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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

24th June 2016

DVC Logo.

David Vincent Clarke Ltd
Unit 11, Woodingdean Business Park,
Sea View Way, Brighton, Sussex,
BN2 6NX.
Tel: 01273 205700

24th June 2016

Adobe release new versions of their software

Premiere Pro CC2015.3Adobe have released the latest updates to all their software today. The new features in Premiere were announced at NAB in April 2016 and include the following:

  • The ability to copy footage when importing using the media browser in Premiere (hooray!). This means you can simply put a card into your computer, point Premiere's Media browser at it and copy the clips you want off the card. In previous versions you had to copy the footage yourself or use Adobe Prelude.
  • You can transcode footage when copying, or do so after this has been imported. This is part of a new proxy workflow where you can make "usable" versions of your clips for editing and easily switch back to the original clips at any time. Premiere will always use the original clips on export, even if you are linked to proxy files. You can see a short video explaining this feature presented by Maxim Jago who some of you may even know from when he worked at DVC many years ago. The video is here : https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/premiere-pro/how-to/proxy-media.html.
  • Support for secondary colour correction in the Lumetri Colour panel.
  • Support for editing VR videos.
  • Open captions - which are basically subtitles which are burned into the picture as opposed to Closed captions which can be turned on and off. Open captions are very similar to titles except they appear on and off screen according to a series of in and out points set in a window very similar to Premiere's marker window.
  • On Windows computers Premiere can now accelerate playback of H.264 based footage using the Intel graphic card found in Skylake processors. EDIUS has been able to do this for some time, now it has been added to Premiere Pro. We have not had enough time to test this to see how this improves performance.
  • Improvements in the Morph cut transition which you can use to hide jump cuts on "talking heads".

In addition to these new features the direct link to Speedgrade has been removed. This used to let you open a Premiere project in Speedgrade, grade it, then open it back in Premiere with your grade applied. Presumably Adobe removed it because they now feel they have put pretty much all of Speedgrade's grading features into Premiere and this was not needed. Speedgrade itself has not had an update and looks like it will not be upgraded further. With the most important functionality of Prelude - the ability to copy and transcode footage - added into Premiere you have to wonder if Prelude will go the same way as Speedgrade in the future, although Prelude did get a small bug fix update this time around. We should also say that the information about Speedgrade has not been officially put on the Adobe site but we have seen comments from Adobe staff on the forums confirming this is the case.

After Effects and Audition have also had some updates. After Effects primarily concentrates on improving performance although they have also improved the link with Cinema 4D. Audition has some nice new features to help people who are not sound experts to apply a series of filters to their sound based on the task you are performing - such as trying to make the best out of a voice over.

Should you update immediately?

This new version or Premiere is installed as Premiere Pro 2015.3 - not 2016 which we thought would be the case. This implies it is not a major update, but we think it is. The update downloads a completely new version of the program which will replace your current version.

With a completely new version normally there are always quite a few bugs which get ironed out over the following month or two. Some have already become apparent from comments on the Adobe Forums.

The current problems which have occurred quite a bit:

  1. After the update many users have had problems opening old projects with MP4 files in them. The files are either off-line or the sound is not working. We have not had this problem on our DVC computers but a couple of our customers have had problems.
    One solution which has worked for quite a few people is to find the Adobe cache files (all the CFA and other files Adobe makes when it loads footage) and delete them. When you re-open the project and let Premiere remake them the sound then works again.
    However, this has not worked in every case. For one customer the only solution was to rename the MP4 files to M2V files, which is not the best way to fix anything. For another with a problem reading Panasonic P2 files we have had to reinstall the computer.
    The other solution has been to go back to CC2015.2 and wait for Adobe to fix the problem. On the first day of release this was not an option but thankfully Adobe have now changed this. The procedure for reverting to CC2015.2 is outlined here: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2170895
  2. If you change the speed of some sound on the timeline and tick "maintain audio pitch", there is no sound when rendered.
  3. Some plug-ins will need an update. Hitfilm have released an update already for their Ignite plug-ins, although others have not. We use TMPEG's H.264 encoding plug-in for making the videos for our tutorials and this does not appear to work properly if you upgrade. If you are trying to install the plug-in with just CC2015.3 installed it will not let you do so as it does not see this as a valid version. There may be problems with other plug-ins which will need updates.

