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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

14th April 2015

DVC Logo.  Right-click here to download pictures.

David Vincent Clarke Ltd
Unit 11, Woodingdean Business Park,
Sea View Way, Brighton, Sussex, BN2 6NX.
Tel: 01273 205700

14th April 2015

♦    NAB has started - the biggest video show in the world in Las Vegas.
♦    Adobe gives a "sneak peek" of the next updates for their software & does a special offer on Creative Cloud.
♦    DVC "desktop processor" laptop updates - Quadro graphics card and a 15" 4K screen.
♦    Backlit editing keyboards from Editor's keys in stock
♦    Special time-limited offer for owners of old versions of Media Composer
♦    Teranex standards converters which can also convert and capture into your favourite editing program.
♦    Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K in stock, & the Blackmagic driver update which lets the UltraStudio 4K do UHD @ 50 & 60P
♦    Blackmagic Fusion update
♦    Are you ready for Mobilegeddon?
♦    GH4 & YAGHE special offer
♦    Second hand HDV, SVHS and VHS video decks
♦    Special offers

NAB starts this weekend

The biggest video show in the World, NAB , starts in Las Vegas at the weekend.  Traditionally this is when many new products are unveiled. We don't know what to expect from the show and will produce a newsletter in a week or two to cover the main points of interest to us.

Adobe have already given us a sneak peek of the new versions they will be show casing. (see below)  We believe Grass Valley will be showing something, although probably not EDIUS 8.  Our theory is that EDIUS 8 will come sometime this year, but much later.  Avid have only just released their updated Media Composer which can handle 4K projects, so we do not expect big announcements from them either.

What we do expect is quite a lot of development on cameras.  Canon announced their new 4K camera only a couple of days ago and we expect interesting things from other manufacturers like Panasonic Blackmagic Design are also bound to produce to new devices.

We will bring you a short round up of interesting developments in our next newsletter.

Adobe give us a look at their future updates

Adobe have released information on the next updates to their Creative Cloud range of software, to be demonstrated at NAB.  These updates are not yet available and will be out "late Spring/Early summer".  They will be free to people who subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

So what can we look forward to?

♦     Different workspaces in Premiere Pro for different tasks .  We do have this now but this has been refined and enhanced
♦     Speedgrade-style colour correction in Premiere - the last 2014 update added the ability to open a Premiere projects directly in Speedgrade but this goes further by having Speedgrade-style grading in Premiere itself
♦     Better RAW format support.  Adobe demonstrate the options for RED footage in their video (link below).  We are very interested to see if there is any change in how Premiere handles Blackmagic camera footage.
♦     A morph cut transition which is intended to smooth jump cuts in movies.
♦     Better integration with their iPAD editing app, Premiere Clip.

Project candy

Take a picture on your phone and use that to create a look for your video. We have yet to find whether this is only works on Apple phones, like Premiere Clip, or can be used by Android devices.  The look is synced via your Creative Cloud account and appears in your "library" window in your Adobe program.

The Character Animator

This is a new program for animating cartoon characters.  You design your character in Photoshop, using layers, and then, in Character Animator, you can talk directly into a webcam and the character will mimic your movements - great for lip syncing as well as adding more "human" eye movements etc.  In addition you can rig the character movements so that it is much easier to animate in other ways.  You can see a YouTube video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmPo0_WZyPU

After Effects changes

♦     Better previews - a lot of work has gone on "behind the scenes" to improve previewing in AE.
♦     Face tracker - a tracker which can track face movements including eyes mouth nose etc.  Great for pinning effects to people's faces.
♦     The aforementioned Character Animator is installed if you have After Effects. 

Media Encoder

♦     Time tuner - this feature is designed to take your finished edit and make it shorter without any noticeable change.  It will remove frames from the video during sections when nothing is happening and it is quiet, say Adobe.   In the video about Premiere they say this works best if you want to shorten a program by 5-7%.  Any more becomes noticeable.  This will be interesting to see in practice!
♦     Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro encoding is now supported - for ages you have been able to mix surround sound with Premiere but not output it without buying an extra plug-in.  Now Adobe are going to include two Dolby options which let you encode into 5.1 or even7.1 surround sound for no extra cost over the regular subscription.
♦     You can read more here: http://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2015/04/whats-coming-next-ame.html?scid=social43472856&adbid=884599658250035&adbpl=fb&adbpr=341657335877606

Adobe Audition

There are some major new changes in Audition which look extremely useful.

