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Blackmagic Teranex- standards converter

High quality standards conversion - direct to your editing program

These boxes offer conversion of video between different standards - upscaling and downscaling, converting NTSC to PAL and convert interlaced footage to progressive.  They can also convert the aspect ration of incoming footage and offer a "fancy" mode where 4x3 footage is stretched at the edges but remains the same in the middle as well as the regular letter and pillar boxing.

Also one of the additions by Blackmagic is that they can also operate as i/o devices like their other capture cards.  So you can use a Teranex to capture video into your editing program directly, converting the footage in the way.

We have recently been upscaling some of our old SD 4x3 interlace footage to progressive HD and had tried just about every program going, including software like Virtual Dub and TMPEG.  In our opinion the Teranex beat them all, and it was also doing everything live!

There are 3 Teranex Boxes:

Teranex 2D - SDI, HDMI, composite & component i/o with conversion in all video formats up to 2K.  This connects to the computer via Thunderbolt.

Teranex 3D - The same as the 2D version but it can convert 2D footage to Stereoscopic footage

Teranex Express - This box connects to the computer by USB and cannot be used as a capture device.  However, it can convert footage at all resolutions up to 4K.   It has SDI connections only.  If you wanted to use this you would need to take the output and connect it to another card which has SDI in, like the Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K or Studio 4K.

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