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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

25th August 2015

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David Vincent Clarke Ltd
Unit 11, Woodingdean Business Park,
Sea View Way, Brighton, Sussex, BN2 6NX.
Tel: 01273 205700

25th August 2015

Windows 10 LogoWindows 10 is out - should you upgrade?

Windows 10 arrived on the 28th July and quite a few people have clicked on the "free upgrade" icon, that you will have on the task bar if your machine is connected to the internet, and updated their computers straight away. 


At DVC we have been using Windows 10 ourselves with EDIUS, Premiere etc and have had relatively few problems, however, we make computers for a living and always keep a second hard drive with our old Windows 7/8 set up handy, so we can go back to that if we encounter unforeseen problems. 


Before you click on the auto update button you should check to make sure that the programs and hardware you are using are supported by Windows 10.  The older the software is that you are using the less likely it is to work 100% on Windows 10.  Most current software is not yet validated for Windows 10 and even if it is you may find you need to wait for new drivers for your hardware before taking the plunge.


Below is a short list of the current status of most editing programs:


Grass Valley EDIUS

EDIUS 8 is not yet validated for use on Windows 10.  Grass Valley have been saying they will produce an update in September/Octoberwhich will support Windows 10.  In our own tests EDIUS 8 appears to be working fine, along with Blackmagic devices, as long as you use the 10.3.4 drivers.  Matrox devices do not have proper drivers for Windows 10 and if you use the Windows 8 drivers EDIUS will crash (see below).  Although we have used EDIUS 8 on Windows 10 we have not tested a lot of plug-ins with it so there maybe issues if you have many plug-ins.


Grass Valley have not said that they will validate earlier versions of EDIUS for Windows 10, although we have seen a patch for EDIUS 7 on Grass Valley website, which has not been properly released yet, which says it supports Windows 10.  EDIUS 6 will not open if Windows 10 is installed and this is unlikely to be fixed.  We have not had problems reported with EDIUS 6.5 or 7 so far, but let us know if you have problems so that we can warn others.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe have put Windows 10 on the list of supported systems for Premiere Pro CC2015 ONLY.  Other versions only list earlier operating systems.  This does not mean that earlier versions of Premiere will not work, but they are not supported and if something does not work then there is no help available.  We have had a few people phone who use Premiere Pro CS5 or CS5.5 who have updated to Windows 10 and they have all had problems.  CS5 does not seem to work on Windows 10 at all. 


Adobe will not be adding Windows 10 support to earlier versions.  We are also pretty sure they will not be validating Premiere Pro CS6, which is a product that is still available from the Adobe website, although it has not had any updates for 2 years.  We have not had enough time to test CS6 ourselves; this is actually an important test because even if you own CC2015 you will rely on Encore CS6 for your DVD and Blu-ray authoring, so testing this works is high on our to do list.


Third party hardware from Blackmagic and Matrox may also not work properly on Windows 10.  In our own tests Blackmagic has been ok as long as you use the correct drivers.  Matrox have not produced Windows 10 drivers and say they never will.  Some users have used their recent version 8 drivers (designed for Windows 8) and said they work on Windows 10, as long as you are using CS6 or a version of CC, but we have not tried these ourselves.


Avid Media Composer

Avid is not yet validated for Windows 10 and Avid say there are some issues which they are sorting out.   Some users have upgraded with no problems, others have had many problems and reverted to their old Windows.  We would suggest waiting until Avid properly validates Windows 10 with an update to the program.  Third party cards from Matrox and Blackmagic fare the same as they do with Premiere Pro.


Resolve 12

Resolve 12 beta is validated for Windows 10, we have been assured by Blackmagic support.  We have been using it with our Blackmagic I.O. devices and it has been working well.


Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony have validated Vegas and their other software for work on Windows 10.  This does not mean that all the hardware you may use with Vegas such as an AJA card or a Blackmagic card, will work under Windows 10 as well, although Blackmagic have produced Windows 10 drivers so these should be ok.