♦     Dynamic link video streaming- this is a "proper" dynamic link between Premiere and Audition.  Currently you can send an edit to Audition and it will make copies of everything which you then edit.  This link should let you open a Premiere Project and stream the full quality video directly to Audition with no rendering.
♦     Full screen mirror video - if using Audition to mix your sound you can now put the video to which you are syncing full screen.
♦     Better handling with different audio hardware and lots of other smaller fixes.

Special offer pricing

Adobe are doing a special offer for new people joining Creative Cloud. If you join up before 29th May you will get the first year for 26.68 inc VAT per month.  After the first year this will rise to the regular price.  This offer is open to "video Pros", which in practice appears to mean anyone.  This offer is not available from us at DVC, only direct from Adobe .  However, you will still need a computer on which to use the new applications you will want one specially tailored for using in Adobe Premiere Pro, so you should look no further than us at DVC!  We will install, test and support your Adobe Creative Cloud on a new DVC system, even if you buy the software direct from Adobe.

You can see more about DVC systems here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Matrox_Systems.html

There is a very good video about the new Premiere Pro features here: http://blogs.adobe.com/davtechtable////

And you can read more about them on the Adobe Blog here: http://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/coming-next-to-adobe-pro-video-tools/?scid=social43494046&adbid=989776137707251&adbpl=fb&adbpr=133268693358004

New DVC laptop - desktop processor, 4K screen.

In the last newsletter we talked about our new "desktop processor" laptop which has proved very popular.  We now have a 15" version as well as the 17" version and the option of some Quadro graphics cards as well as standard nVidia cards.

Optional 4K screen

The 15" version of the laptop can have an HD screen, a 3K (2880x1620) screen or a 4K screen (3840x2160).    The 17" version does not have the option of a screen greater than HD, mainly because 4K 17" laptop screens are not generally available yet.

The 15" laptop can have a 6GB nVidia 970M or 8GB 980M graphic card.  The 17" laptop has these two options as well as two Quadro cards - a 2GB Quadro K1100M and a4GB Quadro K3100M .  You may want to choose a Quadro card if planning to use a program like Avid Media Composer which is accelerated by Quadro cards and not ordinary nVidia cards.

The main reason why these two laptops have proved so popular is that as they use desktop processors, they are the fastest laptops that you can get.  Desktop processors need more power than a normal laptop processors, but are considerably faster.  These days they use a lot less power than processors from a couple of years ago, so it is possible to get about an hours use on batteries from one of these laptops using the most powerful desktop processor they can accomodate. 

You can read more about the laptops and choose your own components on our website:

15" laptop: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/15-Desktop-processor-laptop.html
17" laptop: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/17--Haswell-desktop-processor-laptop.html

Editors Keys backlit keyboards

Editor's Keys have produced some backlit editing keyboards for a variety of programs.  We have previously been selling the standard Editor's keys keyboards which were small and compact, and more like a laptop keyboard than a normal desktop one.  These new backlit keyboards have a regular keyboard layout as you can see from the picture opposite.

The biggest thing is, of course, the fact that they are backlit.  This makes reading the keys in the normal darkened room in which edit suites are found a lot easier.  It also looks cool.

The keyboards are 83+VAT. We have them in stock now and have keyboards for EDIUS, Premiere Pro CC, Avid Media Composer and Vegas as well as many others.

Editor's keys are also changing their regular keyboards and when the new stock arrives there will be a price increase.  We have a couple of Premiere Pro CC and Avid Media Composer keyboards in stock at the old price. We do not know the price of the keyboards when the new versions arrive or what the design will be, we just know they are changing and the price is increasing.

