDIUS Workgroup for buyers of different versions of EDIUS ends today

31st July 2015


After the release of EDIUS 8 Grass Valley offered that anyone buying EDIUS 7 or EDIUS 8 could apply for a free version of EDIUS Workgroup.  This offer ends today.  To claim the free update you need to buy the copy of EDIUS from us at DVC and, once you have the serial number, apply for the update to Workgroup from Grass Valley.  Previously we have stated that you had to claim by the end of July.  If you buy today this may not be possible. of course. since it will take you time to get the serial number.  Grass Valley have said that they will honour the free update to EDIUS Workgroup 8 for anyone who can prove that they ordered in July.  When you claim the upgrade from Grass Valley you need to supply a copy of the invoice for the EDIUS version you have bought which must be dated July and state that you paid for the item in July.  We will supply the invoice for you when we send you details of your licence.


Grass Valley have said you need to claim your free update during August- obviously you should do this as soon as you get your EDIUS serial number from us.


As 31st July is a Friday we will not be changing details on our website until Monday 3rd August so order now if you want to make sure you get the free Workgroup update.


Click on the read more tab to see more detailed information on the versions of EDIUS which are eligible..

Jumpgrade extended with a free upgrade to EDIUS Workgroup 8

The big news today is that Grass Valley will be offering anyone who qualified for the free update to EDIUS 8 and update to EDIUS Workgroup rather than EDIUS Pro.  EDIUS Workgroup is the top version of EDIUS 8 and includes several features previously reserved for EDIUS Elite.  You can see a video regarding the differences on our YouTube channel:


Why have Grass Valley changed the free upgrade?

EDIUS Pro 7 and EDIUS Pro 8 are very similar.  However, a couple of features have been removed from the Pro version of EDIUS 7 and put into the Workgroup version.  These are mainly features you would want if you were making videos for broadcast, so it made sense that they would be in the Workgroup version.  However, quite a few existing users felt that they would be losing functionality in moving from EDIUS Pro 7 to EDIUS Pro 8,  and that they were being forced to pay extra to get the Workgroup version just to keep these features.  Grass Valley have listened to the feedback and decided to offer, for a limited time all users the chance to get to EDIUS Workgroup 8 for the same cost as moving to EDIUS Pro 8.  This offer will finish at the end of July, after which the price will rise to 290+VAT.


We think is a brilliant example of a company announcing their plans and then quickly modifying it based on the reasonable comments of their users.


I bought EDIUS 7 between 1st April 2015 and 31st July 2015 - what do I get?

If you bought any version of EDIUS between these dates except for the Educational version then you can claim EDIUS 8 Workgroup free.  You must claim this from Grass Valley before the end of July or you will miss out.  Visit this page to claim the free update: http://www.grassvalley.com/ad/edius_upgrade_800


If you have already claimed your free update to EDIUS, which you could have done from the last week of June, you will have been given and EDIUS Pro serial number.  Please re-apply and you will get an EDIUS Workgroup number given to you.  If you have problems please contact us (assuming you are a DVC customer) and we will try to help.


I bought EDIUS 7 before 1st April - can I get a cheap Workgroup upgrade?

Yes.  You need to buy the EDIUS 7 to EDIUS Pro 8 upgrade .  You will get an EDIUS Pro 8 serial number and have to claim a free upgrade using the same form as the users above.  Then you will be given an EDIUS Workgroup 8 serial number.  This must be claimed before 31st July.


I have EDIUS 6.5 - what can I do?

Buy the EDIUS 6.5-EDIUS 7 upgrade and then claim your free update to Workgroup using the above form before the end of July.


I have EDIUS 6 or earlier - what can I do?

Buy the EDIUS jumpgrade - this offer has been extended until the end of July.  Then claim your free update before the end of July.


Once I have EDIUS 8 should I use it?

You must claim your free EDIUS 8 before the end of July.  You do not have to install it.  EDIUS 8 adds a few nice new features including a video browsing program, but more will be coming over the next two years, so in fact the difference between EDIUS 8 and EDIUS 7 is not huge.  You cannot have two versions of EDIUS on the same computer so should if you install it EDIUS 7 will be removed. 


