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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

Grass Valley EDIUS

EDIUS 7.31.1724

EDIUS 7.42. is the latest version of EDIUS and contains a few small fixes beyond 7.3.  It is available in the download site and using the automatic download option.

EDIUS 7 works on Windows 7 & Windows 8 & Windows 8.1.

EDIUS & Blackmagic

We have been testing our Blackmagic devices with the 9.9.6 version of the Blackmagic drivers and EDIUS 7 has been working well.  The version 10 drivers are not recommended or officially supported by Grass Valley, although in our own tests with the latest versions they have been working fine..  If you are buying some of the newer cards - like the Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K - you have to use version 10 drivers, as they do not work on version 9 drivers.  We have been using these devices with EDIUS for some time using the version 10 drivers and had not had significant problems, although if you choose to use them beware that they are officially not supported. 

We still have problems using the USB3 Blackmagic devices and EDIUS onsome systems - mainly capture problems.  They do work properly on our own desktop and laptop systems but sometimes have problems on other people's system.

EDIUS 7 Plug-ins

If you have Vistitle 2 you can get a free updated to Vistitle 2.5 to make it work in EDIUS  If you have Vistitle 1 you can upgrade here : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Vistitle-3.htm

Updated 16th March 2015


Latest version 6.54

6.54 fixes various small bugs in EDIUS.  When 6.54 was released there was a bug to do with reversing the speed on certain types of AVCHD footage.  This was fixed with a slightly revised version of 6.54 which was put on the Grass Valley website.  If you go to the support section then you will only see the new patch which is called 6.54 (b417).  If you installed the original version of 6.54 then download this patch and install it.

You can get all the latest updates from the Grass Valley website

Plug-in updates for EDIUS 6.5

Vistitle - there is a new version of Vistitle available which supports EDIUS 6.5.  You will need to download the full installer for Vistitle as earlier versions will not install because they will not see EDIUS 6.5 as a valid host.  You can download the update from the Vistitle website.  Vistitle supports both EDIUS 6.5 and adds some specific STEREOSCOPIC features.  The latest update for Vistitle 2 is 2.1 which fixes various bugs.  EDIUS 6.52 is validated for use on Windows 8, but Vistitle is not.  Although it works and installs into Windows 8 there will probably be a crash when you close EDIUS in Vistitle, which then also crashes EDIUS.  It seems to work ok apart from this. You do not have these problems with Windows 7.  They will be addressed by Vistitle in an update.

ProDAD - you can buy updates to the ProDAD filters supplied with EDIUS 6 from the ProDAD website : http://www.prodad.com/home/support/ediusupgradespecials01,l-us.xhtml.  We have not tested these plug-ins ourselves and believe they work pretty well, but not perfectly, at present

NewBluFX - NewBlue Titler Pro works pretty well in EDIUS 6.5 - although NewBlu say they have a couple of issues to do with Alpha channels which they need to address.  Their new COLOUR FAST plug-in will also install into EDIUS 6.5, but we do not yet have any other plug-ins from them that will work in EDIUS 6.5.  You can download the latest versions from http://www.newbluefx.com/

IZOTOPE VST Plug-ins - if you had these with EDIUS 6 just copy them into the VST folder for EDIUS 6.5 and they will continue to work.  Unlike video effects there are no changes with Audio effects in EDIUS 6.5, so if you had a VST plug-in working in EDIUS 6 it should work just by putting it into the VST plug-in folder of EDIUS 6.5.

We are using version 301.42 of the nVidia drivers with our GeForce nVidia cards.

If you have a Sandybridge or Ivybridge i7 them make sure to update to the latest Intel graphic drivers. The easiest way to do this is visit the Intel website and run their utility which checks the versions of drivers you are using. You find this utility here: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect?iid=dc_iduu

Updated 10th January 2012


The last update we had for EDIUS 6 was version 6.08.  This is available from the Grass Valley website

Vistitle is at version 1.86, with a free update available from the Vistitle website

We are using version 296.10 of the nVidia drivers with our GeForce nVidia cards as we have had problems with later versions.

If you have a Sandybridge i7 them make sure to update to the latest Intel graphic drivers. The easiest way to do this is visit the Intel website and run their utility which checks the versions of drivers you are using. You find this utility here: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect?iid=dc_iduu

Problems with Microsoft Security Essentials and burning Blu-ray discs

A recent update to Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is causing problems when burning Blu-ray discs.  When the burning reaches about 83% it will stop and never finish or crash the program.  This is not a definition update - the program itself has had an update which changes it from version 2 to version 4 (you can check which version you have by opening security essentials and choosing about security essentials from the help drop down).  If version 4 has been installed you will need to uninstall it and then reinstall and earlier version.  Simply disabling MSE will not cure the problem.  Once the older version has been installed you will need to disable update number  KB2691905 in the windows update section of your PC.  You will still be protected against viruses and can still update the definitions. 

This problem appears to be fixed by the 6.08 update although we have not done enough thorough testing to confirm this.


The final version of EDIUS 5 was.5.51.  If you do not have this version then we recommend you get it.  With version 5.5 Grass Valley added much better playback of AVCHD footage amongst other things, and we have had no major problems with 5.51.

Updated 15/11/12

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