You can see these standard Editor's Keys keyboards here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Editors-Keys-Keyboard.html

You can see these keyboards and order them on our website:  http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Editors-Keys-Backlit-Keyboards.html

Avid offer for owners of old version of Media Composer

If you did not upgrade your copy of Avid before the deadline at the end of 2014 you now have a chance to do so, for a limited time.

As you are probably aware that Avid introduced a subscription service last year and changed the way that you keep a permanent licence of Avid up to date. If you decide to pay by subscription then you pay a fixed amount per month and get all the Avid updates that are produced. However, if you stop paying the software stops working.

The alternative is a permanent licence where you pay the full price for Avid when you buy the software and it will work as long as you have a computer capable of running it. The permanent licence is the equivalent of how you would have bought Media Composer 3, 4, 5 or 6. However, Avid have limited the upgrade options for the permanent licence. Until the end of 2014 you could update to Media Composer 8 from ANY old version of Media Composer. After the end of 2014 ONLY people who owned Media Composer 8 could update.

If you missed that deadline and you want to update your old version of Media Composer the ONLY option would be to buy a completely new version.

Avid had announced a new, time limited, update for people with older versions of Media Composer. You can update from ANY old version of Media Composer to a new permanent licence of Media Composer 8 for 449+VAT, if you buy between 1st April and 15th May 2015. If you do not update before 15th May then you will need to buy a new FULL copy if you want to keep up to date.

These prices include all the Avid software updates, including new features, that Avid releases for a year after you buy the software. You will need to make sure you register your updated software with Avid before 31st May 2015.

In the future, if you want to keep the software up to date, you will have to buy a new "support contract" each year. You do not have to buy a support contract when buying the update above from your existing version, but will need to buy one in a year's time. If you do not buy the support contract then your version of Avid will stay at whatever the latest version is at the time when your year runs out.

Avid has also recently updated their recommended system specs for Media Composer. You can see the full list of DVC Avid systems here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Avid_Systems.html

Avid 8.31 update

Avid have produced a patch, Media Composer 8.31 .  8.3 added support for 4K projects and quite a few other major changes.  8.31 is a collection of bug fixes for that release.

You can read more about Avid Media Composer and its new 4K editing abilities on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Avid_Media_Composer.html

Fusion update

Blackmagic have updated their free composting program, Fusion.  The most interesting addition to the latest version, 7.7.1, is an extra called Edit connection 7.7.1, which is an Avid plug-in for Fusion that works with the free version you can download from Blackmagic.  This plug-in lets you take an Avid timeline and convert it into a format which can be loaded into Fusion for effects work.   

You can download the updates from the Blackmagic website: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/fusion

Looking for training on Fusion?
We do not offer training on Fusion currently but found a decent, simple, introductory course on the Studio Backlot site.  This is not a free course but we found it very helpful in getting started.  You can see more here: http://www.studiobacklot.tv/training/complete-training-fusion-6

You can order the full version of Fusion from the DVC Website : http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Fusion-Studio.html

Teranex standards converters

We overlooked these boxes when Blackmagic first acquired them from Teranex and drastically reduced the price, but after a recent play with the Teranex 2D box we have been very impressed with the quality.

These boxes offer conversion of video between different standards - upscaling and downscaling, converting NTSC to PAL and interlaced footage to progressive.  They can also convert the aspect ratio of incoming footage and offer a "fancy" mode where 4x3 footage is stretched at the edges but remains the same in the middle as well as the regular "letter" and "pillar" boxing.

Also one of the additions by Blackmagic is that they can also operate as I/O devices like their other capture cards.  So you can use a Teranex to capture video into your editing program directly, converting the footage on the way.

We have recently been upscaling some of our old SD 4x3 interlace footage to progressive HD and had tried just about every program going, including software like Virtual Dub and TMPEG .  In our opinion, the Teranex beat them all, and it was also doing everything live!

There are 3 Teranex Boxes:

Teranex 2D - SDI, HDMI, composite & component I/O with conversion in all video formats up to 2K.  This connects to the computer via Thunderbolt. (1,199 +VAT)

Teranex 3D - The same as the 2D version but it can convert 2D footage to Stereoscopic footage (2,399+VAT).

