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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

30th April 2012


David Vincent Clarke Ltd
3-4 Westbourne Grove, Hove
East Sussex, BN3 5PJ
Tel: 01273 205700
Fax: 01273 917099

DVC Newsletter 30th April 2012

  • DVC Open day on Wednesday 9th May - see Premiere Pro CS6 and EDIUS 3D preview in action!
  • Ex-demo 3D Sandybridge laptop available, plus new IVYBRIDGE laptops in stock
  • Adobe launches CS6 - shipping soon
  • Special Adobe offers mean owners of CS3 & CS4 can still upgrade to CS6 until 31st December 2012
  • Final Matrox drivers for Premiere Pro CS5.5
  • EDIUS 6.5 shown at NAB - some half price EDIUS and Vistitle Promopacks still available
  • EDIUS 6.07 free update
  • New version of Grass Valley AVCHD conversion tool
  • Black Magic 9.5 driver for Premiere Pro CS6 & Avid Media Composer 6
  • New high quality Black Magic Cinema camera

DVC Open day Wednesday 9th May

We have our first open day of this year on the 9th May. There have been quite a few announcements recently and we can confirm we will be showing the following:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - showcased at NAB in mid April and officially launched on 23rd April, the new version of Premiere has been streamlined with a lot of nice workflow changes (see below for more information)
  • New 64 bit Adobe Encore
  • Adobe Prelude, Adobe After Effects CS6 & Adobe Audition. Adobe Prelude is a new program designed to import card-based footage.After Effects is the same as before, just better. We have not had After Effects CS6 too long so the demonstration of this will not be as in depth as Premiere Pro. Our Adobe Audition demo will be concentrating on it from a video editors point of view, and will show off the new automatic speech alignment.
  • Grass Valley EDIUS 3D preview - we do not yet have EDIUS 6.5, which was shown at NAB and which will be released in June/July, but we do have the 3D preview version on which 6.5 will be based and will show what we know of the new features. We will obviously demonstrate EDIUS' STEREOSCOPIC editing capabilities but will also look at some of the other new things promised in 6.5, some of which are already in the 3D preview.
  • DaVinci Resolve Lite - DaVinci is one of the most popular colour grading programs and there is a fully working free version available. This works well along side Grass Valley EDIUS and Avid Media Composer. It will work happily with Premiere Pro as well, although you are more likely to use Adobe Speedgrade when grading with Premiere Pro because it is now part of the Production Premium. We will be giving a short introduction to the program and discussing why you would use DaVinci, rather than colour grade in your editing program, as well as explaining what you get in the paid for version.
  • Richard Payne, from Holdan, will be here, talking about the new Teradek Cube which was announced at NAB and hopefully bringing some of the latest Panasonic cameras. He will also be talking about the new BlackMagic Cinema camera (see below) but we must point out we will NOT have one of these cameras at the open day since they will not be released for a couple of months.
  • In addition we will have our latest laptops on hand, both from HP and our own custom-built machines with the new IVYbridge processors.

Our last email newsletter erroneously said the open day was on the 2nd of May, and we apologize for this error. The open day is definitely on Wednesday 9th.

Entry to the open day is free but it would help us to determine the schedule for our series of talks if you could fill in a registration form which you can find here: < title="blocked::https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGZzOHdONVA4SnlrVVBRZlVqdXRWZ0E6MQ" > https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGZzOHdONVA4SnlrVVBRZlVqdXRWZ0E6MQ.

We will be posting the full schedule on our website in the next few days so you can decide when to arrive, however, the general plan is to start our talks about 10.30 and to cover the Adobe software in the morning, then at around midday, Richard will talk about the new cubes and cameras, and in the Afternoon we would cover EDIUS and DaVinci.

Parking on the roads nearby is limited to 4 hours and is payable, so if staying all day you may need to pop out to move the car at some point.

As this is the first opportunity for many people to see the new Adobe CS6 software in operation we may have a large number of people registering, and a limited amount of space in our offices. If this is the case we may need to run two open days, potentially on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th. If this is the case we will contact everyone who registers to ask which day they will prefer.

