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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

14th December 2011

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  • New systems based on the Intel Enthusiast processor
  • EDIUS Promotions end on 16th December (Friday!)
  • New DVC EDIUS web videos - 10 EDIUS secrets
  • EDIUS 6.06 adds support for capture through Black Magic cards and 1080i output from 1080P projects with HDSPARK and STORM Mobile
  • Adobe upgrade news - when CS6 arrives you can ONLY upgrade from CS5.
  • 20% off Adobe upgrades until end December

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

As this will probably be our last email newsletter this year we want to take the opportunity to say a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year and thank our customers for their support in 2011.  Against a difficult economic climate we have done pretty well this year and we hope the same has been true for you.  We look forward to 2012.

Still time to order a computer before Christmas

We will be shutting up for the holidays at midday on Friday 23rd December.  DVC will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January.  Normally we quote 10 working days to build and test a system but if you want a new computer for Christmas there is still to get this organised - just ring, email or order from the website.

DVC Webshop changes

We have made some changes to the DVC webshop.  Now you can create a customer account so if you return to the shop to buy more items your details are all saved (with the exception of credit card information).  You can also track orders when logged into your account to see if they have shipped.  Please contact us if you have any issues or comments about these new features.

i7 EnthusiastNew Intel "ENTHUSIAST" processors

Intel has produced some new i7 processors which they have called "ENTHUSIAST" processors.  They are different to the standard SANDYBRIDGE i7s we use for our systems, need new motherboards, they have more cores (6 cores as opposed to 4) and have to have at least 4 RAM chips to get the best out of them.  We have tested the new processors and boards and are now selling systems with them.   They are essentially faster than the Sandybridge i7s at most tasks although how much faster does vary from one program to another.  The fact they have more cores means a 64 bit program like Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer will use them better than a 32 bit program, like Grass Valley EDIUS.  This does not mean that EDIUS does not perform better using these new processors, as some parts of EDIUS still use all the cores even though the program is 32bit and not all parts of Avid or Premiere will use all the cores all the time, but generally Premiere takes better advantage of the extra power than EDIUS.  Another factor when deciding which type of system to buy is that EDIUS takes advantage of Intel Quicksync for fast H264 encoding (for Blu-ray and Mp4 files) and this is not found on these new processors - only on the standard SANDYBRIDGE processors.  This means if buying an EDIUS system a standard SANDYBRIDGE is probably still a better option.  For Premiere Pro or Avid the ENTHUSIAST processors have no draw backs and only improve performance.

The new processors will cost more (about 500) and they are not replacing the SANDYBRIDGE processors which do work extremely well.  They have been introduced as a more powerful option and half way between the normal SANDYBRIDGE and the Dual Xeon computers.  Just to be difficult their real name is a SANDYBRIDGE 2011 pin ENTHUSIAST processor, so although we call the normal processors we use SANDYBRIDGE these new ones are SANDYBRIDGE as well - and they are both i7s.  I was going to make a sarcastic comment about Intel and their naming conventions making distingushing processors as clear as mud, but as it is Christmas I won't ;-)

You can see a typical Premiere specification Sandybridge computer on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Matrox_Systems.html

We have also added a bit more information on the processors to our COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY EXPLAINED section: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Processors_Explained.html


We have some great offers on EDIUS at the moment:

  1. EDIUS crossgrade - from Adobe Premiere, Avid Liquid, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas or Final Cut Pro - 259+VAT
  2. Vistitle PromoPack - Vistitle for EDIUS with 3 plug-ins - 3D particle, Karaoke and Handwriting - 169+VAT
  3. STORM Mobile Internal Megapack (Internal STORM Mobile, with Vistitle Promopack)  - without EDIUS 799+VAT, with EDIUS 869+VAT
  4. Storm Mobile External Megapack (External STORM Mobile, with Vistitle Promopack) - without EDIUS 849+VAT, with EDIUS 900+VAT

These all officially end on Friday 16th December.  After that date we may still be able to carry on with some of the offers but only while stocks last.

