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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

19th June 2016

EDIUS JumpgradeGrass Valley EDIUS Jumpgrade end 30th June

This offer was announced at NAB and ends very soon.  Grass Valley are adamant that they will not be doing a similar offer after EDIUS 8 is released at the end of the month.  This means anyone with a version of EDIUS other than EDIUS Pro 7 will have to pay full price to upgrade.

The Jumpgrade is available to anyone who owns any copy of EDIUS, including the original EDIUS 1 and any version of EDIUS Neo.  Until the end of June you can jump up to EDIUS Pro 7.5 for 209+VAT.

Get "EDIUS 8" free
On top of this, you will also get a free update to the next version of EDIUS which will ship at the end of June/beginning of July - more information on EDIUS 8 is presented below..

What if I buy a crossgrade or ESI version of EDIUS?
Grass Valley have confirmed that anyone who buys a new version of EDIUS Pro 7 from 1st April 2015 until 30th June will also get a free update to the next version of EDIUS.  We do not have details of how you will claim your free update but we expect this information will be released when the new version arrives.

This is a great offer, as it lets any EDIUS owner update to the latest version for a reasonable cost.  This is particularly important for owners of EDIUS Neo.  Grass Valley have said that Neo is end of life, and there will be no more updates beyond the current version.  This gives Neo owners a chance to move up to a 64 bit program with many extra features, and support for cheap Blackmagic I/O cards. 

NB: EDIUS 7 Pro only works on 64 bit versions of Windows 7 or Windows 8.  If you need a new system why not check out our EDIUS system pages :http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Edius_Systems.html

The software is supplied electronically. When you order we will email you a serial number and you will download the software from the Grass Valley website. If you have already downloaded the trial version of EDIUS 7 you can simply activate it using this serial number. There will be no added carriage charge.

You can also order our EDIUS Pro 7 tutorial at half price when you order the jumpgrade.  Our tutorial is free with systems and half price if bought with a copy of EDIUS.

Click here to order the jumpgrade

EDIUS crossgradeA few EDIUS crossgrades in stock
We have just a few copies of the EDIUS crossgrade in stock. The crossgrade lets you get the full version of EDIUS Pro 7 if you own a competitor's program like Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro or FCPX , Avid Media Composer or Sony Vegas.

If you buy the crossgrade between April 2015 and 30th June 2015 you will also qualify for a free update to EDIUS 8 when it is released at the end of the month.

The crossgrade is 239+VAT and can be ordered here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/EDIUS-Pro-7-crossgrade.html#SID=10

Do you have a problem activating a copy of EDIUS you bought recently?

If so get in touch with us at DVC.  Grass Valley have had some issues recently with their activation server and if you have had problems activating your software you will need to talk to Grass Valley support.  Contact us and we can pass you on to the correct people quickly.

EDIUS 8 announced and shipping soon

Grass Valley have announced details of EDIUS 8 and said it will be shipping around the end of June.  DVC MD, David Clarke, had to do a presentation on EDIUS 8 at the recent KitPlus show so had a chance to play with a the new version.  Once it is released we are planning to add some videos showcasing the new features to our website.

What's new in EDIUS 8?
There are going to be two versions - EDIUS Pro 8 and EDIUS Workgroup 8.  With EDIUS 7 we had three versions -EDIUS Neo, EDIUS Pro 7 and EDIUS Elite.  With EDIUS 8 there will be no equivalent to EDIUS Neo.  EDIUS Pro 8 will be very similar to EDIUS Pro 7 in terms of features, although a couple of EDIUS 7 features will be moved into the Workgroup version, in particular MXF export and the Loudness meterEDIUS Workgroup 8 will have the features of EDIUS Elite, complete with integration with Grass Valley Stratus, MXF export etc, but will be considerably cheaper than EDIUS Elite 7.

We do not have proper UK prices as they are not shipping yet  but EDIUS Pro 8 will be around 365+VAT and EDIUS Workgroup 8 will be around 655 +VAT.  There will be upgrades from EDIUS Pro 7 to EDIUS Pro 8 and EDIUS Workgroup 8, although not from any versions earlier than EDIUS 7.  Anyone who does not have EDIUS 7 and wants to upgrade should make sure they buy an EDIUS Jumpgrade before the end of the month.