New IVYBRIDGE laptop

We have a new version of our DVC laptop which uses new types of processors called IVYBRIDGE processors. Although we are calling it our IVYBRIDGE laptop the new laptop can either use these new processors or the SANDYBRIDGE processors we currently use. The specification is roughly the same as our previous SANDYBRIDGE laptop, so it can have 2 hard drives as well as an optical drive, and up to 32GB RAM. One of the major changes is that the new laptop can access the INTEL QUICKSYNC feature found on the SANDYBRIDGE or IVYBRIDGE processors which means if you have GRASS VALLEY EDIUS you get fast encoding of H264 footage. We have tested this laptop with our current SANDYBRIDGE processors and it works well, although we have not currently tested it with IVYBRIDGE processors as they are only officially launched today.

We do not expect the new processors to give a huge boost in performance over the existing laptop, however, they will use less power, so you should get a longer battery life. The SANDYBRIDGE processors already gave a much better battery life (1-2 hours) then we ever had with older, powerful, laptop processors anyway, so we are just expecting a modest improvement. The new processors support QuickSync 2 - so we do not yet know of they will work properly with EDIUS (QuickSync 2 is officially support by EDIUS 6.5). Hopefully we will know some of these answers by next week!

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Sandybridge laptopEX-Demo 3D SANDYBRIDGE laptop

As we have a new laptop we are selling our old demo machine. It is only 6 months old and the only "used" parts are the chassis and the processor. A typical IVYBRIDGE laptop with a Sandybridge processor is about 1,199 +VAT; Our ex-demo laptop is 999+VAT and has a 3D screen - something that you cannot get with the IVYBRIDGE machine.

New XEON processors

We will talk more about new types of processors in our next email newsletter, however, we have to mention that we have finally got some of the new, faster SANDYBRIDGE-style Xeon processors (used in computers which take two processors) which we have been awaiting for some time. We will have more information on their performance and how they compare to current single processor computers in the next newsletter.

New Adobe CS6 software launched

Possibly the biggest news of NAB, for us anyway, was the launch of the CS6 versions of the Adobe software. We have new versions of practically everything, most of them 64 bit, some completely new programs (Prelude and Speedgrade) and lots of exciting stuff. We will be putting more information on our website over the next few weeks. We also have preview versions of the software so we will be able to show it at our open day next week.

If you have CS3 or CS4 you can upgrade to CS6 until the end of this year

The software was officially launched on 23rd April, and we expect it to ship in May, although an exact shipping date has not been confirmed. Adobe have been saying that when CS6 is released you will not be able to upgrade from any version except CS5 or CS5.5. They have relented slightly and started a special offer where owners of CS3 and CS4 can still upgrade to CS6; this special offer runs until the end of the year. If you have a version of Premiere or other Adobe software which is earlier than CS3 then you must upgrade as soon as possible because in a matter days you will probably not be able to upgrade at all.

Make sure you apply for a free upgrade if you qualify

If you bought a version of CS5.5 after 26th March you will qualify for a free update to CS6 direct from Adobe. You must apply before the 1st August or lose out. We recently noticed that the option to apply for the free update is now on the Adobe site so we would suggest you apply ASAP, even if you do not intend installing the new software straight away. If you do not apply in time we know from previous experience there is nothing we can do about it. You can access the form by registering your software and logging on to you Adobe account. You will probably be asked for a copy of your invoice showing how the goods were paid. If you need a copy of your invoice just contact at DVC and we will email you a PDF with the information included.

Pricing of CS6 has been confirmed and all the different CS6 version are available to pre-order from the DVC wesbite. As an Adobe VALUE ADDED RESELLER we are able to offer better pricing than most, including the Adobe webshop.

So what is new in CS6?

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe have concentrated on making changes to the core editing of Adobe Premiere Pro. Missing from the line up of new features is anything to do with editing STEREOSCOPIC 3D footage, for example, although presumably this will still be possible using add-ons from people like CineForm. There are many changes and we have listed as many as possible. Some features, like the new trimming functionality will make more sense if you can see it in operation, and we will be showing this off at our open day on 9th May.