We will post information on other bugs we find on our Facebook page which you can see here: http://www.facebook.com/dvcvideo.

Can you keep CC2015.2 and install CC2015.3?

Premiere Pro CC2015.3Yes, although it does not do this as a default. When choosing to update click on the advanced options box as shown in the picture opposite and choose to keep previous versions.

If you do not do this and wish to go back to cc2015.2 use the procedure outline in the link above.

As with previous large updates from Adobe, the project format has changed so if you open a project in CC2015.3 it will make a new version of your project which you cannot open in CC20015.2 or earlier.

For these reasons you may choose to hold off on the update and see what the general reaction is. Of course, here at DVC we have "dived straight in".

Using a Matrox MXO2

Many of our customers have Matrox MXO2s which are no longer officially supported by Matrox for Premiere Pro. What happens if you use CC2015.3 with an MXO2? In our tests most of the MXO2 functions seem to work; we have found that every time you try to use a Matrox gradient wipe Premiere crashes. You have to have the MXO2 installed before you upgrade. If you try and install the Matrox drivers after Premiere has been installed they will not install. So you should be ok using the MXO2 with Premiere but a better solution would probably be to upgrade to a Blackmagic card, like the Intensity Pro 4K.

You can read the full list of what is new in Adobe Premiere Pro on the Adobe website: https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/premiere/features.html

There is also a nice video which goes into the new features in depth on Dave's Tech table: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9EJjqVV41o

New DVC training videos for Premiere Pro CC and After Effects titling

We have two new tutorial for the Adobe software:

Complete training in Premiere Pro CC2015

This tutorial is designed to take you through a complete edit in Premiere Pro CC and explain Premiere's features in depth. The video last about 16 hours.

In addition to the completely new sections we have filmed that cover a vast array of editing features in Premiere Pro CC, we have included some chapters from our previous Premiere Pro CS6 tutorial for items than have not changed between the two versions. You can see a full list of the new and old sections below. Some of the chapters are also available for free on our YouTube channel.

If you can see some chapters for free on YouTube why buy the tutorial?

For a start a huge part of the tutorial is not available for free on the Internet. This includes the 3 hour "Complete edit in Premiere Pro" which is the main part of the tutorial most people use to make themselves familiar with editing in Premiere Pro. Having the chapters that are on YouTube included brings all our Premiere Pro tutorials conveniently into one place with a simple interface that helps you to find the information you need to know when you need it. There is a huge amount of information included for quite a modest cost.

The tutorial is available for order by post of for immediate download. The cost is 40+VAT. You can read more and order the tutorial here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Premiere-Pro-CC-tutorial.html

This tutorial is also supplied free with all Adobe Premiere editing systems bought from DVC. You read more about our range of systems here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Premiere_Systems.html

New DVC free tutorial - using After Effects to make animated titles for Premiere Pro

We have posted a new set of tutorials on the DVC YouTube channel.  In this tutorial we look at creating an animated title using After Effects CC, and then using this as a template for titles inside of Premiere Pro.  The title designed is the one used in for chapter heading in our DVC Premiere Pro CC tutorial.  There are 6 chapters.  The first describes the title we are trying to achieve and then explains in a couple of minutes how the effects were achieved.  This is for people who are familiar with After Effects or those who have watched the whole tutorial and want a quick refresh of the steps needed.  The next 5 chapters then explain in depth how the different parts of the title were created and animated.  The tutorial is aimed at users you are not too familiar with After Effects but want to use it for more things, such as spicing up their Premiere titles. 

You can see the tutorial on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL-sXlPDO1HA55STgAelvaw9NA_g9ZuV7c&v=3V-I6rtwmeI

Or on the website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Making-animated-titles-in-After-Effects-CC.html

Special offers on Grass Valley hardware

Xeon processor

We have a couple of special offers on some Grass Valley hardware - with in some cases 650 knocked off the price of some items. These are all new items with full guarantees, with the price reduced to clear the items.

The items are:

Storm Mobile External - HDMI, SVIDEO, composite and component in and out. Resolutions up to HD. This unit does not include EDIUS or an adaptor to connect it to a computer, which you need to buy separately - 299+VAT, 359 inc.