The following are the main reason to consider if you want to do this:


♦    We generally recommend that you finish a project and then install an update between projects rather than half way through a project.  Not always possible but something you should consider.
♦    This is the first release of EDIUS 8 and there will be more bugs than with EDIUS 7.
♦    Many plug-ins may not install into EDIUS 8.  Some times you can just copy over the relevant files, sometimes not.  We talk about this in chapter 5 of our introduction to EDIUS video.
♦    Third party devices may need updated drivers.  We have tested with Matrox and Blackmagic devices and they seem to work with the current drivers but you cannot be sure.


Of course. we have gone straight into using EDIUS 8 ourselves and the first video we have produced is out "Introduction to EDIUS 8" tutorial which you can see on our YouTube channel.


You can read more about EDIUSon our EDIUS pages


You can read more about EDIUS 8 here : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/new-in-EDIUS-8.html

EDIUS Jumpgrade and Free EDIUS 8 offer extended until 31st July

1st July 2015

If you buy an EDIUS 7 upgrade, crossgrade, ESI or jumpgrade from 1st April until the end of July 2015 you will get a free update to EDIUS 8 as well.  The jumpgrade and length of this offer have been extended until the end of July; it was previously finishing at the end of June.  The free update will now be to the Workgroup version of EDIUS 8, where as Grass Valley had previous said it would be to the cheaper Pro version, but only if you buy and claim before the end of July.

Click on the read more tab to see more detailed information.

Jumpgrade extended with a free upgrade to EDIUS Workgroup 8

The big news today is that Grass Valley will be offering anyone who qualified for the free update to EDIUS 8 and update to EDIUS Workgroup rather than EDIUS Pro.  EDIUS Workgroup is the top version of EDIUS 8 and includes several features previously reserved for EDIUS Elite.  You can see a video regarding the differences on our YouTube channel:

Why have Grass Valley changed the free upgrade?

EDIUS Pro 7 and EDIUS Pro 8 are very similar.  However, a couple of features have been removed from the Pro version of EDIUS 7 and put into the Workgroup version.  These are mainly features you would want if you were making videos for broadcast, so it made sense that they would be in the Workgroup version.  However, quite a few existing users felt that they would be losing functionality in moving from EDIUS Pro 7 to EDIUS Pro 8,  and that they were being forced to pay extra to get the Workgroup version just to keep these features.  Grass Valley have listened to the feedback and decided to offer, for a limited time all users the chance to get to EDIUS Workgroup 8 for the same cost as moving to EDIUS Pro 8.  This offer will finish at the end of July, after which the price will rise to 290+VAT.

We think is a brilliant example of a company announcing their plans and then quickly modifying it based on the reasonable comments of their users.

I bought EDIUS 7 between 1st April 2015 and 31st July 2015 - what do I get?

If you bought any version of EDIUS between these dates except for the Educational version then you can claim EDIUS 8 Workgroup free.  You must claim this from Grass Valley before the end of July or you will miss out.  Visit this page to claim the free update: http://www.grassvalley.com/ad/edius_upgrade_800

If you have already claimed your free update to EDIUS, which you could have done from the last week of June, you will have been given and EDIUS Pro serial number.  Please re-apply and you will get an EDIUS Workgroup number given to you.  If you have problems please contact us (assuming you are a DVC customer) and we will try to help.

I bought EDIUS 7 before 1st April - can I get a cheap Workgroup upgrade?

Yes.  You need to buy the EDIUS 7 to EDIUS Pro 8 upgrade .  You will get an EDIUS Pro 8 serial number and have to claim a free upgrade using the same form as the users above.  Then you will be given an EDIUS Workgroup 8 serial number.  This must be claimed before 31st July.

I have EDIUS 6.5 - what can I do?

Buy the EDIUS 6.5-EDIUS 7 upgrade and then claim your free update to Workgroup using the above form before the end of July.

I have EDIUS 6 or earlier - what can I do?

Buy the EDIUS jumpgrade - this offer has been extended until the end of July.  Then claim your free update before the end of July.

Once I have EDIUS 8 should I use it?

You must claim your free EDIUS 8 before the end of July.  You do not have to install it.  EDIUS 8 adds a few nice new features including a video browsing program, but more will be coming over the next two years, so in fact the difference between EDIUS 8 and EDIUS 7 is not huge.  You cannot have two versions of EDIUS on the same computer so should if you install it EDIUS 7 will be removed. 

