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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

7th February 2012

  • B.V.E. Show next week
  • Adobe continue 20% upgrades - and remember, when CS6 arrives you will ONLY be able to upgrade from CS5!
  • Last couple of Adobe Production Premium switchers in stock.
  • EDIUS 3D preview available with lots of new features
  • Vistitle for EDIUS PromoPack and EDIUS crossgrades still in stock
  • Matrox & Black Magic to add FCPX support
  • Black Magic Shuttle adds Avid MXF support

DVC at BVE next week

From 14th February to 16th February we will be at Earl's Court at the BVE show in London. As usual we will have a stand with all our systems on display including Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, Grass Valley EDIUS and Avid Media Composer, as well as our laptops - both the standard Sandybridge laptop which can work the Intel QuickSync for fast encoding of Blu-ray files with EDIUS, and our dual-drive version which can now have up to 32GB RAM!

We will not be running any seminars at B.V.E. this year, unfortunately. Our next seminars will be at our own open days which we will be planning for later in the year. Details of these open days will be distributed in a future newsletter and will be at various locations in the UK. We had planned on a roving roadshow last year but eventually went to the IOV show instead - this year they will definitely be going ahead. We will let you know more details later.

B.V.E. is the biggest video show in the UK and will be well attended by all the major suppliers. Expect to see new 3D cameras, higher than high definition screens and all the latest in the world of video. Entry is free as long as you register before you arrive at the show - so if you are just thinking of going it is worth registering in advance.

To register visit the B.V.E. website where you can also find out more about the different companies attending, special seminars, and details of opening hours etc.

We have a lot of exciting new items to show off including our new 2011 pin Intel systems, EDIUS 3D, Premiere's latest features and will have lots of stock on the stand at special offer prices. We hope to see you there.

20% off Adobe Upgrades extended until mid-March

Now is the best time to upgrade your Adobe software as there is 20% off most Adobe upgrades until mid March 2012. This offer was previously available last year and Adobe decided to extend it. If you are using some extra hardware for output from Premiere, like a Matrox RT.X2, you may find these do not work with the current version of Adobe Premiere Pro, CS5.5, so talk to us at DVC about your options. As you can see from the news below if you have a pre-CS5 version of an Adobe piece of software you should really upgrade it asap because after CS6 arrives you will not be able to do so.

ADOBE change their upgrade policy

Adobe have announced that when CS6 arrives you will ONLY be able to upgrade to CS6 from CS5 or CS5.5. Owners of CS4 and any version of the program before this will have to pay the full price. Currently you can upgrade After Effects, Photoshop, and the Creative suites (like the Production Premium) from any of the last 3 versions of the program. With Adobe Premiere you can upgrade from practically ANY version of Premiere (even Premiere 1, the first version we were using when we started DVC in 1995). After CS6 this will all change - and Adobe have confirmed to us this is for individual products as well as suites.

We anticipate that CS6 will arrive around the time of the NAB show in April, although this date has not been officially confirmed. This means if you have CS4 or earlier you will need to buy an upgrade sometime before then, or face paying the full price for the software.


The Adobe switcher program officially finished at the end of October 2011 but we bought a large quantity of Production Premiums before the end of the promotion and still have a couple left. We will be taking them to B.V.E. and doubt we will have any left after the show.


As we outlined in the last newsletter Grass Valley have produced a new version of EDIUS, EDIUS 3D. This is not a product you can currently buy, however, it is free to use for anyone currently and will remain so for the next couple of months. Grass Valley have so far produced 4 versions, each saying they have 30 days use remaining, and with a new version popping up to replace the old well before the 30 days have expired. All you have to do to get EDIUS 3D is visit the Grass Valley website and ask to download the preview version - you do not need to even own a copy of EDIUS.

Can EDIUS 3D Preview co-exist with EDIUS 6?

The preview version can co-exist on the same system as EDIUS 6.06, however you must install EDIUS 3D, then install EDIUS 6.06 afterwards. Everytime a new preview version arrived you have to uninstall both versions and reinstall both versions. Also if you do install EDIUS 3D on the same system as EDIUS 6 then Grass Valley will not give any support on either version. The preview version is just that - a version which is not quite finished and which Grass Valley have put out into the world to let courageous people try it out and help mold not just EDIUS 3D but other new EDIUS features. As such if you want to try it out have a go; if you want a rock solid system then stick to EDIUS 6.06 and get EDIUS 3D when all the new features are rolled into EDIUS 7. At DVC we dived in as soon as we could, but we know how to fix our computers if they go wrong.