Teranex Express - This box connects to the computer by USB and cannot be used as a capture device.  However, it can convert footage at all resolutions up to 4K.   It has SDI connections only.  If you wanted to use this you would need to take the output and connect it to another card which has SDI in, like the Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K or Studio 4K. The other two boxes also include some very nice noise reduction. (849+VAT)

You can read more about the Teranex devices on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Blackmagic-Teranex.html

We plan to make a short demonstration video available on our YouTube channel as soon as possible.

Blackmagic 4K Intensity Pro available

Blackmagic have always produced capable hardware which is cheaper than anyone else, and now they have released the lowest priced 4K I/O card there is theIntensity Pro 4K.  Remarkably it is the same price as the old HD Intensity Pro - 139+VAT.

We mentioned this is our last newsletter but at the time it had just been announced.  Now we have stock and have actually sold several systems with the Intensity Pro 4K installed.

The next step up from this card is the Blackmagic Studio 4K, which has the addition of SDI and can do full 4K projects, where as the Intensity Pro 4k is "limited" to UHD.  The Studio 4K is 369+VAT, still far cheaper than its closest competition.

If this sounds amazing for the price, the truth is, it is amazing for the price!

What are the downsides of this card?

It is a 4-lane PCIe card which means it will use more resources in your computer than the 1x Intensity Pro.  This may cause a conflict with other cards in your system.  In a typical system with a graphics card and just this card you will probably be ok.  In a system with a graphics card, Intensity Pro 4K, FireWire PCIe card and possibly a RAID you may struggle to get it all working optimally. Obviously this is something we deal with all the time here at DVC when building systems and we can advise on what may or may not work and what system is the best for you, bearing in mind everything else you need in a system. 
If buying a Premiere or Avid system for use with this card we would recommend aHaswell-E 2011 pin system as it has more resources available.  For an EDIUS or Vegas system, which can use Quicksync, which is only built into the standardHaswell processors , you would probably stick with a standard Haswell system but would be limited on how many other cards you could add.

♦     The Intensity Pro 4K will only work on version 10 Blackmagic drivers.  Grass Valley EDIUS only officially supports the version 9 drivers and we have not heard when they will be updating EDIUS to use the newer drivers.  That means using this card with EDIUS will mean using an officially unsupported piece of hardware.  It has to be said that we have been using EDIUS with version 10 drivers on other Blackmagic cards with no problems but it is not officially supported.

♦    Noisy fan - the card has a small fan to keep it cool which is quite noisy.  Reactions from people who have come into the office and heard the noise from our demo system range from "that's not much worse than my current system" to "It would drive me crazy sitting next to that all day".  The noise is not too bad but not something that you would want in a room where you are doing voice overs, for example.  We have looked at changing the on board fan for a quieter one but have not yet found anything that is compatible.  Changing the fan would also invalidate the warranty.

♦     The card is very new and currently has a couple of bugs.  One is that the analogue capture does not work all the time.  We have generally found that if you feed in component first you can then input SVIDEO or composte and it works.  However, if you cannot do this you cannot get the analogue capture to work at all.
Blackmagic are aware of this and promising a fix soon.  They also say they will try and do something to minimise the noise of the fan - making it only work when needed instead of all of the time.  However, we do not know how soon this change will be made.

You can read more here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Black_Magic_Intensity_Pro.html

You can see more on the full range of Blackmagic cards on our website: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Black_Magic_capture_cards.html

New Blackmagic Drivers

The 10.4 drivers have recently been released by Blackmagic and sport a redesigned interface for controlling the cards.  This does all the same things as the previous drivers, but is arguably more intuitive.  The major new feature added to the drivers was to update the UltraStudio 4K so that it now supports UHD through 50P and 60P .  This was something Blackmagic said this device would be able to do but it has not been able to do so since the it was released.  We have tested this with out demo UltraStudio and it works!

The UHD 50/60P output is through SDI or HDMI.  Since the device sonly supports HDMI 1.4 it cannot do a "proper" output at this resolution, which requires HDMI 2.0.  However, it will work with may screens.

Blackmagic also say it updates the same support to the Decklink 4K Extreme , which they have never said would support this resolution.