A problem with FAT32 SD cards, Wav files, "Sound Devices" devices and Windows 10 If you have Sound Devices sound hardware, which records onto SD cards you may have a problem loading these files into Windows 10, that makes you think the files are corrupted by Windows.  It seems that Sound Devices were adding something into the file header of their sound files that Windows 10 does not like.  A fix is being produced for this.  If you do use Sound Devices recording hardware and had an important recording which, when you put the card in a card reader, appears to be corrupt, this could be quite worrying, hence noting it here. 


It only affects file made on Sound Devices hardware, on SD cards formatted in FAT32, so will only afflict a few people. We have had no problems with SD cards from cameras etc..


So, should you install Windows 10?

Our best advice is to wait until the makers of your chosen editing program say they have produced a version that is ok with Windows 10 and then decide whether to upgrade.  Even then we would prefer a wipe and reinstall on a clean system rather than an upgrade.  Upgrading is easier because you do not have to worry about installing and activating all your programs, but it can leave the computer in a bit of a mess and we prefer having a clean properly setup system, especially when using programs like video editing software which make the machine work as hard as possible.


Let DVC absorb the pain of updating

We can update your system to Windows 10 for you and test out your various programs, for which we would charge a day's labour(200+VAT).  It will take us more than a day to install and test the system for you so we cannot update and test your system "while you wait". Contact us support@dvc.uk.com or by ringing 01273 205700 to discuss your options.


Why you should upgrade to Windows 10?

If you have Windows 7 or 8 you get a free update to Windows 10.  You have a year to claim this from 28th July 2015.  The main reasons you may want to upgrade to Windows 10 are:


♦    You want to stay on the most up to date operating system, with support carrying on into the foreseeable future.  Microsoft support for adding new features to  Windows 7 ended on 13th January 2015 and the end of security patches is scheduled for 14th January 2020.  Windows 8 is set for the end of new features on 9th January 2018 and for security patches on 10th January 2023

♦    Windows 10 is supposed to be the last version of Windows and will get updates for the life of your device.  You will only have to buy a new copy of Windows when you buy a new computer, phone or tablet.

♦    If you log in with a Microsoft ID you can sync data between other machines with the same ID and even sync project files if you save backups on your Microsoft "Onedrive".

♦    You get access to a lot of extra apps using Windows 10, which now includesCandy Crush and many other ways to stop you actually doing any work.

♦    If using a high resolution screen (one which is bigger than 1920x1080 pixels, like a UHD screen) the text in many programs becomes so small it is unusable.  Windows 10 handles these higher resolutions screens a lot better than Windows 7.

♦    The Windows back up is considerably better than it was in Windows 7 as it allows you to set a folder to do an incremental backup of your files rather than the entire folder.  If set up properly this can be very useful.

♦    The first part of this newsletter is a list of reasons not to use Windows 10.  We don't want to put you off - it is actually rather nice to use!   


Should I use Windows 10 on a new computer?

As Microsoft are clearly wanting to put all their effort into Windows 10 and it can be a pain to upgrade from an old o/s then it makes sense to use Windows 10 on a new computer if you are buying one.  This will make perfect sense if you are buying a computer that uses software and hardware that has been validated for Windows 10 already - such as Premiere Pro CC2015 or DaVinci Resolve 12, and just a bit more problematic if using software like Grass Valley EDIUS 8 which is not yet validated but will be soon and seems to work ok anyway.  Please give us a ring to email to discuss your options.


We are starting a section on the support part of our website about updating to Windows 10 which you can see here:http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Windows-10.html


We will endeavour to keep this as up to date as possible.  This will show our own experiences with Windows 10 and various editing programs.  As we don't have the resources of a company like Adobe or Avid we cannot test everything about a program but we will do our best to provide helpful information.


Finally there is a fun video from Bloomberg which charts the development of Windows over the last 20 years which lasts 3 minutes.  You can watch it here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAJm6RYTIro

VistitleVisTitle for EDIUS offer

For a limited period we can offer VisTitle for EDIUS with the 5 extra plug-ins pack free.  VisTitle is our favourite titling program for EDIUS.  The main program has lots of great features but there is also a pack of 5 extra plug-ins which add some very nice features.  These extra plug-ins are normally 40 extra, if you buy them with VisTitle, and 99 extra if you buy them separately. 


For a limited time these plug-ins will come free with VisTitle for a total price of 199+VAT.


