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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

15th March 2013

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David Vincent Clarke Ltd
Unit E7, Knoll Business Centre
Old Shoreham Road,
Hove, Sussex, BN3 7GS
Tel: 01273 205700

15th March 2013


  • Vistitle back in stock 
  • Configure your own system on the DVC Website.
  • STORM Mobiles on special offer
  • EDIUS 6.53 released
  • Adobe Premiere Pro - Licence or Cloud
  • New Book on Premiere Pro CS6 

Vistitle back in stock

Vistitle is, in our opinion, the best titler to use with Grass Valley EDIUS.  It gives you animated titles per character, 3D text and the ability to draw objects.  We ran out of stock at the end of last year and have not been able to get any since.  We got so frustrated at not being able to sell this brilliant program that we have arranged to buy it directly from the manufacturers in China.  Our first stock has now arrived, and we foresee no major problems in supply in the future.

This means we can now sell, not only Vistitle, but also upgrades from version 1 to version 2, and the extra plug-in pack which adds 3D particles, Karaoke and Handwriting.

To celebrate this new supply we can offer, for a limited time, full versions of Vistitle 2 with the extra plugs-ins for the regular price of Vistitle 2 - 199+VAT.  When the offer is finished it will be 269+VAT.

You can read more about Vistitle and its plug-ins, as well as order a copy, to be sent by next day courier, on our website:http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Vistitle.html


DVC systems

You can now configure your own system on the DVC website.  We have added sections to both the EDIUS and Premiere systems that let you do this and will be adding the same option to all our other systems in the next few days.  This means you can see the impact on the price  of adding more hard drives, larger monitors or RAM would be to a potential system.  You may even see an option that you had not considered before. 

If you have any questions as to why you would add or remove certain items of hardware then please contact us; we are always happy to talk through the options and suggest alternatives by phone or e-mail.

You can see more about our full range of systems here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/DVC_systems.html


Grass Valley Storm Mobile We have a special offer on Grass Valley STORM Mobiles while stocks last.  The offer is on two different bundles of the external version as shown. 

The STORM mobile provides extra inputs and outputs for EDIUS 6 & 6.5.  It has component, composite, SVIDEO and HDMI in and out.  There are, of course, alternatives. An HDSPARK will add an HDMI output to EDIUS, and if you add a Black Magic Intensity Pro you can get the same range of inputs as a STORM Mobile.  You can only use the SPARK and Intensity Pro on a desktop system - the STORM Mobile will work on desktops and laptops.  The HDSPARK and Intensity, with a copy of EDIUS 6.5 included cost 603+VAT.  The STORM Mobile at its special offer price is 769+VAT, which is a bit more expensive but not too much more.  

What extras do you get by using a STORM Mobile instead of the HDSPARK/Intensity Pro comibination?

  • The Storm Mobile gives you analogue out as well as HDMI.  The HDSPARK's HDMI is fine for High Definition video but some TVs and Monitors will not show a standard definition picture through HDMI or, even if they do work, the aspect ratio is often wrong.  If your TV has this problem through HDMI just switch to using the Storm Mobiles analogue connections.
  • The Storm Mobile will output HD through the HDMI and 4x3 standard definition through the analogue connections at the same time - with the Storm Mobile doing the work of down-converting footage.  This means you can see how both the full quality edit and the DVD will look while editing.
  • The Storm Mobile is made by Grass Valley.  Although the Black Magic card works well with EDIUS it is not made by Grass Valley and so has the potential for more problems with EDIUS.  The Storm Mobile which is made by the same people whowrite the editing software.  Simple things like deciding what driver to use for the hardware are not a problem with the STORM Mobile - Grass Valley will update the driver as part of a software update, if needed.
  • The Storm Mobile has anice breakout box with all the connections on it.  The Black Magic has a bunch of cables sticking out the back of the computer making it harder to connect and change devices.

The special offer is on the following two configurations of STORM mobile.

The Storm Mobile with EDIUS and an express interface card for laptops is769+VAT
The Storm Mobile with a PCIe Interface card but without EDIUS is 665+VAT

You can read more about the Storm Mobile on our website:http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Grass_Valley_STORM_MOBILE.html


Grass Valley EDIUSGrass Valley have released an update to EDIUS 6.5. EDIUS 6.53fixes a few small bugs, including the cross dissolve bug we mentioned in the previous newsletter, and adds a couple of small features.  The major addition, which has pleased many users, is the ability to export an edit as astill image sequence using the print to file dialogue box.

We have not had any major problems with the update and recommend it to all EDIUS 6.5 users.

You can download the update from the Grass Valley support site:http://www.grassvalley.com/support/downloads

nVidia graphic card driver update and EDIUS

In the last newsletter we reported on problems using EDIUS and the 310 nVidia drivers, which Windows update may have install automatically.  nVidia have produced some new drivers for both their Quadro cards (311) and their GeForce cards (314) which work properly with EDIUS.  If you have not updated from the last "working" drivers (306) we suggest you do not update drivers unless you need to for some other reason.  However, if you have accidentally updated, or need to update to because some other program does not like the 306 drives (the Adobe software has some issues with these drivers) then we suggest you update to the latest drivers for your graphic card.

You can download the latest nVidia drivers here:http://www.nvidia.co.uk/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-uk


Adobe special offers Adobe are discontinuing boxed versions of all of their products. The first item to which this has happened is Adobe Premiere Pro but we suspect they will do it with all their products soon.  What this means is that if you want to buy Adobe software you have two options - a licence or the Creative Cloud.


A licence is a boxed version without the box.  There was very little actually in the box (an install disc and a piece of paper with your serial number) so in getting rid of the boxed version Adobe are not actually getting rid of much, and maybe helping to save a few trees.  When you order the software you will be given a serial number by e-mail and a logon to let you download the software for install.  If ordering from us you can order a copy of the install software on disc if you prefer.  The licence gives you the same rights as a boxed product and all the same features.  At DVC we can sell licences and you should find the prices on our website lower than those on the Adobe site as we are a certified Adobe value added reseller

The licence is permanent - i.e. you buy the software and then can use it "forever", or at least as long as you have a computer which will run it.  We do still have some boxed upgrades but we can no longer get boxed versions of Premiere itself, however, we do not foresee the change as making a major difference.

Creative Cloud

The Creative Cloud is a subscription service whereby you do not buy the software outright, but instead pay a subscription per month for the software. The subscription service has several advantages to buying the software:

  • Assuming you upgrade the software every time a new version arrives then the subscription works out cheaper than buying the software.
  • You get updates to programs as soon as they are ready rather than when the next version arrives. For example Photoshop has had an update which Creative Cloud users have already got, whereas people who buy the updates will need to wait until the next major update is available.
  • Subscribers get some programs in the Master Collection which you do not get when you buy the Master Collection - such as Adobe Muse.
  • Subscribers get some web storage space on the Adobe Cloud.

The disadvantages are:

  • If you stop paying you can no longer use the program.
  • Your computer needs to be connected to the Internet periodically to validate the licence.

We also have Regular Creative Cloud is designed for individuals. Creative Cloud for Teams is designed for companies rather than individuals.  We explained the major differences in our last e-mail newsletter. If you are interested in Creative Cloud for Teams please contact us at DVC for more information.

You can read more about Adobe Premiere Pro and all the other Adobe software on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Adobe_Premiere_Pro.html

David Clarke
Managing Director
David Vincent Clarke Ltd

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David Vincent Clarke Ltd
Unit E7, Knoll Business Centre
Old Shoreham Road,
Hove, Sussex, BN3 7GS
Tel: 01273 205700
Web: www.dvc.uk.com
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