They are all very good deals but the most popular has been the Vistitle deal.  For 100 off Vistitle's normal price you get the program plus three extra plug-ins which saves a total of about 270.  This has been so popular that we have completely run out and are awaiting new stock.  We already have some back orders for this and obviously will not be able to send any new orders until the stock arrives.  We have not had an exact date for when we will get stock but have been told we should get them before Christmas.  If you order via the webshop we will not charge your credit card until the goods actually ship. We had intended to make a short video on the new Vistitle plug-ins but we sold every copy of the new promopack as soon as they arrived so we don't even have one to play with ourselves!  If you already have Vistitle and you want to tryout the plug-ins you can do so by installing version 1.8 of Visititle.  This will let you try the new plug-ins 10 times before they are unavailable.  It actually writes the information into the Vistitle dongle. If you buy the promopack it comes with a new dongle with all the plug-ins activated.  Owners of Vistitle may just want to buy the plug-ins as extras but it is actually cheaper currently to buy the Promopack than to buy the plug-ins on their own!

We do have stock of EDIUS crossgrades and STORM Mobiles.

If you want more information please visit our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/GRASS_VALLEY_OFFERS.html


At the recent ProVideo show one of our seminars was called "10 secrets of EDIUS". We have been asked whether this seminar would be available to view by people who could not make it to the show and so we have recorded the talk and published it on YouTube and on our website. The whole thing is about 35 minutes so we have divided it into 3 sections.

You can see the videos on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/EDIUS-1.html

As we point out at the start of the demonstration these should not be secrets if you have bought our DVC EDIUS tutorials, but they are things which a lot of EDIUS users have not realised were in the program.

If you want a copy of the "secrets" on disc send us an email to sales@dvc.uk.com and we can send you a FLASH version on DVD.  There will be a nominal charge of 10 just to cover post and packing.

EDIUS 3D - DVC preview video

We will also be making a short video demonstration on the soon-to-be-released EDIUS 3D. EDIUS 3D is a version of EDIUS 6 which can edit and export STEREOSCOPIC footage. It is being released in December 2011; we do not have the official release date yet but expect it soon.  EDIUS 3D is not an official EDIUS version, rather a "special preview" version. There will be a 30 day trial version and which we assume will work after the 30 days for anyone who owns EDIUS 6, however the exact details on the activation of the preview versions will be clearer when it is available.  EDIUS 3D's STEREOSCOPIC features will be rolled into "normal" EDIUS when EDIUS 7 is released. We have no information on EDIUS 7 will be coming or what will be in it; Grass Valley just say these 3D features will be included when it arrives. The last couple of versions (EDIUS 5 and EDIUS 6) were launched at the IBC show in Amsterdam in September, so to be honest that is when we hope to see a new version, but we honestly have no information, either official or unofficial as to when EDIUS 7 will appear.

When demostrated at a recent video show people saw that EDIUS 3D was actually called EDIUS 7. EDIUS 3D is not EDIUS 7, the version they were using at the show said this but it will be renamed before the public version is available.

When the video is finished, which we expect to be before Christmass, you will be able to see the preview video on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/EDIUS_VIDEOS.html

You may also want to check out our Guide to STEREOSCOPIC editing for some basic information on this subject.

EDIUS 6.06

Grass Valley have released an update for EDIUS 6. Version 6.06 adds some improvements for XDCAM and P2/DVCPro HD users as well as a couple of significant new features.

1080i output from a 1080 50P timeline

A lot of new AVCHD cameras will film 1920x1080 at 50P which gives an absolutely brilliant picture. However filming at this resolution is not without problems when it comes to editing. Firstly it is not a format that is part of the Blu-ray specification so you cannot make Blu-ray discs with ANY software at 1080 50P. Secondly hardly any editing hardware lets you output at this resolution so you cannot normally see your edit in full quality. With Adobe Premiere you need to buy either a Black Magic Extreme 3D to be able to work at 1080 50P, or some of the more expensive AJA cards to see the footage; with EDIUS you need to buy the STORM 3G.

With EDIUS 6.06 Grass Valley have added something which lets you watch your 1080 50P projects on an HD TV when using either the HDSPARK or the STORM Mobile. These devices do not output 1080 50P, but will output 1080 50i from a 1080 50P project.  You don't quite see the full quality of 1080 50P footage, but before 6.06 you would not see ANYTHING through these cards in a 1080 50P project. Any files you export for the project will still be at full 1920 50P quality. To see 1920 50P at its full quality you still need to buy the STORM 3G as this, along with the Elite Pro are the only Grass Valley cards with the hardware capable of outputting a full 1080 50P image. Unfortunately, this ability is not being added to the older STORM HD because the hardware is not capable of doing it, say Grass Valley.

Capture support for Black Magic Intensity Pro in EDIUS

The other surprise was that Grass Valley now support Black Magic cards for capturing footage. Officially the support is only for the INTENSITY PRO, although we have tested it with the Black Magic Extreme 3D as well and it has worked happily for us with this card.