The extra plug-ins are:


♦    3D Particles - many fancy particle effects, all keyframable and customisable.

♦    Handwriting - get VisTitle to draw an object on screen, typically hand-written-style text.

♦    Karaoke - Make Karaoke style titles that appear on screen.

♦    3D chart - make 3D charts easily which animated on screen.

♦    2D path to 3D object - create a 2D object in VisTitle and then convert it to 3D with depth, bevels etc.  


You can read more about VisTitle and order the program, plug-ins and updates here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Vistitle-3.html

RAID drivesDVC special offers


Atomos Shogun

Add an Atomos Shogun to your camera and you can record into a better, less compressed video format from any camera with an HDMI socket.  This includes Apple Pro Res and Cinema DNG formats.  The Shogun also acts as a mini full HD monitor.


We have one Shogun in stock that we are selling at a reduced price.  It is new, unused  and unopened but we have reduced the price just to help move the item from our shelves.


It is 1,165+VAT - 1,398 inc.


You can order it here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Atomos-Shogun-Offer.html


Atomos SDI to HDMI converter

We have an offer on an ATOMOS SDI to HDMI converter as well.  The Connect H2S converter is battery operated and converts an HDMI signal to SDI.  It is small enough to fit in your pocket and very simple to use.  We have one only at the low price of 163+VAT.  This is new and unopened with a full warranty. You can order it here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Atomos-SDI-HDMI-converter.html#SID=893

2TB RAID rated drives

In our last newsletter we mentioned 8 RAID-rated drives which we were selling at a low price.  We have 5 of these drives left. They are Seagate Enterprise class 2TB RAID hard drives, rated for use as RAID drives (which means they are better tested than normal drives and are designed to work 24/7).   Normally we would sell these at 120+VAT each but we are selling all 8 at 89+VATeach.

You can see more information and order these drives here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/seagate_riad_drives.html#SID=640

Thunderbolt Ex-demo systemDVC 4K Thunderbolt system with UltraStudio 4K

We are selling our ex-demo Thunderbolt system with Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K.  We occasionally sell on our demo stock to make way for new items.  As this is part of a DVC system most of the items in the system are actually new.  The ex-demo components are the Intel processor, Thunderbolt Motherboard, and Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K; these items have been using in our demo system for about a year.  The rest of the system, hard drives, case, graphics card power supply etc. are all new with a full warranty.


A typical system with 120GB solid state drive, 2TB video drive, 16GB RAM and a Blu-ray writer is 1,514  ex-VAT and 1,850 inc-VAT.  This is a saving of 400 inc VAT  on the cost of a new system.  This has a copy of Windows included although no editing program is included. We can install an editing program you currently own or you can add one to the system.


Apart from the ex-demo parts (processor, motherboard and UltraStudio) the other components can be varied.  You may want a better graphics card to use the system with Premiere Pro or Resolve, for example.  If you visit the special offer section of the website you can configure the system with a variety of different components.


The advantage of having a Thunderbolt enabled system is that you can add in more external devices, like the Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K , as well as Thunderbolt hard drives and other add-ons.  As an advanced motherboard this Haswell board has 8 hard drive connections as opposed to the normal 6 drives you would find in a normal Haswell system.  It also has Intel Quick Sync for fast encoding into H.264 with EDIUS 7 & 8.


4K editing system

This is a good system for editing SD and HD footage and can also cope with 4K.  Using Premiere Pro CC we can get about 2 layers of GH4 UHD 4K video playing in real time at 25P UHD resolution, and a similar amount in EDIUS 8.   A higher spec Haswell-E or Xeon system would be better for multiple layers of 4K but also considerably more expensive!  The UltraStudio 4K will let you preview video on a proper video monitor at up to UHD 50P resolutions in Premiere and Avid, and 25P in EDIUS. 


You can read more about the system and change the configuration of the new components here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Ex-demo-Thunderbolt-system-with-UltraStudio-4K.html

EDIUS Pro 8EDIUS update

Grass Valley have released a small patch for EDIUS 8 which fixes the main bugs that were found in the first version of EDIUS 8.  If your machine is connected to the internet you will be prompted to download the patch, if not you can get it from the Grass Valley support site here:




Grass Valley will be producing another update in September/October which will include some of the new features that have been announced for EDIUS 8, Windows 10 support and some revisions to the Interface.  We don't know exactly what will be included but expect we will find out more at IBC, the big video which takes place in Amsterdam in September, where Grass Valley are bound to be showing off some of the new features.