  • Redesigned sleeker interface - can turn off various parts of display around the source and program window and customise buttons.
  • Drop frame on playback and playback resolution buttons more visible.
  • Option to change sequence settings to match clip when clip is dropped on timeline.
  • Multi-camera is not limited to 4 cameras and is unlimited (or as much as your system can cope with). Making a Multi-camera sequence is easier.
  • Markers have been improved - we have different coloured markers, a marker window, and comments appear in the marker under the player window or on the timeline. Markers can have in and out points as well.
  • Redesigned trimming on the timeline - icons representing different trimming modes are larger, you can swap between ripple, rolling and normal trimming modes quicker, and we have ripple trim to playhead shortcuts.
  • Redesigned media browser so now all media has thumbnails. You can also scrub through the thumbnails just by moving the mouse across the icon (called Hover Scrub).
  • Redesigned project window with larger icons and Hover Scrub. You can also play the clip in the icon, mark in and out points and jog using JKL. A mark appears on a clip when used and clicking on the mark tells you where the clip is used in the project and you can jump straight to it.
  • Rolling shutter repair
  • Adjustment layers - add a layer above the others and apply an effect to this layer to effect all the clips beneath it.
  • Warp stabilizer - excellent stabilizer that was included in After Effects CS5.5 is now in Premiere Pro.
  • Redesigned three way colour corrector which makes a lot more sense than the old one and works better.
  • Quickly duplicate a clip on the timeline by holding ALT and dragging the clip.
  • Open CL support for the Mercury Playback Engine - now works with the ATI graphic cards found on some MAC laptops. Please note the OpenCL support is only available on MAC laptop cards, not on PCs or desktops.
  • Standard audio tracks - now you have one type of audio track for STEREO or Mono clips. 5.1 and 16 channel audio tracks still have their own dedicated tracks or can be split into individual channels and spread across normal tracks.
  • Modify audio channels on a clip after it has been dropped to the timeline.
  • New in the Effects Control Window clips now have a panning setting as well as volume.
  • New scalable audio level display.
  • Redesigned main audio mixer - now modelled on the Audition mixer, with nicer controls and simple additions such as double click on a fader to return it to 0.0db. The audio mixer still only affects track keyframes.
  • Better viewing of multichannel audio clips in the source window.
  • Don't stop playback - Premiere CS5.5 would stop playing when you did practically anything. CS6 carries on playing while you do most operations - so much nicer to use!
  • Redesigned timeline ruler bar - parts can be hidden and you can turn off the work area and using in and out points to mark areas for export or rendering if you prefer (like most other programs).
  • Keyboard shortcuts streamlined - for the first time in years Adobe have changed some of the default keyboard shortcuts. Many have remained the same, some have changed - for example jumping between edit points is no longer page up/page down, but uses the up and down arrow keys. The changes have been made to make the short cuts more obvious. You can easily revert to the keyboard shortcuts used in every other version of Premiere Pro if you prefer.
  • Send to SPEEDGRADE (Production Premium ONLY) SPEEDGRADE is Adobe's professional grading program and this now ships as part of the Production Premium. It is easy to get a timeline from Premiere Pro to SPEEDGRADE - just select the timeline and choose this "send to SPEEDGRADE". As SPEEDGRADE has only just been added to the suite the functionality is not yet as good as the After Effects dynamic link - but to have a broadcast quality grading program included in the suite is brilliant!
  • Integration with Prelude (Production Premium ONLY). Prelude is designed to deal with card-based and hard-drive based footage (see below). In Prelude you can add markers, subclips etc and then just choose the clips and send them straight to Premiere. Or use Preludes rough cut feature and then send the whole rough cut to Premiere Pro.
  • OnLocation and Device central are no longer supplied with Premiere Pro or the Production Premium.
  • Adobe Mercury Transmit - nearly every one uses extra hardware (Matrox, Black Magic, AJA etc) with Premiere Pro. Now Adobe have redesigned the way Premiere Pro talks to the hardware usingAdobe Mercury Transmit. This should mean better performance with the Mercury Playback Engine (on the prerelease version we have been shown we can output to DV with the Mercury Playback Engine on, unlike CS5.5) and much better integration. It also means more applications can access the hardware so we should see output from all types of cards from Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore and SpeedGrade, since they all use the same engine. At the time of writing this we have not yet tested the hardware properly with CS6 (neither the drivers nor CS6 are properly released yet) but the prospect of better performance from the same hardware we have already been using with CS5.5 is exciting! This should also mean no more Matrox/Black Magic sequences - any sequence will output to the hardware at the tick of a box.

