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Unfortunately from Friday 10th March 2017 DVC has ceased trading. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years. For a short time we may be able to offer limited technical support. Please email sales@dvctraining.co.uk and we will try to help where possible.

10th May 2013

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David Vincent Clarke Ltd
Unit E7, Knoll Business Centre
Old Shoreham Road,
Hove, Sussex, BN3 7GS
Tel: 01273 205700

10th May 2013


  • New Adobe software is launched - and it is rental ONLY
  • DVC support for Windows XP computers.
  • DVC Phone problems
  • EDIUS 6.54 extra patch released  
  • Is a new version of EDIUS coming?

New Adobe Creative Cloud software announced - available by rental ONLY

Premiere Pro CSNext

At the Adobe MAX show on Monday 6th May Adobe officially announced the next versions of nearly all of their popular programs.  The new programs have all been rebranded as the Creative Cloud  (CC) instead of Creative Suite (CS). So we will have Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC etc..

We detailed a lot of the exciting changes in the programs in our last email newsletter.  They include timeline & multicamera improvements for Premiere Pro, the inclusion of Cinema 4D lite with After Effects (and better integration) as well as improvements to thesound clean up abilities of Audition.  You can read our summary of the improvements here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/What-s-new-in-CSNext-.html

At Adobe Max there were also important changes for most of the other Adobe programs.  One programs that is not changing is Adobe Encore.  This does not mean Encore is dead, which some people have assumed, it is still available and works in the Creative Cloud, it simply has not been updated at the moment.

However, the biggest announcement from Adobe at the show was that they have decided that all these new features will only be available to Creative Cloud subscribers. There will not be a permanent licence version of any of the CC products.  For now Adobe will continue to sell and support permanent licence versions of CS6, so if you don't like the subscription model of Creative Cloud, you have the option of using CS6.  To get the new features of CC you will have to switch to the Creative Cloud subscription.

A permanent licence is the equivelant to a boxed version of the software.  It is not delivered by post in a box, instead you buy the licence and then download the software from Adobe together with your serial number.  Adobe have discontinued boxed versions completely - although we do have a couple of Premiere Pro CS5.5-CS6 upgrades let on the shelf if you really want a boxed version.  The main point of a permanent licence is that you pay one fee and you have a licence to use the software for as long as you like.

The Creative Cloud is a rental scheme.  You pay a subscription per month and you get access to the software and all future updates as long as your subscription lasts.  If you stop paying for the software then after about a month it will no longer work on your computer. Your computer will need to connect to the Internet periodically to verify the licence.  You do not have to verify the licence every month on a specific date, there is a grace period in which you have the option to do this.  There will also be an option for people who do not want to ever connect their computer to the Internet, although we do not have the full details as yet.

There are two Creative Cloud options:

  • Regular Creative Cloud only available from Adobe directly.  You can subscribe to just one program or every program in the Cloud (nearly all Adobe programs with the exception of  Premiere and Photoshop Elements, which of course you would not need since you would have full Premiere and full Photoshop).  There is also a discounted price for the first year if you own an Adobe program from version CS3 onwards.  You can rent month by by or commit to a year and get a lower monthly rental.  The prices are currently:

    The whole of the Adobe Master Collection @ 46.88 per month inc VAT and assuming that you commit to a year.
    The whole of the Master Collection @ 27.34 per month for the first year if upgrading from CS3 or above (46.88 per year after, assuming Adobe do not change their prices).
    One application just Premiere Pro for example, at 17.58 per month inc VAT.  Choosing just Premiere Pro should also include Encore and Media Encoder.

  • Creative Cloud for Teams - a version designed for organizations of 2-3 or more which is a little bit more expensive at about 65 inc VAT per month for the first year and has benefits for organizations. If you want to know more about this option please contact us. We can sell Creative Cloud for Teams at DVC but not the regular Creative Cloud. With Creative Cloud for Teams you can select one of the following:

    The whole of the Adobe Master Collection @ 65 per month inc VAT and assuming that you commit to a year.
    The whole of the Master Collection @ 37 per month for the first year if upgrading from CS3 or above.   This is a new offer just announced and available now, but only for the next few months.
    Later in the year we will also be able to offer a single product via Creative Cloud for Teams. 