You can read more about EDIUS 8 here:http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Canopus_Edius_Pro.html



If you bought EDIUS 8 before the end of July 2015, and bought a copy of EDIUS 7 between 1st April 2015 and the 31st July you are eligible for a free version of EDIUS Workgroup 8.  You have to apply on-line with Grass Valley with proof of your purchase (a copy of the supplier's invoice) and your serial number.  It will take 2-3 weeks for Grass Valley to reply with a Workgroup serial number.  If you have waited more than 3 weeks we suggest you contact Grass Valley to follow up your request.


You must claim this free update from Grass Valley before the end of August 2015 or you will miss out! 

Premiere Pro CC2015Adobe update

Adobe have produced an update for Premiere Pro CC2015 which fixes many of the major bugs that were in the original CC2015.


These included problems with the Lumetri Scopes and also problem when moving a project from Premiere to Speedgrade and back.  We recommend installing and  downloading this update which has been out for a few weeks.


Also make sure to update the drivers for any extra hardware, such as aMatrox or Blackmagic device, so they work with Premiere Pro CC2015.  It is only in the 10.4.3 drivers that Blackmagic said they supported 2015, and also with the Matrox version 8 drivers that Matrox said they did so.


The CC2015 update also includes Adobe's support for Windows 10.


We listed the new features of Premiere Pro CC2015 in our newsletter of 19th June which you can read here:http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/19th-June-2016.html#adobe


You can read more about Adobe Premiere Pro on our website:http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Adobe_Premiere_Pro.html


And you can see our range of Premiere Pro systems here:http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Matrox_Systems.html

EDIUS Pro 8Matrox MXO2 Windows 10 driver and the future

Matrox have said they will not produce a Windows 10 driver for their MXO2 range.  They have also said that the recent driver they have produced for Windows 8 will not be updated in future to work with later versions of Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer.

In a thread on their user forums Matrox say "Support for Windows 10, OS X El Capitan and future releases of Adobe, Avid, Apple and other apps is not planned."


You can see the information here:http://forum.matrox.com/mxo/viewtopic.php?t=14381

VistitleIntel Skylake processors arriving

Intel have released a new version of their i7 processors.  The Skylake processors are the replacements for the normal Haswell processors which came out last year.  They have produce a new processor in this range every year which went from Sandybridge to Ivybridge, then Haswell and now Skylake.  Each time we have seen a 10-20% increase in speed and it seems to be about the same comparing the Skylake to the Haswell processors.


All these processors have Intel Quick Sync built-in which means fast encoding into H.264 based formats like Blu-ray discs and MP4 files, with certain editing programs.  Currently these are Grass Valley EDIUS, Sony Vegas and TMPEG Mastering Works.  As the Skylakes are very new these programs won't use the Quick Sync inside the chips as yet, but will do with a future update to the program.


We will be adding Skylake system options to the website soon.  If you are interested in buying a Skylake system now please get in touch by phone or email.

Resolve 12 Beta

Blackmagic Design have released public beta versions of their Resolve 12 grading and editing program.


Resolve is Blackmagic's grading program to which they have been steadily adding new features. The latest additions are mainly on the editing front with a complete change to the way it handles audio, meaning playback when editing should be a lot smoother and you can add a variety of audio plug-ins. In addition there is a new keyer, new media management options and a lot more. As usual there are two versions of Resolve - the free version, previous called the "lite" version and now simply called DaVinci Resolve, and the full version, which has been renamed Resolve Studio. The free version is 100% working, with no restrictions and no water marks and grades footage at up to UHD resolutions. The Studio version can grade 4096 4K footage, has stereoscopic support and also has somenice noise reduction filters.


You can read more about Resolve including our take on the editing features of Resolve 12 here :http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Blackmagic-DaVinci-Resolve.html


You can download the beta version here :https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve.

You can see the range of systems available for Resolve from DVC here:http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Black_Magic_Systems.html

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All prices correct at time of email but subject to change; errors and omissions excepted.

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