New features of EDIUS 8
EDIUS 8 will have a few new features on launch but a lot more will be added in the next year or so.  Grass Valley have said that they work on a 2 year cycle (so you can expect EDIUS 9 around 2017) and that rather than bring out a program with a lot of new features and then nothing major for 2 years, they are bringing out the new version now and will add more features during the next two years.  At its launch EDIUS 8 will have the following new features:

  • A new interface, with some nice improvements to the icon display in the bin.
  • Support for a new Canon format - Canon 4K XF-AVC support
  • Quick Sync assisted playback of H.264 footage.
  • A new Grass Valley Browser program

They have also said they will add the following features over the next 2 year:

  • Improved grading mode
  • Support for RAW, LOG/LUTs
  • OFX plug in support - one of our favourites as it will open up EDIUS to a lot of new, exciting plug-ins
  • Improved slow motion (optical flow)
  • H.265 support
  • Background rendering.
  • Loudness auto adjust (probably in the Workgroup version only)

They have said these are the new features they are committing to right now.  There will be others as well.  They have not committed to any time-scale for adding these features.

The other change is with activation.  You currently have to activate EDIUS via the Internet as with most programs.  If you buy the Pro version of EDIUS 8 you will also have to connect to the Internet once a month to validate the licence.  You do not have to be on the Internet permanently, just once a month.  The Workgroup version will not need to connect to the Internet once a month.

No subscription
The biggest thing that has not changed is that EDIUS 8 has not gone on to a subscription service.  You pay once, and then the software is yours to use as long as you want.  You will still get all the updates free until the next version arrives but only have to pay once.  Grass Valley have said they have absolutely no plansto move to a subscription model.

More information on the new features which will be available at the time of release
As we said above there will be several new features in EDIUS 8 when released.  The program has not been released yet so the information may change, and is gleaned from the information provided so far by Grass Valley and what we learned during our presentation at the recent show.  The new features are:

A new interface
The interface has been redesigned to make it look more like a modern program.  The biggest change has to been to make sure it scales properly on the new ultra-high definition screens which are becoming available.  By his we mean computer screens which are bigger than 1920x1080 resolution.  You can now get UHD computer screens (3840x2160) for reasonable prices and people are starting to use them as the main screen on which to view Windows.  However, many programs do not scale properly on these very high resolutions screens with the result that a lot of text and buttons become so small they are unreadable.  This is true of EDIUS 7.

The new EDIUS interface will scale properly on high res screens so you can see everything.  Currently all programs are being reconfigured to overcome this kind of problem - Adobe did it towards the end of last year with Premiere Pro CC. Blackmagic Resolve 12, which is coming later this year, is meant to have a new scalable interface. Avid have not yet said when there will be a scalable Media Composer.

At the same time the interface has been streamlined to bring it in line with modern programs. 

Our favourite change has to be the bin display where we can now resize the icons representing the clips using a slider rather than just having two preset sizes.

The other good thing about the new interface is that although it has been changed and updated, everything is basically in the same place so you don't have to re-learn the program if you are used to EDIUS 7.

The Grass Valley Browser
GV Browser is a new program which you can use to find and catalogue footage on your computer.  You may have had a similar program with your camera - we had one with our Sony 3D camera for example - which lets you catalogue the footage, tag it and display it in various ways, including a calendar and timeline view.  You can also make "smart catalogues" which bring together clips from all over your hard drives into a folder and shows clips that only have certain attributes - such as just UHD clips, or clips filmed on a certain camera, or with a tag you have added, or any combination of these.  These smart bins update as more clips are added.

What makes the Grass Valley Browser different from the Sony or Panasonic browser (which tend to just show files made on that particular camera) is that it can display a huge range of clip formats including AVCHD, XDCAM-EX, Panasonic P2, Red footage and even Avid DNxHD in an MXF file if you have the Workgroup version of EDIUS which supports that format.  So it will catalogue just about any type of media you have on your hard drive.

The GV Browser bins and Smart catalogues will then appear in your EDIUS Source browser and you drag clips from the Source browser into the EDIUS bin.

Support for Canon XF-AVC files
This is a new format developed by Canon for their 4K cameras and we have not even seen any footage filmed in this format or any of the new Canon cameras as yet.  However, EDIUS will be supporting the format as soon as it arrives!

