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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

28th October 2011


David Vincent Clarke Ltd
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DVC Newsletter 28th October 2011

  • DVC at ProVideo 2011
  • Adobe switcher program to end on Monday
  • EDIUS crossgrade announced
  • Vegas Pro 11 shipping

IOV Show

DVC at Pro Video 2011

We were at the ProVideo show last week, with our usual stand, running a theatre area on various items as well as showcasing the latest computers.  We were probably a bit over ambitious in our plans for the theater because we were trying to showcase many of the different items we sell, Adobe Premiere Pro, Grass Valley EDIUS, Avid Media Composer, Black Magic's mixers and the Teradek cube, which did result in a few hiccups during the day - the worst probably being on the first day when went to demonstrate Vistitle as part of an EDIUS effects demonstrations and realised it had not been installed!  However, the demonstrations all seemed very well received and we hope if you were watching you got some useful information.  We are hope to record the salient points of some of them, such as the 10 secret features of EDIUS  (which will not be that secret if you have bought our tutorial DVDs) or the tips and tricks with Encore, and post them on our website and on YouTube.   We have been extremely busy with both sales and training over the last few months (and we are definitely not complaining about this) and so we may not be able to put the videos up immediately but will do so as soon as possible and let you know in an Email Newsletter.

DVC website and email temporarily up the creek!

On the first day of the show, just as the visitors were coming through the door, we also discovered that our website was not working.  Unfortunately because we were at the show we were not able to sort this out until we were back on the office on Friday morning.  The problem meant the website was unavailable and any emails sent to any DVC email address also bounced.  If you were trying to contact us last week and you did not get a reply please try again now as everything is up and running smoothly.  If we had not been at the show the problem would have been sorted out a lot quicker but Murphy's Law means you always get the most annoying problems at the most inconvenient time!

We hope you enjoyed the show and would like to thank everyone for all the kind comments we received.

Adobe switcher program to end on Monday

Adobe switcherAdobe's half price offer on Adobe Premiere Pro and the Production Premium ends on Monday 31st of October so get your order in now before it is too late.

The offer is for owners of various editing programs and gets you a full copy of either of the above for either Mac or PC.  The deal has proved extremely popular with Adobe reporting a sales increase of 40% and no wonder - for 754+VAT you can get Adobe Premeire Pro, Encore, Flash Pro, Audition, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop extended and all you really need to do is tell us from which program you are upgrading!   Even if you edit in a different program like EDIUS, you may want the suite for all the other excellent programs.  Or why not just buy a Premiere Pro switcher @ 338+VAT and get Adobe Encore and the Adobe Media encoder.

For more information or to order visit the DVC webshop:http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Adobe_SWITCHER_SPECIAL_OFFER.html

EDIUS crossgrade announced - first stock expect Monday

Edius crossgradeGrass Valley have just announced an EDIUS crossgrade which lasts until December 16th. If you have any of the following programs then you qualify for the EDIUS crossgrade:

  • Adobe Premiere (any version)

  • AVID Media Composer

  • AVID Liquid

  • Sony Vegas

  • Apple Final Cut Pro

Unfortunately EDIUS itself does not qualify..  However, if you are a DVC customer contact us because we will have the details of your previous editing programs on file and if, for example, you owned ANY version Adobe Premiere at some point then you will qualify.  You will need to fill in a form with your details and the name of the program from which you are crossgrading but no other information is required - you do not have return your old program for example or even supply a serial number.

The crossgrade includes all 3rd party software including ProDAD Mercalli and Vitascene, the IZOTope audio plug-ins and the NEW Blu effects, so it really is just a full version at a reduced price!

Our first stocks of the crossgrade are expected on Monday.  If you are thinking of buying EDIUS with some extra hardware, such as the HDSPARK or STORM Mobile, it is still cheaper to buy EDIUS with the hardware than buy the crossgrade and hardware separately.  We also have a special offer running currently on the STORM Mobile whereby you can buy Vistitle for EDIUS HALF PRICE when you buy STORM Mobile.

Save an additional 20 when you buy the EDIUS crossgrade and our 3 disc EDIUS tutorial set.

We have produced a comprehensive set of training discs for EDIUS with approximately 15 hours of training included.  The complete set is normally 99, but if you buy it with the EDIUS crossgrade then you get an extra discount of 20.   Full information on the tutorial discs can be seen here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/EDIUS_6_training_dvd.html

You can read more about EDIUS and order the EDIUS crossgrade on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Canopus_Edius_Pro.html


STORM MobileBuy the STORM Mobile and get Vistitle at half price - 125+VAT.  Vistitle is a great animated titling program for EDIUS and the only deterant to buying it is the normal price (the DVC price is 250+VAT).  At 125 is it, frankly, a "no-brainer"!  Vistitle is only available at this price if you buy it with the STORM Mobile.

The STORM Mobile has HDMI, component, composite and SVIDEO in and out and can work with either a desktop or a laptop computer. It replaces the Grass Valley HDSTORM, and one major change is that it can be bought either with or without EDIUS, unlike the the HDSTORM, which is something many people have wanted for ages.

The Internal STORM Mobile is 765 +VAT without EDIUS and 899 +VAT with EDIUS. The External version is the same price but you also need to buy an interface card which is 99+VAT for either the desktop or laptop version.

You can read more about the STORM Mobile here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Grass_Valley_STORM_MOBILE.html

Vegas 11 shipping

Vegas 11The new version of Vegas is now shipping.  We have yet to update our website with full information but will do so shortly.  Vegas Pro 11 adds a lot of realtime effects to Vegas, using the power of your graphic card to avoid rendering effects.  Sony have also overhauled the export options to make it easier to set up your own presets and have added several enhancements.

One of Vegas' strengths is very good STEREOSCOPIC (3D) editing.  We recently bought a new Sony STEREO camera, the Sony HDR-TD10, which can film full HD 3D, which costs about 1,000.  Currently Vegas (version 10 or 11) is the only program that understands the files this camera produces.  We are writing a DVC guide to STEREOSCOPIC editing to hopefully de-mystify the process and also explain some of the pit falls. 

The guide is here http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/THE_DVC_GUIDE_TO_STEREOSCOPIC_EDITING.html and we will be added more to it over the coming weeks.

You can read more about Sony Vegas on our website; if you would like to order Vegas 11 from us please email or call.

David Clarke
Managing Director
David Vincent Clarke Ltd

If you do not want to receive future email newsletters please just send a reply to mailing@dvc.uk.com and we will make sure you are removed.

All prices correct at time of email but subject to change; errors and omissions excepted.

David Vincent Clarke Ltd
3-4 Westbourne Grove, Hove
East Sussex, BN3 5PJ
Tel: 01273 205700
Fax: 01273 917099
Web: www.dvc.uk.com
Email: david@dvc.uk.com

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