There is even some free training on Premiere Pro available from Video2Brain detailing the new features. We are making new DVC tutorials which will be available in the next month or so. These will be covering all the features of CS6, not just the new ones, and be targeted at existing and new users. The Video2brain tutorials just talk about the new features, are made by one of the Adobe people responsible for making Premiere Pro and may be all you need to get into the new version. They are also free! Video2brain have also made a set of free tutorials on the new features of After Effects CS6.

What's new in Encore CS6?

  • 64 bit program means better performance particularly on big HD projects.
  • Full colour highlights in Blu-ray and Flash discs.
  • Can specify bit rate for Flash discs as well as DVD and Blu-ray.
  • Support for pop up menus, button transitions, menu loopback and multipage menus in Flash DVDs.
  • Should deal with downscaling HD to SD better than CS5 as it now supports HD formats with Upper field properly.
  • Limit of 99 pictures per slideshow has been lifted.
  • Adobe transmit support means you have previews from Encore with all hardware (Black Magic, Matrox etc...)

What is new in After Effects CS6

  • New 3D camera tracking means you can take a 2D shot, track it, and then apply affects which will move in proper 3D with the footage.
  • Mask feathering and bounding box improvements.
  • 3D rendering engine called Picasso. After Effects was very powerful but it did not do 3D extruded objects and ray tracing before - now it does.
  • Pro Import - automatic duck is now built into After Effects.
  • Global disc cache - After Effects now effectively renders the video in the background as you work. Ideally you add an SSD drive to your system for the AE video cache.

What's new in Adobe Audition

Audition returned to the suite with CS5.5 and the improvements continue with CS6. From a video perspective these include:

  • More Premiere Pro-like transport controls and shortcuts.
  • Automatic speech alignment - is the recorded dialogue bad? Re-record it and resync using the great new features.
  • Speed and pitch changes just by dragging.
  • Lots of other stuff - including powerful pitch correction to be used on a variety of bad singers (!)

There are new versions of most of the other programs in the suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.. As far as the main video apps are concerned there are two new major additions:


Prelude is a way to bring in card based footage. We still have the Media browser in Premiere Pro which has improved with thumbnails and hover scrub, but we also have Prelude, an application dedicated to importing card based footage, and which can be used either with or without Premiere Pro. It has several advantages to Premiere which include actually copying the footage off the card onto your PC, making two or more copies as it does so, transcoding the footage on import, and the ability to add in markers, make subclips and do a rough edit before you even touch Premiere. Prelude is available as part of the Production Premium and does not come with Premiere Pro. It is not available as a separate boxed product although we believe you will be able to buy it on its own using a licence (although these details will need to be confirmed).


Speedgrade is a new program to Adobe, although it is not new itself, since Adobe recently bought it and added it to the CS6 suite. SPEEDGRADE is a grading program. Grading is the term used for colour correction and image manipulation - changing the exposure etc.. You can normally do this inside your editing program, but grading has developed into an art in its own right, and you can do better grading by using a program dedicated to it. Black Magic's DaVinci is well known and one of the industry standard applications; Adobe SPEEDGRADE is an alternative and the obvious choice if using Premiere Pro because it comes as part of the Production Premium, and it will talk to the Adobe applications more easily. We do not yet have a copy of SPEEDGRADE so will not be showing this off at our open day next week, although we will be showing DaVinci and hopefully answering the question of why you may use a grading application rather than just use the colour correction in your editing program (the answer is basically speed of work and quality).