Quick Sync playback support
EDIUS 7 currently uses Intel Quick Sync for fast encoding into H.264.  EDIUS 8 will use Quick Sync to help play back footage as well so this means we should get better playback and more layers of effects on a computer which has Quick Sync.  Quick Sync is found on several variations of i7 processor - Sandybridge, Ivybridge and Haswell - and is the most common kind of processor we have in our EDIUS system.

We will be posting more information on EDIUS 8 when it is released and be putting all the above new features through their paces.  We are also planning a short video for our YouTube channel on the new features and interface and  we will be explaining the differences between EDIUS Workgroup and Pro.  Of course, we will let you know in our newsletter when these new videos are available.

We have also started up a new news section on our website where we will post news as it happens.  You can see our news section here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Latest-news.html

New Adobe CC2015 programs released

Adobe released the 2015 versions of their software on Tuesday 16th July.  If your computer is on the Internet it will have already been prompting you to install the new versions, however, if you do it will automatically remove the old versions.  There is an option to keep the old versions of the programs, but you have to open the advance options dialogue box that appears when you start to install CC2015.  The picture is shown on the left but you can see this information clearer on our news pages: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Latest-news.html

Removing the old versions is a good idea in one sense, because otherwise you will end up with your computer full of various versions of Adobe software.  However, the downside is that if using plug-ins or third party hardware from people like Boris, Matrox or Blackmagic you may also need a new version or driver update which may not actually be available until a week or two after the launch of the software.

Boris and Red Giant have released patches or said their software will work, the latest Blackmagic drivers appear to work with most of their cards, although we have some output problems with the Intensity Pro 4K and Matrox say they will release new drivers soon. 

Therefore, if you install now and let the software remove the old versions you may find some parts of your system not working properly. We would recommend either keeping the old versions for now, or waiting until you have drivers for your hardware before installing.

What new features are in Creative Cloud 2015?
We mention many of the new features in our email newsletter after NAB which you can read here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/14th-April-2015.html.  Adobe also have a large amount of information on their site which you can see here: http://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/the-2015-release-of-adobe-creative-cloud-is-here/ and on their main website.

The main points are:

Adobe Premiere Pro

  • A new colour grading panel which takes many of the grading aspects of Adobe Speedgrade and puts them directly into Premiere Pro.  This gives you much better control over the look of the image.  The old Premiere scopes have been replaced with new Speedgrade "Lumetri" scopes.
  • A morph cut transition which is designed to cover over the join created by removing some lines from a "talking head" shot.
  • "Time tuner" in the Adobe Media Encoder which is meant to be able to take an edit and trim it in time without effecting the content.
  • Dolby 5.1 export as standard - up to now this has been a paid add-on, now Premiere can export 5.1 & 7.1 with a professional plug-in.
  • Lots of other small improvements.

Adobe After Effects

  • A revised preview engine that lets you make changes whilst it is playing.
  • A new "head tracker" for tracking heads, eyes etc..
  • A new character animator program which lets you take 2D images and animate them by getting them to follow your movements on a webcam.

Adobe Audition

  • The dynamic link with Premiere Pro has improved - now you can take a timeline into Audition and the video will reference the main Adobe timeline, so if Premiere gets updated, so does the Audition session.
  • Better playback of video previews.
  • Adobe have made it easier to plug in and record with a microphone or other hardware.  Audition should no longer complain about the hardware not matching the playback rates but instead sort it all out in the background.

All of the other apps have new features as well.  Adobe have also added a new library of stock photos you can access and "Adobe libraries" which help you sync content between various machines.

We have only had the updated versions for a day or so, so have not done extensive testing but on the whole it looks like a good solid release of new features.  With any major overhaul there are bound to be bugs so you may want to keep the old CC2014 version on the machine so you can go back to it if needed.

All these updates are including in your CC subscription.

You can subscribe to Creative Cloud for Teams through us at DVC here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Adobe_Premiere_Pro.html

You can see information on our full range of systems for editing on Creative Cloud here:   http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Matrox_Systems.html

Windows 10 is coming 29th July

Windows 10 is being released on 29th July and you can download and install it automatically and for free.