The following are the main reason to consider if you want to do this:

♦    We generally recommend that you finish a project and then install an update between projects rather than half way through a project.  Not always possible but something you should consider.
♦    This is the first release of EDIUS 8 and there will be more bugs than with EDIUS 7.
♦    Many plug-ins may not install into EDIUS 8.  Some times you can just copy over the relevant files, sometimes not.  We talk about this in chapter 5 of our introduction to EDIUS video.
♦    Third party devices may need updated drivers.  We have tested with Matrox and Blackmagic devices and they seem to work with the current drivers but you cannot be sure.

Of course. we have gone straight into using EDIUS 8 ourselves and the first video we have produced is out "Introduction to EDIUS 8" tutorial which you can see on our YouTube channel.

You can read more about EDIUS on our EDIUS pages

You can read more about EDIUS 8 here : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/new-in-EDIUS-8.html

EDIUS 8 released

25th June 2015

EDIUS 8 went live on the Grass Valley website today.  They have released full information and also a trial version is available.  We will be making a short video showing off the new version and highlighting the differences between the Pro and Workgroup versions which we will release in a few days.  You can read more information and download the trial here : http://www-en.ediusworld.com/about-edius-8

Click on the read more tab to see more detailed information

EDIUS 8 has been released and as we have said in previous news items there are a few changes in the new version and more to come over the next two years.  The version released today has support for a new Canon format XF-AVC as well as:

    ♦    A redesigned interface, designed to scale better on ultra high resolution computer screens.
    ♦    Quick Sync playback support - a computer with Intel Quick Sync will play back H.264 format files better than before.
    ♦    A new program - the GV browser - designed to help catalogue files on the PC.

There will be more features added during the life of EDIUS 8, which Grass Valley have said is two years. If you buy the new version now you will be given all these new features as they appear.

How well does EDIUS 8 work?

We have not had EDIUS 8 very long so have not done in depth testing.  It works well for the first release of a product but as you would expect there are some bugs.  We expect these will all be sorted out quickly by Grass Valley as normal.

 Should you download and use it now?

Since the number of new features is limited you could decide to wait until some new features appear that you need before updating.  We have found the GV browser to be a useful way of navigating the huge number of clips we keep on our systems, so pretty useful.  The redesigned interface is useful if you have a 4K computer screen but apart from that is pretty much the same as EDIUS 7, except a bit "flatter" - which is the current trend of all editing programs.  This is actually good because anyone used to EDIUS 7 will not need to relearn the interface as everything is the same, just looks slightly different.  It also means there is not a pressing need to move to the new interface if you do not have an ultra high res PC screen (on which EDIUS 7 is pretty unusable).

Using the trial

It would be a good idea to download and use the trial version if want to see what the new interface is like, however, you can only have one version of EDIUS on your computer so installing the trial version will wipe out EDIUS 7 if you have it installed on your computer.  So if you want to try the trial you may want to install it onto a different computer.  Alternatively we are preparing a short video which show cases the differences between EDIUS 7 and EDIUS 8 which will be released in the next couple of days on our YouTube channel.  We will also post the video here in our news pages.

What about plug-ins and third party i/o devices?

Normally with a new version you need new drivers and plug-ins.  In our tests, Blackmagic devices are working (we have only tested with the version 10.4/10.4.1 drivers currently).  Matrox MXO2 devices should also work on Windows 7 with the current version 7 Matrox drives.  We have tested some plug-ins such as VisTitle and they also work, but only if you have them already installed on the system when you install EDIUS 8 and copy the plug-ins into the EDIUS 8 plug-in folder.  If you try and install VisTitle on a computer which only has EDIUS 8 installed the current version 2.5 installer will not work.  VisTitle have promised a free update to VisTitle that will be released soon to let you install VisTitle 2 into EDIUS 8.  We have managed to install Boris Red into EDIUS 8 simply by telling Boris where the plug-in should be put.  You may have similar problems with other plug-ins.  

The upshot is that if you have the plug-in working in EDIUS 7 and you update the computer and move the plug-ins into the EDIUS 8 folder they will probably work.  If you install EDIUS 8 on a clean system they probably won't install without an update from the maker of the plug-in.

How do I claim my free update?

If you bought EDIUS between 1st April and the end of June you qualify for a free update to EDIUS 8.  We do not have the full details on how you will claim this as yet and will post them here when we do.  Make sure you register your EDIUS 7 before the end of June however, as that is one of the conditions of claiming the free update.

Can you buy EDIUS 8 yet?

