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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

Blackmagic drivers

Black Magic Intensity ProBlackmagic drivers

Blackmagic devices support many different programs on many different platforms, and with different connections (PCI, USB3 and Thunderbolt) so it is quite hard to summarise the current state of play simply.  For more detailed information please visit the Blackmagic website.

Blackmagic's latest drivers are 10.7 and are designed to work withAvid Media Composer 8, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC2015. These drivers have issues with Grass Valley EDIUS 8.

Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K

This is the most commonly used device from Blackmagic which works at up to UHD resolution.

Possible problems with analogue capture

The original problems we had with capture when the card was first released have been solved.  There remains one issue with component capture where the signal is coming into the computer but is seen 100% properly.  Blacks can be too crushed and white areas over exposed.  Capture through SVIDEO and Composite seems fine.

Updated 7th July 2016.

EDIUS Pro 7/8 support

EDIUS 7 only officially supports the old version 9 Blackmagic drivers.  All new Blackmagic cards ONLY work with the newer version 10 drivers.  Older cards like the Blackmagic Mini Monitor and the Blackmagic Extreme 4K will work with older drivers, but most new devices will not.  This means to use some of Blackmagic's more popular cards you need to use drivers which are not officially validated.  We have not had a problem using EDIUS 7 with the version 10 drivers however.

EDIUS 8 officially supports Blackmagic version 10 drivers, although the specify versom 10.3.5, which is quite old.  We are using it with the current versions of the drivers.

EDIUS 8 has a problem with the current 10.7 drivers in that the timeline will play at double speed in normal playback mode.  The last version of the drivers with which we know we were happy was 10.5.4.  Version 10.6.6 has a problem with the USB Shuttle (which would crash in EDIUS if the drivers were installed.

Currently recommended version 10.5.4

Black Magic Intensity ProBlackmagic & Premiere Pro

The 10.7 Blackmagic drivers appear to work well with Premiere Pro CC2015.3.  We have had sound issues with Blackmagic drivers recently but in Premiere these days we tend to set the Blackmagic device to handle the picture ONLY and leave the sound working through the regular sound card drivers.  With older versions of Premiere Pro this would cause sync issues but we have not had this using Premiere Pro CC 2015.3.

As a result we have not has sound issues with recent versions of Blackmagic drivers.

You can download the new drivers from the Blackmagic Website: http://www.blackmagic-design.com/support

Sony Vegas Pro 13 support

Blackmagic say the card support Sony Vegas Pro 13, which it does, however the output options from Vegas are limited to HD resolutions.  You cannot output any video greater than 1920 50i resolution and cannot do UHD.  This seems to be caused by the output options programmed into Vegas, and not a Blackmagic issue.  So, although it works you do not get the full use out of the card.

You can download the latest drivers from the Blackmagic website: http://www.blackmagic-design.com/support

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