In our tests the UltraStudio 4K would work at this resolution with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Avid Media Composer 8, but not with Grass Valley EDIUS or Sony Vegas Pro 13. EDIUS only officially supports the V9 drivers, which did not have this resolution and even if you install these latest drivers EDIUS is not programmed to use these higher resolutions.   Vegas does not even manage any 4K output with Blackmagic devices as Sony have not programmed this into their software.  The highest ANY Blackmagic device can manage with Vegas is 1920x1080 50i.  Both manufacturers will need to produce updates to use this.  We know that Grass Valley will be doing so, we are just not sure when, beyond sometime this year.  We do not know Sony's plans but they have not updated their Blackmagic support for many versions so it seems unlikely they will do so now.

In reality there are very few TVs and monitors that can display UHD @ 50 currently and cameras supporting this resolution are only just starting to become available.

You can download the latest Blackmagic drivers here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/family/capture-and-playback

Are you ready for Mobilegeddon?

At DVC we are video editors not web designers.  We have designed our own website as well as redesigning the front end of our EDIUS tutorial using web software, in our case a low cost program called Serif Webplus, but we are not nearly as good at making web pages as we are at editing and effects.

So it was with some dismay that we read about Mobilegeddon. Mobilegeddonis obviously serious because it has been given a silly name in web press.  It does mean we have to completely redesign our DVC website.

On 21st April Google are changing the way their search engine ranks sites and if you are not "mobile friendly", i.e. the site does not look good on a mobile, although it looks good on a regular screen, then they will put you further down in the rankings.  Exactly how this will affect your own position on Google you will not know until 21st April.  It may not even have an immediate effect, and you would hope that Google's search engine will be clever enough to still give people access to sites with useful information, even though they are not mobile fiendly, over sites with rubbish information which are mobile friendly.

Of course, with 30-40% of Internet traffic now supposedly on Mobile phones, making your website look good on a Mobile is important.  To find out what Google thinks of your site run their mobile checker which you can find here:  https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

This will also give you some hints on how to change your site.

At DVC we use a webshop program called Sellerdeck to manage our webshop and, thankfully, they have developed some "responsive design" templates which we can use to make our site friendly.  You will be seeing these changes on our site in the next week or two.

You can read an article about Mobilegeddon here: http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2398591/-mobilegeddon-is-coming-on-april-21-are-you-ready

GH4 and Yaghe Offer

There is a new offer on the Panasonic GH4.  If you buy a GH4 between now and 30th June you will get 100 cashback from Panasonic after the sale and canapply for a free 5 year warranty.  This offer includes the one camera we have on a very special sale price listed below.

There is also a special offer on the YAGHe - the device which adds SDI & XLR connections, together with volume controls, to the GH4.  The special offer price is 600+VAT.  The unit on its own was selling for 1,500previously.  This offer is available until the 30th June or while stocks last.  It is available if you buy the YAGHe with the GH4 or on its own - so great for people who would like to add a YAGHe to their own GH4s, but had been put off by the price.  You can order the Gh4 and YAGHe here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Pansonic-GH-4K-cameras.html

Second hand video decks

We have been contacted by the wife of one of our long standing customers regarding selling some video decks.  Her husband has unfortunately passed away and she no longer needs the various video decks he used in his video business.

The decks are all in good condition and well looked after.  They include a Sony M25E HDV deck (pictured) and a variety of VHS, SVHS decks and some Panasonic DVD recorders.

If you decide you want one of these items you will be buying direct from our customer and it will not be going through DVC.  We have not seen any of the items but know from training sessions we carried out on his premises that they will have been well looked after. 

You can see a list of the items with what we believe are fair prices on our website:


If you are interested contact us and we will pass on the customer's details.  She lives in Sussex and ideally you would collect the items but obviously this can be arranged between you as needed.

If you do not want to receive future e-mail newsletters please click here to unsubscribe .

All prices correct at time of email but subject to change; errors and omissions excepted.

David Vincent Clarke Ltd
Unit 11, Woodingdean Business Park,
Sea View Way, Brighton, Sussex, BN2 6NX
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Web: www.dvc.uk.com
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