One of the most useful aspects of the Creative Cloud is that it includes all updates to the various programs after you subscribe, and any new programs Adobe decide to add.  So you do not have to keep buying extra upgrades; updates will be more frequent with new features rolled out when they are ready rather than to a schedule of "when the next major trade show is happening".  You also get 20GB of on-line storage space (100GB space with CC for Teams) with Adobe plus applications that were not included in the regular Production Premium or Master Collection such as Lightroom, Edge and Muse.  Of course, the disadvantage is that you have to keep paying for the software every month, rather like a mobile phone contract.

We can install, test and support regular Creative Cloud for you on a DVC system
Although we cannot sell the regular Creative Cloud from Adobe we will install it and support it on a new DVC for you.  We have already done many systems like this, even before the Adobe announcement that it was the only way to get the new versions of the software, because the subscription model suited our customers better than buying the software outright.

As you can imagine there has been a lot of discussion on the Internet as a result of the announcement, including quite a lot of negative comments as well as positive.  Some people simply do not want to keep paying Adobe a set fee every month.  This is obviously a legitimate point of view.  Adobe are hoping to win you over with all the extras you can get for the price on the Creative Cloud.  However, if you do not want to commit to a permanent subscription then your options are:

  • Buy Premiere Pro CS6 or the Production Premium CS6and stay with CS6 (which works really well and is packed with features).
  • Move to a different program.  On the PC this would be Grass Valley EDIUS, Avid Media Composer and Sony Vegas. If you would like to know more about any of these programs please contact us or visit the website.

We have collected together various facts regarding the Creative Cloud which you can see here:  http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Adobe-Creative-Cloud.html.

You can order Creative Cloud for Teams or a perpetual CS6 licence from us via the DVC website:  http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Adobe_Premiere_Pro.html.


Avid MC7DVC Support on Windows XP computers

Computers move on very rapidly and an old operating system like Windows XP is hard to support these days.  Windows XP was a very popular operating system, first introduced in October 2001.  Microsoft have stopped nearly all support for XP this year and by April 2014 will not be producing ANY patches for it at all.

It has become increasing hard to make and fix Windows XP computers.  You cannot buy new copies of Windows XP any more, and if you make a computer using new components you may not find drivers for some of the parts.  On some of our laptops even simple things like the network controller does not have a proper Windows XP driver.

At DVC we pride ourselves on being honest with our customers and not, for example, promising to fix a computer for a certain price and then when the job is finished saying it costs more; or promising to fix a computer only to find out it is too old to fix and charging for the work carried out anyway.  As time goes by we are also finding it takes a lot longer to fix an XP system (assuming we can).

For these reasons, some time ago, we said they we would not be able to fix Windows XP computers any more, and that a user with an XP computer and problems really needs to buy a new PC.  The intention was to be as honest as possible and not charge people for a service that we felt may not be able to deliver.  For most people this has not been a problem.  However, some people feel we have simply "dumped" them, which was not our intention at all.

After various discussions with customers with XP-based systems we have decided that we were wrong to say we would no longer support XP-based computers and we will continue to support people using Windows XP systems for as long as we can.  One of the benefits of dealing with a smaller company like DVC, rather than someone like Adobe, is that we can be flexible and we were being a bit inflexible!

As fixing an XP system will take more time and effort than a modern system we will have to charge slightly more than our regular labour charge.  Users have also got to be aware that if the problem with their computer is something like the motherboard or RAM, where the solution is to install a new motherboard, then the computer may simply not be fixable.  The charges will typically be:

  • 100 +VAT charge to investigate the computer and diagnose the problem.  If we find the machine is not fixable then this is all you would pay.  If we cannot fix the machine and you decide to buy a new one instead we will deduct this cost from the new computer.
  • 250 +VAT labour charge for fixing a computer, plus the cost of any parts (our regular labour charge is 200+VAT). If we fix a software problem in this way we will, of course, support the computer, but since we will be working on an old computer we can't guarantee that something else major won't go wrong later. 