We do not yet have the finished UK pricing for EDIUS 8.  We will post it here when we do.  Until the end of June you can buy the EDIUS 7 jumpgrade and EDUS 7 crossgrade from us at DVC and claim a free update to version 8 as well.  These are both considerably cheaper than the expected price for EDIUS Pro 8 (which we expect to be around 370+VAT).

You can read more about the current version of EDIUS on our EDIUS pages

You can read more about EDIUS 8 here : http://www.grassvalley.com/products/subcat-editing_software


New Adobe CC 2015 Apps now available

16th June 2015

Adobe have today released new versions of their applications so we have updated Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Prelude and Speegrade.  When you install them via the CC app it will remove your older versions unless you tick the correct box.

Click on the read more tab to see more information.

Choose whether to remove old versions or keep them

When Adobe released the last major update, CC2014 at around this time last year, they installed the new version of the software and left the previous version there as well, meaning you had two versions of Premiere installed on your system.

With CC2015 they have decided that it will automatically remove your previous version when the new one is installed.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Good is the fact that your system will not get cluttered up with many different versions of your Adobe software, slowly eating all your hard drive space.

Bad is the fact that, with this being the first version of a major update there are liable to be a few bugs and a big possibility that it will not work with any third party hardware, from Matrox, Blackmagic etc.. We have been told Matrox will release compatible drivers soon, and, although we have not heard from Blackmagic we assume they will do the same as well. You may also need updated plug-ins from third parties like Boris etc to work with CC2015.

If you want to keep your old version, so you can go back to it if the new one proves unstable or does not work with your hardware you need to make sure you untick the box shown in this picture (remove old versions).  You can only see this if you click on "advanced options" when the "your updating to CC 2015" appears. 

If you do uninstall the old versions then any shortcuts placed on the task bar and desktop will not work.  Even if you have uninstalled them you can re-install the old version using your Creative Cloud app.

There is nothing wrong with this new policy, we just wish the option to remove old versions was visible rather than hidden when you choose to update, as it would be a lot more obvious!

New 10.4.1 drivers from Blackmagic

10th June 2015

Blackmagic have released the 10.4.1 drivers for their range of i/o devices.  These drivers say the add deep colour support to the HDMI output on some of their cards as well as support for the Decklink 4K Extreme 12G. They also say they fix some bugs for all models.

There was no specific information regarding the Intensity Pro 4K, which with the first release of drivers has a noisey fan and some problems with analogue capture.  However, in our initial tests with these drivers they appear to have solved both of these issues.  We will carry on doing some more tests until we are sure that everything is ok but on first look these appear to be very promising.

You can download the drivers here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/capture-and-playback

Windows 10 is coming

9th June 2015

Windows 10 is being released on 29th July and you can download and install it automatically and for free. Click on the read more tab to see what we think of this update and whether you should jump in as soon as it is available...

Windows 10 is Microsoft's replacement for Windows 8 and is due to be released to the world on 29th July.  If you have not seen it yet it is like a cross between Windows 8 and Windows 7 - it has the styling of Windows 8 but the start menu which takes over the entire screen has been replaced by a Windows 7-like start menu with customisable tiles for programs.  Many of the other things that people have disliked about Windows 8 have been addressed as well and the preview version, which is currently available, has been well received.

Microsoft are giving Windows 10 free to anyone who owns Windows 7 or Windows 8.  In the last week you may have seen a little icon in your system tray as shown here, which is asking you to register for your copy of Windows 10.   This will appear automatically if your machine is on the internet and you are downloading regular updates. 

If you click on the icon this takes you to a screen asking you to reserve your copy of Windows 10, ready to download it on the 29th July

For now we are advising customers NOT to do this.  The offer of free Windows 10 for existing users will only last for a year so we would recommend everyone claim their free update within this time.  However, until the final version of Windows 10 arrives, we are not sure exactly how various programs will react.

We expect the latest version of all editing programs to either work with Windows 10 straight away or be patched by the makers soon after.  We have tried some programs. like EDIUS 7 and Premiere Pro CC 2014 on the preview copy of Windows 10 and they seem to work well.  Avid have reported there are known problems with Media Composer 8 and Windows 10 which they will address when it is released. 