There has not been a huge price change with the new software. Where software has changed it is more a case of evolution rather than changing the entire program for the sake of it. For example, Adobe Premiere Pro has had its biggest change of interface since Premiere Pro 1, and some of the keyboard shortcuts have changed, but any current users will still feel pretty much at home with it and if you get used to the new features you will, we think, agree the changes are for the better.

We are slowly adding details on the new programs to our own site as well.

Adobe have also launched the CREATIVE CLOUD - which is a way of getting the new software for a monthly fee and downloading what you need from the Adobe website.

You can buy the new Adobe software either as a box product or a licence. These are effectively the same, although with a licence you just download the software and write your own discs, whereas a boxed version has a box and a disc. If you are buying 3 or more copies at once a licence version may work out cheaper. Talk to us for more information, as we can sell both the licence and box versions at DVC.

You can read more about Premiere Pro on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Adobe_Premiere_Pro.html

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Matrox MX02Matrox produce their final drivers for CS5.5

In our last few newsletters we reported how Matrox had public beta versions of their drivers for Premiere Pro CS5.5 - they have now released finished versions. These new drivers work very well and also mean you can use more up-to-date nVidia drivers than we could with the previous MX02 drivers. We recommend them to all users. Of course, if your system is working well with your existing set up then you don't have to install the new drivers, but most people will find a variety of improvements.

What about Matrox and CS6?

Matrox will be producing new drivers for CS6 (the CS5 drivers will not work). We have no information as to when this will be happening, although Adobe have been getting better at working with their hardware partners so we expect the drivers to arrive pretty soon after the launch of CS6. Black Magic already have their drivers available for use with CS6 (see below). We will, of course, report when we have the new drivers and what their features will be. There will be changes since the new ADOBE TRANSMIT feature means they should be able to talk to Premiere Pro in a much better way than before. We also expect to be able to get output from other Adobe programs like SPEEDGRADE, but cannot be sure this will be the case until we have the new programs and new drivers.

EDIUS 6.5 shown at NAB

The new version of EDIUS was shown at NAB, although shipping is not expected until June/July. Details of the new version had been previously released and we reported them in our last couple of newsletters. They include:

  • Stereoscopic editing.
  • Better quality downscaling and some layouter improvements.
  • A loudness meter.
  • Native support for RED footage.
  • A QuickTime codec so you can give EDIUS footage to mac users more easily.
  • A Grass Valley image stabiiser.
  • Lots of other small enhancements, like a Filmstrip view.
  • Much better alpha channel support.

If you buy EDIUS now you will get a free upgrade to EDIUS 6.5 when it arrives.

With EDIUS 6.5 there has been a change to the way filters work which should mean more 10 bit filters. It also means existing filters won't work without an update. We do not know if there will be free updates for the filters included with EDIUS 6, but at NAB our contacts were told there would be a free update for Vistitle. This was just hearsay as we have not seen this written anywhere as yet, but we have no reason to disbelieve it.

Some half price EDIUS and Vistitle Promopacks still available

We have some special offers on both EDIUS and Vistitle which officially have ended but we do have stocks left at the offer prices. The offers will end when the stock runs out:

Half price EDIUS 6 - a full copy of EDIUS at half price - 259+VAT. We have confirmed with Grass Valley that even though these are on special offer they will qualify for a free update to 6.5.

Vistitle Promopack - an animated title program for EDIUS which is normally 250 for just the program. You can currently buy the full program plus some extra 3D particle and handwriting plug-ins for169+VAT.