The last Windows XP computers we sold are at least 4 years old.  The first ones we sold are nearly 12 years old.  If you have a computer which is 10-12 years old and it is still going you are frankly very lucky.  If it develops a problem we still think it probably is not worth spending ANY money to get it fixed, but if you want us to try we are happy to do so.  If your machine is 12 years old a new computer would be a better option. A new computer from DVC without screens starts at under 1,000 inc VAT.  To this you would probably have to add an editing program and hardware as a program running on a 10 year old computer (such as Premiere Pro 1, released in August 2003) is unlikely to work properly on a new computer running under Windows 7/Windows 8.  However, in addition to all the Creative Cloud options and Avid Media Composer suites there are lower cost options such as Grass Valley EDIUS Neo which is only 109+VAT, is very comprehensive and has advanced compositing and DVD writing features built-in.

If you would like to discuss your options further please give us a ring on 01273 205700 or email us at sales@dvc.uk.com or support@dvc.uk.com

You can read more about our various editing systems and even configure your own here: http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/DVC_systems.html

DVC Phone problems

In the last week a few people have experienced difficulty getting through to us on our regular 01273 205700 number.  Most people seem to get through straight away, some do not.  Our phone suppliers are trying to identify the fault which seems to be very intermittent.  If you are having problems getting through to us please send an email to sales@dvc.uk.com or support@dvc.uk.com and someone will get back to you.

Grass Valley release an updated version of EDIUS 6.54Grass Valley EDIUS

In the last newsletter we reported that Grass Valley released the EDIUS 6.54, which fixed a few bugs and was worth installing. After the newsletter a couple of bugs in 6.54 came to light - the most notable being a problem with some AVCHD footage which has been slowed down.

Grass Valley have released a revised 6.54 patch, 6.54 b417, which you can download now and fixes these problems.  The patch has only been available for the last couple of days but initial reports are that it works well.  If you have not yet downloaded 6.54 then make sure you download this new version when you do so.

You can download the update from the Grass Valley support site: http://www.grassvalley.com/support/downloads

Is a 64bit version of EDIUS coming?

Grass Valley EDIUS is one of our favourite editing programs.  It is very reliable, flexible and in many ways does things faster than other programs. It is actually the only mainstream 32-bit editing program left -Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and Sony Vegas are all 64-bit editing programs, whereas EDIUS is 32-bit, optimized to work on a 64-bit operating system.  This means EDIUS takes advantage of the larger amounts of RAM and multi-core processing power of modern computers but not necessarily all of it.  64-bit programs should be able to take advantage of all the extra RAM and processing power.  Of course, in reality they don't do this all of the time for all their functions but they have the ability to address all the extra power.  The most important question of any program is how well does it work, not what is going on under the bonnet, and as we said EDIUS performs as well as the other programs if not better in some ways (for example it can handle native AVCHD a LOT better than Avid Media Composer).  However, EDIUS does not seem to work so well on ultra-HD formats like 4K as other programs like Premiere and we also can't help thinking if EDIUS works this well as a 32-bit program how much better will it be as a 64-bit one.

The following should definitely be filed in the "future rumour" section of your brains. 

There is a show in Germany on the 14th May and listed in the program there is a "study of EDIUS 64bit" and a demonstration of "4K XAVC realtime workflow with EDIUS". This information first appeared on the EDIUS forum (you can read the full thread here : http://forum.grassvalley.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29779).  Interestingly, no one has stepped forward from Grass Valley to refute the rumour.

If this is a technology preview then the actual release is probably several months off.  We will put more future rumours in the newsletter as they arrive.

You can read more about Grass Valley EDIUS' current version on our website:http://www.dvc.uk.com/acatalog/Canopus_Edius_Pro.html.

David Clarke
Managing Director
David Vincent Clarke Ltd

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David Vincent Clarke Ltd
Unit E7, Knoll Business Centre
Old Shoreham Road,
Hove, Sussex, BN3 7GS
Tel: 01273 205700
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