Either try EDIUS 3D on a separate system to your main machine or install it on the same computer as EDIUS 6, bearing in mind if you have a problem it might not be solvable (or solvable for free!).

A couple of other things to note about EDIUS 3D:

  1. It only works on Windows 7
  2. No third party filters (Mercalli, Vitascene, Vistitle etc..) currently work in EDIUS 3D.

So what is in EDIUS 3D?

The main function is STEREOSCOPIC editing. We are going to produce a short introduction to EDIUS 3D after we have got the B.V.E. show out of the way but there are already some free videos showing you how to use the main functions. These videos can be found here: http://3dguy.tv/exclusive-grass-valley-edius-3d-training/

EDIUS 3D more or less does everything you want with 3D footage. The current versions cannot write a full quality Blu-ray disc but we are hoping that will be available in a future preview. EDIUS can write full quality MVC files off the timeline already, and has all the tools we need to maniplute 3D footage, adjust convergence etc..


In addition to the 3D workflow Grass Valley have added some great features that will interest all EDIUS users. These include:

  • Better quality downscaling - including several variations of Lanczos 3 scaling which most feel gives the best quality. Current users of EDIUS 3D have said the scaling is as good as third party favourite TMPEG and we agree. Grass Valley have obviously been listening to feedback from users!
  • Filmstrip view on the timeline - a simple change but one many people will like. In EDIUS 6 you can only see a head and tail frame, in EDIUS 3D you can switch to a filmstrip view and your clips suddenly show every frame (or as much as your zoom level will allow).
  • Loudness meter - a new audio meter which will measure the loudness value of the timeline between two specific points, and compare it to standard settings (plus you can define your own). This feature was added in version 4 of the preview, which has just been released, and we have yet to properly got to grips with it!

EDIUS 3D is a good indicator of new features that will be added to EDIUS when EDIUS 7 arrives. We don't know when EDIUS 7 will be here, just that it will be sometime this year. We will keep reporting on new features that pop up in our newsletter.

Why not come along to our stand at B.V.E. and have a look - we will have EDIUS 3D working along side regular EDIUS 6.

Vistitle PromoPack still in stock

The Vistitle PromoPack is the excellent animated titling program, Vistitle, together with a collection of extra plug-ins which add particle and hand writing effects. The special offer officially ended in December, however we bought a large stock before the end of the promotion and so can still offer Vistitle and all the extras for 169+VAT.

Either order from the website or buy one from us at B.V.E.

We also have a couple of EDIUS crossgrades left. With this deal you can get a full copy of EDIUS for 259+VAT if you have another major editing program.

Both offers only while stocks last.

Matrox and Black Magic to support Final Cut Pro X

Although we do not sell Final Cut Pro at DVC we do sell devices to work with it from Matrox, Black Magic and AJA. One of the major complaints about the new version of Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X, was that you could not get any proper monitoring for it. Apple have released a patch for FCPX which allows third party's hardware to work, and so both Matrox and Black Magic have announced they will be producing new drivers for this.

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. BM Hyperdeck ShuttleBlack Magic Hyperdeck Shuttle can now capture into Avid DNxHD MXF files

The Black Magic Hyperdeck shuttle is a recording device into which you can put a hard drive and capture footage directly from your camera's HDMI or SDI socket. The advantage is this bypasses the camera compression to give you the best quality pictures your camera can manage. Up to now it has captured footage into uncompressed - the best quality you can get but files that take up a huge amount of space. Now, with the version 2 box, you can capture into AVID DNxHD format which is compressed but not nearly as much as yoour cameras AVCHD, XDCAM or HDV format. This means you can get a lot more on a drive than you could with uncompressed footage.

The DNxHD files recorded by the Black Magic Shuttle can be dropped straight into the Avid Media folder and will work as soon as you refresh the database. They are not files that can be loaded into any other program. Users of Premiere, EDIUS etc can only use the Shuttle's uncompressed option.

David Clarke
Managing Director
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