Express card adaptor for Storm Mobile - 66+VAT 79.20 inc

Storm 3G - SDI in and out, with HDMI out. Resolutions up to HD @50/60P. Machine control through RS422 with add-on unit. Normally 999 +VAT, price 249+VAT, 299 inc.

Canopus ProCoder - Canopus' excellent conversion program. 129+VAT, 155 inc.

Grass Valley ADVC1000 - SDI to DV and analogue converter 999+VAT, 1,199 inc.

We have limited stock of all of these items, mostly just one unit of each. You can read more and order them here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Grass-Valley-Offers.html

New Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adaptor available

Thunderbolt AdaptorThunderbolt is an interface which has been available for a couple of years now. Towards the end of last year we started to get computers and laptops which had the latest variation, Thunderbolt 3, included. Thunderbolt 3 is twice as fast as Thunderbolt 2 and has a slightly different socket.

We have a variety of video devices which can connect via Thunderbolt but they are using a Thunderbolt 2 connection which means they would not plug into Thunderbolt 3 sockets. Finally we have an adaptor which lets you plug Thunderbolt 2 devices in Thunderbolt 3 sockets.

We have been testing this with our desktop processor laptops and with the latest boards for our 2011 pin Broadwell-E processors, both of which have Thunderbolt 3 sockets on them. The adaptor works and we have been using Blackmagic Thunderbolt devices, such as the Intensity Shuttle and UltraStudio 4K with it, but if you have a laptop you will need to have the firmware updated on the laptop to use the Thunderbolt port properly. We are currently waiting for the final version of this firmware, which will be free to anyone who owns one of the laptops we sell with a Thunderbolt 3 socket.

Once our testing is complete this will open up the options for using a proper video I/O devices with our laptops, which is great news, as it is currently limited to just the USB3 devices by Blackmagic.

The price of the adaptor is 73+VAT.

Blackmagic's first Thunderbolt 3 I/O device, the UltraStudio Extreme 4K, is due to ship in the next couple of weeks. This will be the first time we have an actual Thunderbolt 3 device to test with our Thunderbolt 3 enabled computers.

HitFilm Ignite for EDIUS

  Ignite HitFilm produce a compositing program to rival After Effects and a range of plug-ins based on the filters, called Ignite. These plug-ins can now be used in Grass Valley EDIUS.

The Ignite plug-ins have a vast range of effects which include particle effects, grading, light effects such as light rays and lens flares and keying effects.

HitFilm said they were going to make the effects work using EDIUS' OFX plug-in bridge but instead they have released a native plug-in so the effects appear as individual items inside EDIUS, just like normal EDIUS plug-ins. This makes them a lot more flexible than if they worked through the OFX bridge.

The best thing about the plug-ins is the price. They are 133+VAT- 159 inc.

You can also choose to buy the HitFilm program, which gives you more complex compositing options than you can achieve in EDIUS, which comes with the HitFilm plug-ins, for 227 inc VAT.

The plug-ins are accelerated by the GPU so how well they will playback depends on your graphic card. If the EDIUS project is set to 10 bit then the plug-ins work internally at a very high 16 bit resolution, for the best quality results. This means they make the computer work pretty hard, although on our current systems, using a good graphic card, many of them do play back in realtime in HD projects.

You can try out the plug-ins and see how they work in your system by downloading the trial version, which can be changed to a full version simply by activation the plug-ins over the internet once you have purchased.

You can download a demo version here: https://hitfilm.com/ignite/demo

You can order the plug-ins from the DVC webshop here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/HitFilm-Ignite-Plug-ins.html

New backlit editing keyboards arriving - special offer if you pre-order before 30th June

EDIUS Backlit keyboardThe new backlit keyboards from Logic, mentioned in our last newsletter, are due to arrive with us soon. If you order the keyboard before 30th June you will also get a free LogicGo carry bag for the keyboard.

These new backlit keyboards are, amazingly, the same price as their existing, non-backlit, keyboards.

There are keyboards for EDIUS, Premiere Pro, Avid, Vegas, ProTools and Resolve as well as a large print backlit keyboard for general use. All keyboards are designed for PC and not MAC computers currently.