There should also be updates for any current hardware devices like the Matrox or Blackmagic range of i.o devices to make them work on Windows 10.  However, we do not know exactly when these will be released.  Matrox have not made final Windows 8 drivers for their MXO2 range yet, although we believe their beta Windows 8 drivers will also work on Windows 10 when released and will probably be out before the 29th July.  Blackmagic devices seem to work ok with the current version 10.4 drivers although we are only testing with the preview version of Windows 10 and not the final version.

Older programs may be problematic.  We have installed Premiere CS5 and even CS4 on recent Windows 7 systems for customers and do not know how these will get on with Windows 10.  They may work fine, they may not.  If they do not, being older, they probably will never be "patched"

Therefore, we recommend you do not rush out and install Windows 10 but wait and see what happens after it is released. 

If you reserve your copy using the link which appears on the computer it does say you have the option to download it but not install it.  So, in theory, there is nothing wrong with registering now, but you can never be 100% sure.  As you will be able to claim your upgrade after the 29th July - the icon is suggesting you register so you are ready to jump on the 29th, not saying you have to register - we are saying wait and see.

Upgrade or install from scratch

In the past we have also not like the idea of "upgrading" an operating system - i.e. installing it over the top of a current version.  This is what installing Windows 10 via Windows update will do.  Maybe with Windows 10 it will work properly and cause a minimum of hassle, and maybe it will still be better to install completely from scratch as we have advised in the past.  We have currently upgraded one of our own laptops which was running on Windows 8 using the Windows 10 preview and had a couple of small issues which may be easily solvable when Windows 10 is finally release, so maybe an upgrade will be ok; however, we will not know for sure until the Windows 10 is actually out and some people have experienced "the pain".

Will it be worth installing Windows 10?

This is also a good question.  What will Windows 10 give video editors that will be worthwhile?  Currently we have some useful features in Windows 8 although none of them very specific to video users.  Windows 10 will have these and some more and we will evaluate these when it launches.  Obviously the biggest plus of Windows 10 over current versions is that Microsoft will support it for longer.  We will produce a short video detailing some useful features after Windows 10 has been released.

However, apart from that you do not HAVE to upgrade.  If you have a working system with which you are happy you can just stick with it until a reason pops up for you not to do so!

EDIUS 8 announced

21st May 2015

Grass Valley have announced some details about EDIUS 8 in a press release today.  According to the press release it will arrive with some new features but more will be added at no extra cost.  The press release says : "With EDIUS 8 users will receive free updates and new functionality throughout; it's a smart investment business-wise and creatively."

Click on the read more tab to see more detailed information

Of the new features Grass Valley say: "EDIUS 8 is the first nonlinear editing system to support Canon's recently announced XF-AVC video format which is at the heart of the new 4K XC10 camcorder. EDIUS 8 also includes a new GV browser tool to manage video and still image content on your PC, prior to importing into EDIUS for editing"

There will be two versions, EDIUS Pro and EDIUS Workgroup.  EDIUS Pro will be the standard version and "EDIUS Workgroup is aimed at collaborative news and sports editing for broadcasters, and can be fully integrated with the GV STRATUS video production and content management system, or other third-party media asset management tools and server offerings."

Both versions are expected to ship "towards the end of June 2015".

You can see the full press release here : http://www.grassvalley.com/news/press/releases/view/2952-grass-valley-unveils-edius-8-with-major-upgrades-for-faster-more-flexible-production-and-broadcast-news

If you order any version of EDIUS between now and the end of June you will recieve a free update to EDIUS 8 when available.

You can read more about the current version of EDIUS on our EDIUS pages

EDIUS upgrade from ANY version of EDIUS to EDIUS 7, with FREE update to the next version

16th April 2015- EDIUS JUMPGRADE

If you own ANY version of EDIUS you can update to version 7 between now and 30th June for just 209+VAT. Grass Valley say this will be the last chance for people with old versions to upgrade. When this offer finishes only people with up-to-date version of EDIUS will be able to upgrade; other users will need to buy a new full version of EDIUS.

On top of this, if you will also get a free update to the next version of EDIUS. Grass Valley have not said when the next version is coming, what it will be called, although EDIUS 8 seems the logical choice, or what extras will be included.

Grass Valley have also confirmed that anyone who buys a new version of EDIUS Pro 7 from now until 30th June - ESI, crossgrade, or upgrade - will also get a free update to the next version of EDIUS

When is the next version of EDIUS due?

We have no exact date for the next version of EDIUS although Grass Valley are saying "late summer". At this stage we do not know what new features will be included either.

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