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AJA Cards

AJA Logo

AJA do a range of capture cards that work with both PC and MAC.  The cards are the same, you just use the appropriate drivers for your computer and software.

Their cards work with their own capture program and have plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and Apple Final Cut Pro.  One of their devices, the IO Express works with Avid Media Composer 5.5 - meaning that we now have two low cost video devices for Avid - the AJA IO Express and the Matrox MX02 Mini.  The Mini only outputs video from Avid - you cannot record video.  The AJA will record and playback video.  For a proper comparison of features look at our AJA IO Express page.

All Xena cards except the HS come with AJA’s Machina - a stand alone capture application which can capture into QuickTime, AVI or still image formats.

AJA cards capture into uncompressed video. This means you have to be careful to be sure that your hard drive array is fast enough to support the format you choose. Uncompressed 8 bit HD takes 600GB per hour and needs to have at least 4 hard drives striped together in an array to meet the speed requirements! Obviously uncompressed SD is considerably lower data rates.


The KONA Family

KONA capture cards are available in 3 distinct flavours to meet your workflow needs. From the cost conscious KONA LSe, affordable and flexible KONA LHi, to the top of the line KONA 3G, AJA's reputation for Quality, Reliability and Support is evident in each.


KONA Features

HD (720p, 1080i, 1080sf)-
2K (2048 x 1556, 2048 x 1080) Dual-Link HD, 2K HSDL, 4:4:4 RGB2K x 1080 video at 4:2:2, non-RGB--
4K Playback (YCbCr and RGB colorspacesrasters listed later under specifications)---
3G SDI--
HDMIHDMI 1.4a OutputHDMI 1.3a input/output--
HD to SD Down-conversion (10-bit, in hardware)-
SD to HD Up-conversion (10-bit, in hardware)--
HD to HD Cross-conversion (1080 to/from 720, 10-bit, in hardware)--
12-bit Analogue Video (component, composite, and Y/C)output SD/HDinput/output SD/HDinput/output SD/HDinput/output SD
10-bit SDI Digital Video (BNC)input/output SD/HD/3Ginput/output SD/HD/3Ginput/output SD/HDinput/output SD
HD Video+Key-Mac-
Analogue Audio (balanced XLR)-input/output 2-channelinput/output 2-channelinput/output 2-channel
AES Digital Audio8-ch I/O w/cable, 16-ch I/O w/K3G-Boxinput/output 2-channelinput/output 2-channelinput/output 2-channel
Embedded SDI Audio (via BNC)input/output 16-channelinput/output 8-channelinput/output 8-channelinput/output 8-channel
Professional Genlock
LTC Input/OutputLTC input (shared with reference BNC)--
RS-422 Machine Control
1RU Breakout Box (optional)
3-year AJA Warranty with Advanced Exchange
Capture DPX, Cineon, and DVCPRO HDMac/PCMac/PCMac/PC-
Capture TGA, TIF, BMP, YUV, AVI (PC only) and QuickTimeMac/PCMac/PCMac/PCMac/PC
DVCPRO HD hardware scaling accelerationMac/PCMac/PCMac/PC-
HDV hardware scaling accelerationMac/PCMac/PCMac/PC-
Dynamic RTExtreme hardware scaling accelerationMacMacMac-

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