You can see the range and pre-order a keyboard here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Backlit-Keyboards.html

Resolve12.5 available

Resolve 12.5 Blackmagic have released the final version of Resolve 12.5. There has been a public beta version available for the last month or so, but they have now released the non-beta version.

The new version of Resolve has over 250 new features, which includes a list of enhancements on the editing part of the program, as well as a new range of Resolve video effects. Some of the new features are reserved for the paid version of Resolve, Resolve Studio. These include a nice de-interlace filter, better noise reduction and some of the new filters, such as film grain. This gives you more reasons to consider buying a full version of Resolve, although the free version is still very powerful.

The other interesting feature is almost the equivalent of Adobe's Premiere/After effects "dynamic link". This link is between Resolve and Blackmagic's compositing program, Fusion. You can send a clip to Fusion, make some effects and render it, and the result is updated in Resolve. This works with the free version of both programs.

We have been using the beta of Resolve for editing some of our latest tutorials and it shows definite improvements over version 12, and some of the annoyances we experienced editing in version 12 have gone. Resolve is still limited on the formats it imports and exports but the editing is now very powerful. Its grading abilities are, of course, excellent.

We are making a video for our YouTube channel which compares editing in Resolve to editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Grass Valley EDIUS, which will hopefully help you decide if this free program is good enough for your needs- or, in fact, if you want to pay for the full version.  In addition to comparing features the video will also help you get started editing in Resolve.  The first parts of this video will be published on our YouTube channel next week. Be sure to subscribe to the channel or follow our Facebook account to get more information on when it is released.

You can read more about Resolve on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Blackmagic-DaVinci-Resolve.html

You can see details of our Resolve-based editing systems here:  http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Black_Magic_Systems.html

You can download the new version here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/davinci-resolve-and-fusion

New drivers from Blackmagic

Decklink Studio 4KIt has been a month since out last newsletter so obviously we have had some more Blackmagic drivers - two different variations, in fact. The latest are the 10.6.8 drivers. The main changes have been the ability to do live keying with certain cards at 1080 50/60P, as well as some bug fixes, particularly aimed at the Decklink Studio 4K.

We have been using the 10.6.8 drivers and have not had any major problems, although we have not tested all aspects of the drivers with all devices, of course. They did slightly improve a problem we had with the Studio 4K and some screens although did not cure it completely.

As we usually say with Blackmagic driver updates, suggest you do not update unless you are experiencing problems. You can download the drivers here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/capture-and-playback

Microsoft are updating people to Windows 10 automatically!

Windows 10This has happened to a few of our customers recently and has also popped up as an option on some of our own machines. Up to now Microsoft have been prompting you to upgrade to Windows 10 but not doing it automatically. The new message is saying "you are scheduled to be upgraded to Windows 10 on this date.." and you have to opt out to stop this from happening. This message looks very similar to the previous message, so if you have got used to automatically ignoring it, you will one day find your machine has been upgraded to Windows 10.

At DVC we quite like Windows 10 and suggest everyone uses it for new computers. However, upgrading has caused issues for several customers using older programs, which will not even run properly on Windows 10. The worse cases have been with people with Matrox devices where, for many people, having the Matrox drivers installed when Windows 10 is being upgraded stops the process half way through and leaves you with a computer that does not work at all.

Obviously if you decide you want to move to Windows 10 this is not a problem. However, if you do not want to move to Windows 10 we suggest you do one of the following:

  • Carefully read any messages you get from Microsoft about upgrading and make sure you choose to opt out.
  • Do not leave your computer on or unattended for any length of time. One customer left his computer on over the weekend and when he came back to it the next week the computer had been upgraded automatically. We were able to "roll" him back to Windows 7. You can, of course, just disconnect the computer from the Internet, but it is possible Windows will have already downloaded the install files for Windows 10 in background and will carry out the upgrade even without an Internet connection.
  • Download and run the following batch file http://www.dvc.uk.com/downloads/Remove_MS_Upgrade_To_10_Nag.bat. This should remove the Windows 10 upgrade message.

The free update to Windows 10 ends on 29th July so you should consider whether you are going to decide not to take advantage of this soon. If you have a DVC system and would like to upgrade but are worried about the hassle we can upgrade it for you and properly test the system to make sure it is ok. Please ring/email for more details, costs etc.

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All prices correct at time of email but subject to change; errors and omissions excepted.

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