EDIUS 6.07 free update

We have had a free update to EDIUS 6- 6.07 fixes a few small issues which include some problems using QuickTime 7.7. We have been using this update with no problems ourselves although have seen some reports on the Grass Valley forums of people with issues. The issues seem to be tied in with the anti-virus program you are running. We have no problems with Microsoft Security Essentials, the program we include on all our systems, but people with Avaast and Mcaffee seem to have some problems which require tweaking the anti-virus. Since 6.06 works very well you may just choose to stay with that, but if you do have any of the issues listed on the Grass Valley website then it is worth updating. You can read more and download the update here: http://www.grassvalley.com/support/downloads/products

New version of Grass Valley AVCHD conversion tool

Grass Valley produced a little utility called AVCHD2HQ for converting AVCHD footage to Canopus HQ which is easier for older computers to edit. We don't really use it conversion now as EDIUS edits native AVCHD footage very well on a modern computer, however, their latest version of the utility has added some nice extras -namely better quality down-scaling and options toprocess 3D footage. The downscaling in AVCHD2HQ is better than that provided by EDIUS 6 itself (the extra quality should be built into EDIUS 6.5), so you may want to give it a try. We have also produced a short training video on AVCHD2HQ which you can see in our website:

You can download this utility free from the Grass Valley website as long as you own EDIUS: http://www.grassvalley.com/support/downloads/products

Newvhigh quality Blackmagic camera

The biggest news at NAB not related to a video editing program is probably the Black Magic Cinema camera. This is essentially a high quality camera that films directly onto an SSD drive. It can record in up to 2432 x 1366 pixels (bigger the HD!) and can record into either a 2.5K RAW format, or Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD format at 1920x1080. The ProRes and Avid format HD footage should work with just about any current editing program. However, it is the combination of features, better than HD quality and the price which has got many people excited - the camera RRP is 1,925+VAT. You will need to buy lenses and the SSD drives separately.

We have also been told the camera will come with a full copy of Black Magic's DaVinci grading program.

The camera is being distributed by Holdan in the UK which means one of the best experts on it will be Richard Payne of Holdan who will be at our open day, so why not come down and quiz him! Unfortunately we will not have a camera here for the open day as it will not ship until June/July but Richard was out at NAB when it was launched and knows a lot about it!

You can read more here: http://www.blackmagic-design.com/products/blackmagiccinemacamera/

Black Magic 9.5 driver for Premiere Pro CS6 & Avid Media Composer 6

Black Magic have produced new drivers for their range of capture cards. Black Magic's latest drivers are 9.5 and work with Avid Media Composer 6 and Adobe Premiere Pro. Although their website only mentions Premiere Pro CS6, they work with CS5 as well.

These drivers also cure the "unknown device" that would appear in device manager when using the 9.2 drivers. This is actually caused by a new feature that has been added which lets you output video from a variety of programs including VLC and Power Producer as well as the Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Sony Vegas.

The support for USB3 devices is unchanged - you still need to have a Renesas USB3 chipset and they do not work properly on other chipsets.

You can download the new drivers from the Black Magic website: http://www.blackmagic-design.com/support/

How well do Black Magic devices work with Premiere Pro CS6?

We cannot compare how Black Magic devices work to how Matrox or AJA work in CS6 as we do not have drivers for Matrox or AJA as yet (since CS6 has not even shipped this is hardly surprising). Black Magic devices are working pretty well for a first release and we will probably be using them on our open day.

Avid BoxAvid 6.01.1 Patch

Avid have released a small update to Avid Media Composer. 6.01.1 fixes several small bugs and improves compatibility with non-US keyboards. We have not had any major problems with the update which you can download from the Avid download centre.

Avid Media Composer/Xpress Pro/FCP to Symphony upgrade

At NAB Avid announced an upgrade promotion from older versions of Avid and Apple Final Cut Pro to Avid Symphony. This offer is time limited and only available from the Avid website (i.e. not from DVC). Avid Symphony includes Boris Continuum as well as more advanced colour correction tools than Avid Media Composer. This upgrade is 862.80 and expires on 15th June.

If you do upgrade to Symphony don't forget we can build you a custom-made system around your software!

David Clarke
Managing Director
David Vincent Clarke Ltd

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All prices correct at time of email but subject to change; errors and omissions excepted.

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