Support is only for capture - you cannot output to a TV using the Black Magic cards and will still need the HDSPARK or STORM Mobile to do this.

Into what formats can you capture?

Once you have EDIUS 6.06 installed the Black Magic card appears as a capture device just like the HDSTORM or STORM Mobile would appear and you can capture into all the same formats as the STORM Mobile - which includes Canopus HQ and HQX (the latter is the 10 bit version of the HQ codec) AVC-Intra and variations of MPEG2.

What are the advantage of using a Black Magic card for capture rather than the STORM Mobile?

Price. An Intensity Pro is 125+VAT, a STORM Mobile is 800-900. The Intensity will give you composite, SVIDEO, component and HDMI input to EDIUS - so effectively everything the STORM Mobile will do. It does not give you any outputs but you could add an HDSPARK and get HDMI output from EDIUS of your edits. The Intensity Pro also works with other programs; it will give you output from programs like After Effects CS5.5 and Photoshop (the Grass Valley cards only output from After Effects CS4), as well as working with Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and Avid Media Composer 6.

What are the advantages of the STORM Mobile?

  • The STORM Mobile will give you outputs as well as inputs. With the HDSPARK you only get HDMI out which  does not work for standard definition with some screens - the STORM Mobile will give you SVIDEO, composite and component our as well as HDMI.
  • The STORM Mobile can output an HD picture and an SD picture at the same time so you can view both versions when editing.
  • Being a Grass Valley product we expect minimal problems with the STORM Mobile; the Intensity drivers are changed every few months and you can never tell what changes Black Magic might make which will mess up your EDIUS capturing (the best option being to stick to the drivers which work, of course, and not update them).
  • The STORM Mobile will work on a laptop and desktop machine - the Black Magic Intensity Shuttle, their USB3 capture device which will work on certain USB3 laptops, did have a few problems capturing with EDIUS during our test.
  • The STORM mobile uses one slot in your machine. The best system to use for EDIUS is a SANDYBRIDGE i7 as these give you fast encoding with EDIUS for Blu-ray. The motherboards that support these processors do have a few expansions slots but we have found with 3 or more add-on cards we sometime have problems. Most of our systems only have one add-on card (the HDSPARK or STORM Mobile for example) but add a RAID card and maybe an extra FireWire card, in addition to the HDSPARK and Intensity Pro and you may run into conflicts. The HDSPARK and Intensity Pro on their own are not a problem - it is if you want to add in a lot more cards you may have problems. Since our motherboards actually have nearly everything (USB3, eSATA, about 12 USB ports and even a graphic card built-in) you probably won't want to add in lots more cards, so this is a small point in favour of the STORM Mobile but it is still a point worth making.
  • The price is not too much different at the moment. An HDSPARK is 259+VAT; add an Intensity Pro and the price is 364+VAT. The STORM Mobile internal Megapack is 799 +VAT at the special offer price but this also includes the Vistitle Promopack which on its 169+VAT..

If you have questions about this then please call or email us and we will do our best to answer them.

ADOBE change their upgrade policy

Adobe have announced that when CS6 arrives you will ONLY be able to upgrade to CS6 from CS5 or CS5.5.   Owners of CS4 and any version of the program before this will have to pay the full price.  Currently you can upgrade After Effects, Photoshop, and the Creative suites (like the Production Premium) from any of the last 3 versions of the program.  With Adobe Premiere you can upgrade from practically ANY version of Premiere (even the Premiere 1 we were using when we started DVC in 1995).  After CS6 this will all change - and Adobe have confirmed to us this is for individual products as well as suites.

We anticipate that CS6 will arrive around the time of the NAB show in April, although this date has not been officially confirmed which means if you have CS4 or earlier you will need to buy an upgrade sometime before then, or face paying the full price for the software.

20% off Adobe Upgrades until the end of December

If you have a CS4 or earlier version of an Adobe piece of software then now is the best time to upgrade as there is 20% off most Adobe upgrades until the end of 2011.  The upgrades will still be available in 2012 but will cost 20% more.  If you are using some extra hardware for output from Premiere, like a Matrox RT.X2, you may find these do not work with the current version of Adobe Premiere Pro, CS5.5, so talk to us at DVC about your options.

The Adobe webshop has also been running their own 30% promotions on some items, and you may have received an email regarding this.  However the 30% offer does not include these upgrades.  The Adobe webshop is running the same 20% off promotion on the upgrades as we are at DVC and we have made sure that our prices are lower than on the Adobe shop.

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