Windows 10 is Microsoft's replacement for Windows 8 and is due to be released to the world on 29th July. If you have not seen it yet it is like a cross between Windows 8 and Windows 7 - it has the styling of Windows 8 but the start menu which takes over the entire screen has been replaced by a Windows 7-like start menu with customisable tiles for programs. Many of the other things that people have disliked about Windows 8 have been addressed as well and the preview version, which is currently available, has been well received.

Microsoft are giving Windows 10 free to anyone who owns Windows 7 or Windows 8. In the last week you may have seen a little icon in your system tray as shown here, which is asking you to register for your copy of Windows 10. This will appear automatically if your machine is on the Internet and you are downloading regular updates.

If you click on the icon this takes you to a screen asking you to reserve your copy of Windows 10, ready to download it on the 29th July.

For now we are advising customers NOT to do this. The offer of free Windows 10 for existing users will only last for a year so we would recommend everyone claim their free update within this time. However, until the final version of Windows 10 arrives, we are not sure exactly how various programs will react.

We expect the latest version of all editing programs to either work with Windows 10 straight away or be patched by the makers soon after. We have tried some programs. like EDIUS 7 and Premiere Pro CC 2014 on the preview copy of Windows 10 and they seem to work well. Avid have reported there are known problems with Media Composer 8 and Windows 10 which they will address when it is released.

There should also be updates for any current hardware devices like the Matrox or Blackmagic range of I/O devices to make them work on Windows 10. However, we do not know exactly when these will be released. Matrox have not made final Windows 8 drivers for their MXO2 range yet, although we believe their beta Windows 8 drivers will also work on Windows 10 when released and will probably be out before the 29th July. Blackmagic devices seem to work ok with the current version 10.4 drivers although we are only testing with the preview version of Windows 10 and not the final version.

Older programs may be problematic. We have installed Premiere CS5 and even CS4 on recent Windows 7 systems for customers and do not know how these will get on with Windows 10. They may work fine, they may not. If they do not, being older, they probably will never be "patched"

Therefore, we recommend you do not rush out and install Windows 10 but wait and see what happens after it is released.

If you reserve your copy using the link which appears on the computer it does say you have the option to download it but not install it. So, in theory, there is nothing wrong with registering now, but you can never be 100% sure. As you will be able to claim your upgrade after the 29th July - the icon is suggesting you register so you are ready to jump on the 29th, not saying you have to register - we are saying wait and see.

Upgrade or install from scratch
In the past we have also not like the idea of "upgrading" an operating system - i.e. installing it over the top of a current version. This is what installing Windows 10 via Windows update will do. Maybewith Windows 10 it will work properly and cause a minimum of hassle, and maybe it will still be better to install completely from scratch as we have advised in the past.

We have currently upgraded one of our own laptops which was running on Windows 8 using the Windows 10 preview and it was not trouble free as we had a few issues that took time to solve. Maybe when Windows 10 is finally released it will be better, however, we will not know for sure until the Windows 10 is actually out and some people have experienced "the pain".

Will it be worth installing Windows 10?
This is also a good question. What will Windows 10 give video editors that will be worthwhile? Currently we have some useful features in Windows 8 although none of them very specific to video users. Windows 10 will have these and some more and we will evaluate these when it launches. Obviously the biggest plus of Windows 10 over current versions is that Microsoft will support it for longer. We will produce a short video detailing some useful features after Windows 10 has been released.

However, apart from that you do not HAVE to upgrade. If you have a working system with which you are happy you can just stick with it until a reason pops up for you not to do so!

New Blackmagic 10.4.1 drivers solve most of our Intensity Pro 4K problems

Blackmagic Intensity pro 4KBlackmagic have released the 10.4.1 drivers for their range of I/O devices. These drivers say the add deep colour support to the HDMI output on some of their cards as well as support for the Decklink 4K Extreme 12G. They also say they fix some bugs for all models.

There was no specific information regarding the Intensity Pro 4K, which with the first release of drivers has a noisy fan and some problems with analogue capture. However, in our tests with these drivers they appear to have solved both of these issues. If you already own an Intensity Pro 4K we suggest you update and have a slightly quieter life.

You can download the drivers here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/capture-and-playback

You can see the full range of Blackmagic hardware here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Black_Magic_capture_cards.html

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All prices correct at time of email but subject to change; errors and omissions excepted.

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